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Comic 285

Comic 285 published on 126 Comments on Comic 285
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. While Briella‘s been having a pretty bad day throughout this ordeal, Ennek has been quietly enduring a her own day full of annoyances.  Until now.  How will Kess respond to getting a face full of Tiger foot?  Will a certain Dragon seize the opportunity to make a break for it?  Stay tuned… Those of you looking for a soundtrack can pull up “Slither” by Velvet Revolver. I want to float a hypothetical proposition by all of you and get your feedback.  Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you had the opportunity to buy a limited-edition Draconia Chronicles poseable figurine.  What would you rather own: a Tiger or a Dragon?  Hypothetically speaking, of course.  Cast your vote in the poll to the right of the comic. Once we can tack down a species, we can examine which specific character you’d like to have on this hypothetical limited-edition poseable Draconia Chronicles figurine.  Thanks in advance for your feedback! And with that, time to get to work on the next page.  In the meantime, enjoy the visual of Kess eating it.  I’m sure more than a few of you will get some satisfaction from that.  ^__^ Take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Xch3l

    Kess just lost another toof! On the bright side: 2 Tone Whistle!!

    • Xch3l

      sorry, Kenzi

    • Someone watched the three stooges movie this past week, I think.

      • Actually, I didn’t. Why? Does Moe roundhouse kick Larry into next week?

        • No it just seems like the ax handle to the head would be classified as a stooges gag, since tools were always the ultimate gag style for the stooges on TV, but the roundhouse kick was a bit overkill.

        • Overkill for a stooge or for a Tiger?

    • Kenzi lost another tooth? Where? She only chipped one on page 271 [link] but that’s been it for her. Now, as to whether Ennek or Kess suffered any dental damage here remains to be seen. ^__^

  • Sable


    Sorry, just g’damn, been waiting for that for a LONG time XP

    • I figured a few people would enjoy seeing Kess having to take a hard shot to the head. ^__^

      • Sable

        Dont I know it XD Glad to see it

      • Sleel

        Oh yes, you are right. Sooo happpyyyyyyy


      • Zachary

        About time!

  • And Kess has gotten quite the hit to the head. Owwies!

    • Ennek’s had enough. Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off Tiger. ^o^

      • So very true. Can’t say Kess didn’t have it coming. Maybe that will knock some sense into her.

      • Zachary

        Quite a spoof on the bit about a “woman scorned”

  • Pow! right in the Kisser!

  • silvermoon383

    While it was Ennek’s own fault for getting smacked (she did grab Kess from behind, something never good for anyone’s health), I can’t blame her for the kick. Kess’s karma meter was aching for some evening out. Sadly I don’t see Kess taking it very well. She’s a hot head.

    On a brighter note though: since the tiger pack will now be occupied holding Ennek and Kess apart Briella’ll have no problem slipping away. ^^

    • Interesting observations and postulations. We shall see. ~__^

      • silvermoon383

        Had an English lit teacher that really rubbed off on me. I can’t help but see between the lines and make predictions now XD

        Now if only I had a time machine so that I could see if I was right. :p

      • Seven little days. You can do it! ^o^

        • Depends

          Is the tiger figure clothed or nude?

          • Discord

            adding from experience, your enemy aint going to tap you lightly on the shoulder like this, but is going to grap the chance and kill you. A nice tap on the shoulder in the heat of battle (which we can all see is happaning in full speed in panel two, the freaking dragon wont just die!!!) can only mean that it’s a ally.

          • Not when Kess’ little reflex kicks in.

          • The Tiger figure would most likely be clothed. Sorry. ^__^;

      • Chocothunda

        Aaaah, FRIENDLY FIRE!!

        This…is going to be an interesting cat fight (Pun fully intended).

        *heats up popcorn*

        • Get comfy and enjoy the fireworks. ^__^

        • hariman

          Will the kick knock some sense into Kess? Probably not.

          Did she deserve it? Absolutely!

          Will Briella see ensuing argument and run away? Not if she’s smart. If she’s smart, she’s already leaving now that the tigers are hitting each other!

          • You might be right on at least one of those answers. I plan to have the sparks continue flying next week. ~__^

          • DragonForLife10



          • KESS IS DAZED! @_@

          • Crabby

            Everybody here is just having a really bad day.

            Briella: Being chased by 7 angry tigers and was the recipient of one really nasty suplex.
            Ennek: Taking a lot of abuse from her own comrades.
            The Twins: Had their plot to molest Ennek interrupted by Kenzi.
            Kenzi: Chips a toof.
            Shie: Gets a facial wound from an angry Kess.
            Kess: Feeling a bit betrayed. First by her sister, then by Shie.
            Riah: Still unable to move on her own.
            Kilani: Though not really present at the time. She has been called a traitor by her own sister.

          • I think Kenzi’s promise to the Twins more than made up for it… And Shie never got hit by Kess, I don’t believe.

          • Crabby

            Kess actually drew blood. You can see it on the floor on page 280. Meanwhile Shie’s covering up part of her face so we dont really get to see the full extent of the damage that was done.

