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2017 “Draconia Chronicles” Calendar

The Draconia Chronicles Calendar is back for 2017!

Savor the beauty of the cast of RazorFox’s hit webcomic The Draconia Chronicles like you’ve never seen them before!

Gaze upon 12 new lavishly-detailed full-color pieces drawn by RazorFox himself in a style reminiscent of art nouveau!

This year’s cast includes Briella, Ennek, Saph, Kess, Riah, Eone, Rula, Naisha, Lady Chiara, Scyde, Lady Red, Kilani, Her Majesty Queen Oscura and Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina!

Order yours today for just US $20 each, plus $3 for worldwide shipping and handling!

Contains partial nudity
Shipping late December
Approximately 8” x 13.5” (20cm x 34cm)
Spiral bound heavy-duty card stock paper
Suitable for wall hanging