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Comic 296

Comic 296 published on 77 Comments on Comic 296
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Welcome back to the Khalira, where absolutely no one’s happy to be there.  Will Kilani‘s presence be welcome or rejected?  Stay tuned… Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge. I’m proud to announce that I will be returning to Anime USA this November!  After taking a year off from that convention, the organizers have been gracious enough to invite me back as a guest.  So if you’re in the Washington, DC, area the weekend of November 9th, stop on by, say hi, drop by the Artist Alley, grab a commission or two, and pre-order a copy of the 2013 Draconia Chronicles Calendar!  Anime USA has always treated me very well, so I’m really looking forward to coming back, and they’d really like it if you came, too.  And so would I!  I love meeting my fellow Draconiacs in person!  Get thy butts to Washington this November! And with that, it’s time to work on the next page.  Now that Kilani’s back, will her sister Kess‘ blood continue to run cold, or is there any hope for reconciliation?  Find out next Monday.  Until then, my fellow Draconiacs, take care, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Ionjam

    Who named Kess leader anyway. Hot heads never make good leaders. Ennek would probably make a better leader….. if she wasn't so horny ;p
    Kilani to the rescue once again… even if she did inadvertently start this mess.

    • LOL! I think Ennek might have a very different opinion on her hormonal disposition, but that's an interesting idea on a change in leadership. I might have to consider that down the road.

      • Ionjam

        I am just going off what the twins said. Not being their I have only their knowledge of the matter to go off of….. So Ennek can blame them. 😉

      • Well, if Naisha manages to play her cards right, she might just get Ennek's juices surging.

        That figure of speech isn't TOO obvious, is it? ^__^;

  • tjb123456

    Hey razorfox, i've been a fan for awhile now and i have to ask if you ever thought of a tumblre account? while i know that your work schedule would complicate things i think it could be helpful shaping the world of draconia. you could put a "ask the cast" question blog where the adoring fans can ask questions to the cast. like say i could ask why shie why she has her half-blind, crippled, partially non responsive sister why she is in water that's up to her neck! or maybe put some pieces of concept art of what the comic looked like before the final product. and if you cant do it i'm shore someone out there would love to do stuff like this for you. so have fun with this floating around in your noggin.

    p.s. great page as usual, tigers hot, dragons hot, kess bitch, kilani awesome character who i wish has a happy ending, and generic stuff that fans of draconia say. sorry for the long comment. -_-'

    • I've been meaning to get a Tumblr account, but I've been a bit lazy on that. I hadn't thought of using it as a way to ask questions of the cast members. Now, I might just go and set up an account. ^__^

      • tjb123456

        oh yeah i've some stuff like for transformers prime, skullgirls, one piece and a pmd deviantart competition.

  • Oh dear… Kilani has returned, just in time to piss off Kess. This… this can only end in tears.

    • You might be right, but let's see how things play out. As topsy-turvy as Kess' emotions can be, I wouldn't bank on anything right now.

      • True. Kess DID get put in a pretzel hold. That might make her more open as to not invite more Tiger Wrath.

      • On the upside, every muscle in the front half of her body is nice and limber now. ^o^

  • Blimlimlim

    I thought she was dead! I interpreted the last panels she was in previously as she was stabbed in the gut and left to slowly die.

    • Wow. Well, thankfully, that wasn't the case. Kess slugged Kilani in the gut, actually, and Kilani was shown alive and outside of the Khalira on page 290 [link]. Though, that was before Kess and her motley crew discovered that they were actually IN the Khalira, so there's probably a whole new level to Kess' grudge now.

  • Sleel

    I can grudgingly acknowledge that Kess has issues with reason. Doesn't change the fact that every time she flaps her gums I want Bad Things to Happen her, Lingeringly.

    Don't have much use for those that want to bathe in blood. There are reasons to fight, always have been, always will be. Those that revel in it, they just bring about more wars assuming they don't first manage to keep current ones from ending.

    • Then, in that regard, you make it sound like Kess is a personification of the entire Tiger-Dragon war. Interesting…

      • Silvertail

        Kess had better not fly off the handle. The last thing the Khalira needs is another skylight.

        • I don't know if Kess can punch a hole in solid rock, but if she did, even I would be impressed. ^__^

      • AnaBia99

        The other comments were deleted?

    • MaveriKat

      Hmmm… I wonder what happened to all the comments?

  • someone is gonna be pissed!

    • Well, everyone down there is pretty riled up, but if you're referring to Kess, then I'd suggest you take cover. ^__^

  • Kobra

    And there is another advantage for dragons, tigers never get along well and always go at each other. And once again Kess dropped the ball and is trying to shift blame. What a bitch. Good thing Kilani is up there and well outside Kess's reach.

    • I dunno. She could order Naisha and Kenzi to give Rula a boost. She almost reached Briella on that same ledge a short while ago.

      • Kobra

        Almost doesn't cut it and she wasn't outside of the hole ether.

      • Not if she's wielding a scythe.

  • AnaBia99

    Yey! New page!

    • Explosion Zuruck

      Gee kess. Still in yer state of "pissed off"? I could run LAPS around you in a Nissan 240FX! Or even a 350Z and you'd STILL be pissed! Hell I'd even be playing the song "need for speed" [Need For Speed Underground Exclusive] WHILE. I'm running laps around your ass! And I think plenty of people would agree If I ran laps around you now for 3 hours straight. You'd still be pissed at Ennek. All who think so. [And have played Need For Speed videogames to get what I'm saying] Say I. Or NFS. [Either ones fine]

      • My dream car is the Nissan (Datsun) 280ZX. I've always had a soft spot for that car. My very first Transformers toy was Bluestreak, who was a 280ZX. When I hit my midlife crisis, I'm gonna find a silver-blue one and do it up in full Autobot livery! ^o^

    • Indeed! ^__^

  • Explosion Zuruck

    BTW. Razor. Nice to see the tigers again after a while! was starting to get bored. Oh yeah. Question. You psyched as much as the rest of the bronies are about My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 3 being released next month?

    • Absolutely! I hear Discord is returning! ^o^

      • Explosion Zuruck

        I hope we get to see more of Shining Armor, Cadance, Luna, and Celestia. I NEEDS MA PLOT! [joke intended]

  • Deadmenn008

    Hmmm. I sense a possible conflict coming. Those two never seemed to get along.

    • Yeah, I think you might be right. I sense a kerfuffle brewing.

  • Surun, the Scroll-writer

    So Silly aren't we Kess? Still love to hate your kin, tsk tsk tsk. *waves a finger* then again she has her reasons, but still the less will only get harder the more you hate! What a great page, I look forward to the next installment, thank you Razor! I enjoyed this one :3

    • Really glad you like it! Kess isn't done ranting. Not by a long shot. ~__^

  • THEHashtagHEEL

    Kess is kind of getting annoying. She seems to be letting her emotions get the best of her which will COULD lead to her eventual downfall (if that happens). The I do like the twins, they've been rubbing off on me. I have never really been high on Kess she's too emotion driven which can be ok, but for her it's all angry and disdain towards some of her peers/kin.

    • The twins, Rula and Naisha, are a lot of fun to work with. Together with Kenzi, they make for a great team, which is why I put the three together so much in the last chapter.

      As for Kess' raging rage, yeah, you might say she's got some issues to work through. Or more like a lifetime subscription's worth of issues. ^__^;

  • what would oscura do if she is in prison

    • MechaAshura20

      if it's about kiliani, she'd be confess

  • MaveriKat

    Hmmm… I wonder what happened to all the comments?

  • AnaBia99

    The other comments were deleted?