            Though a few pages later she’s back on her feet running, intent on playing the support roll.

          • Crabby

            As for Kenzi’s promise to the twins to make for it…that doesn’t help us any now does it?

          • Ah, sorry. I forgot Kess actually hit her, since it wasn’t drawn. Not very memorable that way, at least not for me.

          • ac2/AACMIV

            HA! Thats what u get for trying to kill Briella!
            and the figurines, i would have both. i would buy all the characters if u made them!

          • Thanks! If, hypothetically speaking, I decided to go ahead with the action figures and they’re successful, you might see more. But just tossing the idea around right now. If you could choose just one species, which would it be?

          • THEHashtagHEEL

            Ennek snapped! Though this is good news for Briella, means she can get away.

          • Perhaps she’s enjoying the fight. Let her enemies take care of her own dirty work, right? It’s called delegating authority. ^__^

          • You nailed each character’s experience in the Khalira/Calera perfectly. In fact, those are better, more concise summaries than what I’ve got. ^__^

          • DragonForLife10

            XD Oh what would we do without your extremely high grade crap XD

      • kittyluver

        lol this page really made me laugh, i don’t know why, but it did =D at least brielle is still alive

        • Discord

          Man, the feeling I got inside me when seeing Ennek kicking Kess in the face, like receving 100$ reward for finding someones dog.
          How exited I am for the next chapter but with my opninion, Kess has absolutely no reason for complaining for a kick in the head, if she is hitting everyone which toutch her she has no rights to complain getting a hit back. I practice myself in training with swords, spear and axes combads (viking style) and there is a thing called team-work, where you look first in the face of people to deside which they are enemys and allright to be stabbed.
          A tipp of a hat for you sir and another one for Ennek who just got ranked in my popularity list.

          • Well, Tigers and Dragons do normally work that way. For a Tiger, if they don’t see stripes, they assume it’s safe to kill. Kess’ little reflex, though, prevented that on this occasion. Maybe Ennek knocked it out of her.

            Glad Ennek just leveled up for you. I’d been quietly building up her level of annoyance, and the oven timer finally buzzed. Ennek is ready to serve! ^o^

          • MechaAshura20

            You should know as well as I do… (I left a reply on the very first page)

        • Glad it got a laugh! Briella is indeed still alive, and now might be laughing all the way back to the Palace if the Tigers don’t get their focus back where it belongs. ^__^

  • Kobra

    How can someone really be that stupid? For crying out loud the axe is going right threw them you dumb bitch, they aren’t real!
    On another note Kess finally gets hit in the face, how do you like it when it happens to you?!

    • To me? o_O

      • Kobra

        No Kess. Bout time she finally get’s a beat down for all her crap.

      • Well, I agree, actually.

        Kess is one of my favorite characters to write for, mainly because she’s gotten so good at making the audience hate her. The bigger the build-up, the more satisfying it becomes when she finally gets her comeuppance. Thanks for hanging in there! ^o^

  • astersa

    Now if you spent with censorship in the last panel. xP

    • Funny you should mention that. FurAffinity users can find an uncensored version of the page here [link]. DeviantArt users can click here [link]. Enjoy! ~__^

  • Kobra

    If I were Briella I’d be laughing my tail off while running away as best as I can. I imagine it isn’t easy to laugh and run at the same time. Still you can get a great head start while the tigers are killing each other.

    • Might be an unanticipated side effect. I doubt Briella would be complaining about this. Maybe we’ll find out next week. ~__^

      • Darkguyver2020

        While Ennek has a right to be pissed, knowing Kess, methinks Ennek is gonna have the axe handle rammed up her tailhole.

        • I thought Naisha had already laid claim to that part of her. OH, YES I DID!! >o<

  • JoeRaven

    Oh snap! Stampity-stamp-stamp! Looking great Danny! Kick ass job, as usual! Love the misty effect too!

    • Yay! More “Joe Seal(s) of Approval!” ^o^

  • Kobra

    You’d think that Ennek there would be busted wide open after that blow. After all taking an axe handle to the head would be a really hard blunt hit and Kess wasn’t holding back. Oh well I’m shore there will be tiger blood spilled next weak. Only fair considering how much of a bitch Kess is and what they did to poor Briella.

    • I figured that this wouldn’t exactly be a gusher right away. In the near future, you’ll see a good trickle making its way down Ennek’s face. For now, though, it’s covered by her bangs.

      • Kobra

        “Near future,” like the next page?

  • Dundee402

    ennek: i’m nice and docile until the third time you punched me in the face.

    • Kobra

      Or try to molest me.

      • I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure a lot of folks wouldn’t mind Rula and Naisha simultaneously advancing on them with a sinful look in their eyes. Not one bit. ^o^

    • Indeed. Well, this is her second blow to the head, actually. First a punch, then an axe handle. Both Kess, though. Ennek’s suffered a consistent string of indignities here, so I figured that if anyone (other than Kess) were to snap, it’d be her. ^__^

  • razorbrun645

    Ohhh I have been waiting for someone to kick Kess in the head. Thank you for brightening my day.

