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Comic 295

Comic 295 published on 89 Comments on Comic 295
  Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. The lesson here?  Don’t sneak up on a frazzled cook with a knife. Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can continue to pull up “Some Nights” by Fun. I’m really sorry about how long it took this page to be produced, but I thank you all for your patience.  As you might’ve been aware, upon the launch of this chapter, in an effort to provide myself with a bit more flexibility for outside projects, I decided to scrap regularly-scheduled updates, and go to a system where pages would be posted as soon as they’re completed.  This would call upon you, my faithful readers, to check the site regularly, or to follow me on social media for announcements on page updates. I’m happy to say that I’m ending this little experiment, and that The Draconia Chronicles will return to regularly scheduled updates starting Monday, August 27, and every Monday thereafter. I know the staggered update schedule has caused a bit of frustration and disappointment for you all, and I’m really sorry for that.  At the risk of sounding selfish, though, the reasons for going back to the regular updates are largely personal.  The weekly updates provided a firm timetable for page production, including milestones that I had to hit by a certain day each week in order to ensure that the page got done on time.  That gave my days and weeks a good amount of structure, and I became pretty disciplined.  All that has fallen apart in the past several weeks, and I’m really not liking it.  In spite of how I come across in public–rather free-wheeling, as those of you who recently met me at Otakon found out–I’m actually a pretty straight-laced guy who prefers a routine rather than just letting my whims dictate what I do.  I need that structure back.  It cultivated a rhythm for comic production, and that rhythm seemed to create some enjoyable music for you, in the form a reliable, weekly comic. So both for my sake and yours, The Draconia Chronicles will return to Mondays.  I would have made it this coming Monday, but I can’t really do a comic in 2 days.  So next Monday, August 27, Monday updates return. There will be much rejoicing, I’m sure. So with that, it’s back to work on the new page, and you and I both know exactly when to look for it.  See you then, my fellow Draconiacs.  And thanks for your patience during this little experiment.  I really appreciate it. Take care, and thanks for reading. =RazorFox.