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Comic 291

Comic 291 published on
  Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Fly, Briella!  Fly! Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Master Of Light” by Monster Magnet.  I thank our fellow Draconiac Kobra for the suggestion. And with that, Chapter Four concludes.  I hope you all have had as much fun reading it as I’ve had writing and drawing it.  I really, really enjoyed this chapter, and I really got into the characters.  A lot of people were expecting this chapter to end with a body count, with either Briella, or at least one of the Tigers buying the farm.  I’m sorry if that disappoints anyone out there, and I did consider it at various points.  I won’t say whose name was on the “Kill List,” but I decided that all the characters involved in this escapade deserved a reprieve from the cold, unfeeling rubber of my eraser. This chapter was originally intended to be only 25 pages long, but I was was having so much fun with the “Briella vs. Everyone” part of this story that I decided, given where things stood approaching page 275, that I wasn’t good enough a writer to wrap up the chapter without it seeming forced and without giving each character their due.  There have been too many neglected characters in this series over the years, and I set out to rectify that when I inherited the writing duties.  Yes, there are still a good number of loose ends, including whatever happened to Xhianil and her victim Fuegana, or Queen Oscura‘s re-cleansing of Princess Lumina‘s memories, or Princess Kiriad‘s efforts to establish herself as a bona fide leader, or just what exactly Sombrana is up to with Elektra.  Yeah, there’s a lot of unfinished business, but a lot of these things will soon be tied together.  In fact, some of you might have already noticed some story elements heading in that direction. I’m ending this chapter with a bit of relief, as I’m very burned out and I need some time off.  At the same time, I get such a high off of seeing a page go from a brainstorm to a script to a fully-rendered comic page, and then seeing you all’s reactions to it and getting to answer your comments, that as tired as I get from the late nights and sleepless weekends, you guys always get me juiced up to do it all over again week after week.  As long as you all keep getting as much enjoyment out of experiencing the comic as I do producing it, I think we’ll be together for a long time to come.  I hope you all will continue to join me for the ride.  Thanks for the company, and keep spreading the word. Having said that, starting next week, it’ll be four weeks’ worth of guest comics and guest art as part of the 2012 Draconia Chronicles Annual!  Fans from across the globe are sending in their submissions, allowing me to take a month off.  Make sure to stop in and check out what your fellow Draconiacs have put together! Chapter Five begins the week of July 18, so be sure to mark your calendars for the big return.  Until then, my sincerest thanks for being such an amazing audience and for allowing me to entertain you with the fourth chapter of  my humble little webcomic.  I’ll see you back here in July.  Until then, take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thank you very, very much for reading.  I love you all!  ^o^ =RazorFox.