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Comic 277

Comic 277 published on
  Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Wow. Last week’s comic threw a lot of people for a loop, or, more appropriately, a wicked, overhead suplex.  Shie once again proved just how dominant one of the “big cats” can be, but the question that everyone was asking was whether Briella had survived the hard landing. Hopefully, this week’s comic can allay those fears.  Briella’s still alive, or as Shie put it, “breathing and beating.”  So for Briella’s legions of “Brielievers,” you can rest at least a little bit easier, knowing that she’s down but not out.  Thanks, everyone, for expressing your concerns about her, and thanks to all of you for having faith in me, and allowing the story to unfold the way I’ve planned it.  As for what happens next?  Well, that’s going to have to wait another seven days.  Stay tuned…  ~__^ Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Miss Murder” by AFI. Some of you might remember reading last week that I’ve undergone some major equipment upgrades, namely that I’m now the proud owner of a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.  Last week’s page featured colors done using that sweet new piece of hardware.  This week, I decided to take another step toward making the comic fully digital.  This week’s page is a bit of a hybrid, in that “core” inks–i.e., characters, props, word balloons, and gutters–were done by hand, just like most every page before it.  All background elements, along with the Tiger stripes, and the Dragons’ scales and tattoos, were done digitally.  The goal was to replicate what I’d otherwise do by hand, but to jazz it up a touch.  I’m rather pleased by how seamlessly the two sides integrated with each other.  The overall goal is to bring the comic to fully-digital production by the time the next chapter begins. That also means that we’re just a few pages away from the end of Chapter Four.  Will the Tigers make luggage out of Briella?  Or will Briella make it out of the Calera and give her boss, Lady Red, a piece of her mind?  The answers are looming ever closer, but we can only get there one page at a time.  Tune in next week, my fellow Draconiacs! Until then, take care, my friends, and thanks for reading!  ^__^ =RazorFox.