    • LostDragoon

      All i can do is instantly think back to the old clip about the family and the Will….. “and he leaves you a life time of ice cream… oh what flavor is it? A BOOT TO THE HEAD”

      • “OWWW! You booted me in the head!”

    • My pleasure! Kess has proven to be such a bitch that I knew it would make any retaliation from any of her comrades or opponents just that much sweeter. I had to build her up first, though, before knocking her down. Hope it was worth the wait. ^__^

  • Finlass

    I think Kess can tell how mutch stars she will see now 😀

    good work again and a funy one too *g*

    • Argodeath

      looks like Kess got what was coming, maybe she’ll smarten up, i doubt it though. Hope Bri uses this to get away which i don’t doubt she will, she’s too smart not too. this ought to stir up an amusing and fun argument, Run Bri! Run!

      • She’s too amazing not to run, too. I wouldn’t blame her, though, if she took a moment to enjoy this unintended benefit. ^__^

    • Thanks! Glad I provided a good laugh! ^__^

  • Silvertail

    FINALLY! No offense to Kess, but a swift kick to the head is exactly the thing she needed to put her in her place.

    • Finlass

      if you ask me she need more than one to get an hold to her self again

    • Even the best of ’em has to take her lumps once in a while. I’m so glad people are enjoying this page. I figured that the more I built Kess up, the more satisfying it would be when someone knocked her down. ^__^

      • so do the dragons and tigers have their own style of martial arts

        • Not exactly. As for fighting style, my goal is to show the Tigers as simply killing machines. They want the fastest way to kill or, at least, incapacitate their enemy. Whatever the most efficient way is to do that is what they go with. Any resemblance between Tiger fighting styles and earthly martial arts is purely coincidental. ^__^

          • Finlass

            not quiet right here Razor it shout sound like that

            When Tigers fight, Brill has her chance to get her scalled ass out of there to kick Lady Red ones ass 😛

          • We shall see…

          • Finlass

            well i get sad this page ist not on this server lol 😀

          • MechaAshura20

            There is some stuff from the previous pages that leaves a mystery to what happends next; to me it starts all the way back to Chapter 3

  • I see this derailing into a brawl between Kess and Ennek with everyone pretty much rooting for Ennek until Shie breaks it up.
    Or something along those lines.
    And Kess better chip a toof for ax-handling poor Ennek in the face!

    • Or get a dislocated jaw. o_O

      • Ooh, would that shut her up too?
        Do that.
        Your fanbase would be SO HAPPY.

  • Finlass

    that reminds me of last page no one sad somting about the tiger ass 😛

    and now we have a wild Kenzie that goes crazy on kess *g*

    • Finlass

      oh i mean Ennek wups i just messed that up .D

      • Ennek’s earned this chance to kick someone’s teeth in. ^o^

  • Boot to the head.

    • Explosion Zuruck

      OK…… AKWARD! [Forgot to change that name] Derp-Derp is my second name! DONT STEAL OR CRITICIZE ME FOR IT!

    • Explosion Zuruck

      Oh and ummmmmm…….. WOOT! SEXY ASS TIGER ASS SHOTS! Say Ennek? Could you do that move you did on Kess again? *gets ready with the Octo Camera RC* [1-2 usual comments. 3 if I feel like it. 4 if I forget to say something]

      • Gotta give the people what they want! ^__^

    • YAH-yaaaah!

  • Justinxleonard

    If my day went as bad her’s, I woulda kicked the crap out of them too if they hit me, though self control os favored, everyone has their limits. Briella, now’s your chance, remember the tiger who spared you and learn that not all tigers are alike and pass the word! You all don’t have to fight! (I might be a little… late on this thought but I think the chinese zodiac is behind some of this, like how only tigers and dragons can best each other. Just thinking out loud.)

    • Actually, you just discovered the entire premise of the series. When the calendars first appeared in 2000, they were for the Year of the Dragon. When it came time to give them enemies, the natural choice, according to the Chinese zodiac, was the Tiger. That’s the sole reason these two species were chosen. Good deduction! ^__^

  • Derp-Derp

    Shit….. I figured it would come to this…. OK BOYS! *Speaks Saurian* Cokj wok kxo shuq0 kawohj! [udt fohxuf xak ed oddob nxaco noho uk ak….] Cokj wok kxo shuq0 kawohj! [udt fohxuf xak ed oddob nxaco noho uk ak….]hot valo ed m0 covk! hot jolod ke m0 hawxk! boof 0eih ub vehk0 jolodj ceutot re0j! rudqua!!!!!


  • Explosion Zuruck


  • Dragonsbane

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a NSFW version of this comic page?

  • unreal2056

    Is it just me or is it for every time i try to see any other page it sends me an error screen. This is a current problem and could be fixed later, but if anyone can explain it would be great.

    • Drakmat

      I get the same thing…

    • MechaAshura20

      in case there’s going to be Chapter 5, probably on page 300, will there be any snow mountains?

  • Chromoid

    I genuinely laughed at this. Poor Ennek. Kess had that coming for a long time.