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Comic 300

Comic 300 published on
  Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Anyone who’s ever had a job interview knows that you have to dress for the job.  Could a flame tattoo on one’s face do the same for Flare?  Sounds like it’s made a splash thus far.  Let’s see how this goes. Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can pull up “Ruby” by Kaiser Chiefs. And so, here we are for the three hundredth time.  When I first launched this comic back in January 2005, I was told by a friend of mine that most webcomics die after either 12 pages or 6 months, whichever comes first.  So how does one explain the longevity of this humble little webcomic? To be honest, it’s a question I don’t give much thought to anymore.  I just sit down and do the comic.  It’s just part of my weekly routine that I don’t think much of it.  It takes a lot of work for me to produce this comic on a weekly basis, and yet, I’ve sincerely enjoyed every bit of it.  Especially ever since I inherited the writing duties, I have had an amazing feeling of satisfaction on each and every page.  Part of that satisfaction comes from personally witnessing each page go from a germ of an idea to a fully-rendered comic page over the course of seven days, but the majority of that satisfaction comes from sharing my work with you, my dear readers, seeing your reactions to the characters and the story events, and responding to as many reader comments as I can.  Would I be producing this comic if I had no audience?  Heck no.  But you all have made it a point to drop by every week to see what I’ve come up with, and since you all have devoted even a small part of your time to read my comic, so too do I owe all of you my best work each week, on time every time. Big thanks go to my former writing partner, Donnie Sturges, who laid a solid foundation for me to build on.  I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.  I also want to thank the fine folks here at Katbox, whose attentiveness and support allows me to focus on just making the comic while they keep the site humming along.  I feel like I’m in a really great spot right now, and that only further motivates me to keep on going.  So will the comic still be around for a 400th or 500th page?  I’d love to see that just as much as you do, and as long as I have the ability to do it and you all keep coming back every week and telling your friends about the comic, then I think we can make this happen together.  Let’s do another hundred! And speaking of my fellow Draconiacs, this coming weekend, I’ll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta, one of my “signature” conventions that I make a point of attending each year.  This will be my twelfth appearance at AWA, and, as always, you can find me in the Artist Alley, where I’ll be accepting commissions, selling prints and posters, and accepting pre-orders for the 2013 Draconia Chronicles Calendar, the product that started this whole thing at the convention where it first debuted in 1999.  So if you’re in or near Atlanta this weekend, come on by and at the very least say hi.  I love meeting my fellow Draconiacs in person!  Look for the tall Draconia Chronicles banner with Kess and Lady Chiara on it. And with that, it’s a mad dash to get a ton of work done in advance of the convention this weekend.  What does this aptitude test involve?  Stay tuned. Take care my fellow Draconiacs, and for the 300th time, thank you so much for reading.  I love you all! =RazorFox.