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Comic 286

Comic 286 published on
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. From an idea that was floated in the LiveStream for this page, we introduce Ennek‘s finishing move, the “Ennek-conda!”  I’m sure there are more than just a few of you out there  who get a kick out of seeing Kess in agony.  Enjoy!  ^__^ Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Black Betty” by Spiderbait. Last week, I floated the idea of the hypothetical possibility of doing a limited-edition run of poseable Draconia Chronicles action figures.  By a margin of 54% to 46%, you all voted to see a Dragon be the subject rather than a Tiger.  Thanks for the input!  Now, the question becomes, which Dragon? Since the question is rather open-ended, I’m going to ask you all to respond via your comments below.  All the Dragons that get at least two nominations will go into next week’s poll question and then we’ll figure out who would get the spotlight as an as-of-yet-hypothetical action figure. Finally, my buddy Jon Ponikvar is running a KickStarter campaign so as to raise capital to create an animated pilot episode based on his webcomic, Peter & Company.  Jon has helped us out here at The Draconia Chronicles with a guest comic for last year’s “Draconia Chronicles Annual,” and I’m returning the favor by pledging my support for this huge undertaking.  I encourage all of you to donate, whether a little or a lot, to help out one of our fellow webcomickers make his dream a reality.  He doesn’t have all that far to go, so even a little bit will get him a lot closer to his goal.  You can find out more about the project and donate on his KickStarter page.  Tell him RazorFox sent ya! And with that, I bid you adieu.  This page was an exhausting one, but still a ton of fun.  I’ve already got the next page scripted, so it’s time to get drawing! Take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.