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Comic 313

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Looks like Ennek got something off her chest, but created a new problem for someone (or something) else.  Who or what did she hit?  Find out soon!

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette.

And, alas, you’ll have to wait an extra week to find out the victim of Ennek’s pitching arm, as next week, it’s once again Valentine’s Day week, and I’ll be churning up a new Valentine’s Day special!  Who’s the lucky couple (or threesome, or foursome, etc.) to be spotlighted this year?  Find out next week!

And in just under two weeks, it’s once again time for Katsucon!  Those of you who’ve followed me for a while know by now that this was the very first convention I ever attended back in 1995, and that I’ve been to all 18 thus far.  No other convention holds a dearer spot in my heart than this one, as Katsucon 1 was the event where I first met my artistic idol, the incredible Fred Perry–yes, THAT Fred Perry–and was subsequently inspired to attempt to draw my comic creations myself.  I’d traced a few things up until that point, but had never attempted anything freehand.  Fast-forward almost two decades, and here I am delivering The Draconia Chronicles to you on a weekly basis.

Remember, I started off as a budding writer in 1994, and I sought out artists to draw my stories.  After each one backed out for one reason or another (or sometimes no reason at all), I started to lose hope.  That weekend in February 1995, where I spent several hours chatting with Fred, watching him work on sketch after sketch, and bombarding him with a barrage of questions, was life-altering.  Fred was a perfect gentleman, and answered every question, no matter how bizarre, with the nuggets of wisdom he’d racked up over the years.  If I was bothering him, he never let on about it.  It’s one thing to meet your hero, and it’s something else to be allowed to pick his brain relentlessly for about three or four hours.

Today, I not only get to write, but also draw.  And today, I’m also that guy in the Artist Alley who will gladly welcome you at his table, draw for you, and chat about just about anything.  It’s how I got started, and if I can inspire the next generation in the same way that I was inspired, I’ll make that my mission.

And Katsucon is where that all started.  I’ve attended each year since their inaugural event in 1995, and I’ve been a presence in their Artist Alley in one way or another since 1998.  Katsucon is my homecoming.

And I invite you to join me!  If you’re in the Washington, DC area the weekend of February 15, come on out and see me at Katsucon in the nearby community of National Harbor.  I’ll have prints, posters, and opportunities to commission sketches of your favorite Draconia Chronicles characters, or whatever else you might have in mind.  For more information, hit the link in the “Conventions” sidebar.  Hope to see you there!

And I also hope to see you back here next week for some Valentine’s Day fun, Draconia style!  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!


  • Silverwolf

    Whoa whoa WHOA! She and Roh..?! Um…just whoa…didn’t see that coming…

    • I know how to pitch a curveball or two. ~__^

      • I’d call this one an outside slider.

        • Mr. E

          More like a sucker punch from what field. ;<)

  • NightWolf

    Dun dun DUN!

  • I know how you’ve felt girl, but looks like you have either got a bigger problem or!? Maybe its a tiger male who got lost ^o^ never know hehehe

    • Maybe one day, we’ll hear Aika’s side of the story…

  • DragonForLife

    Woo, backstory. And dat throwing arm.

    • She should try out for the major leagues. ^__^

      • DragonForLife

        Well, she could put that hand to some other use…..If ya know what i mean XD

        which i bet you do.

      • Mr. E

        Ditto! (€^v^)

  • 0_0 oooooooohhhhhhhhhh shiza….. why is it those plot points send chills down my spine, a twitch in my eye, a snarl on my lips and a foul taste in my mouth? At first I thought that romance with Roh and the tigress was cute…but now I wanna see Ennek burn that whore to the stake……

    • Will she get her chance to do so? Time will tell… ~__^

      • Believe me Ive been there before, its not pretty. Let the chaos begin

        • I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some experience under my belt. I know how deep the scars can run and how long it can take to be able to even consider seeking love again. There’s a little bit of me in every character, and Ennek’s no exception.

          • Mr. E

            What happened (€0/^)

  • Sleel

    Ahhh, yet another reason to or like Aika or Roh. They may be polygamous, but when it goes like this, it’s just cheating all the same. And I despise cheaters. Having been in Ennek’s position, I more then hate them. They go from the category of ppl I’d do anything for, to the category where I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire.

    • Sleel

      Edit: the ‘or’ was a mash. Was sposed to be ‘not’. Typing to fast without reading.

    • And sometimes it can manifest itself with a general bitterness and resentment toward public displays of affection, as you start to take them as personal insults.

  • MaveriKat

    Dun, dun, DUNNNNNNN!! Seriously though, damn it Aika. I had just started liking you again and then I saw this! But hey, she better be careful. What comes around goes around.

    • And if these two ever cross paths again, watch out. ~__^

      • MaveriKat

        Yes, she better watch-


        OW! Who threw this rock!? …Good lord! Ennek’s rage is strong enough to break the Fourth Wall!!!

  • Surun the Scroll-writer

    Crossing paths would be brutal o.o, that’s gonna be brutal!

  • EOTW

    Is Aika the one who was late to the meeting during the eruption because she was doing the sideways dosie doe with Roh? (fun fact: if you put the word sideways in front of a word or phrase that describes a dance,then it sounds like your’e talking about sex)

    • That was indeed her, and yes, the word “sideways” does have that cool feature to it. ^__^

  • somebody

    Man, that’s a lot of exposition. I’m glad we finally get to see what’s up with Ennek, but a little pacing would be preferable to having her entire back-story being shoved down our throats in a single page…

    • Sorry about the pacing. I figured that this could be summed up in a few panels. Stretching it out into multiple pages would’ve actually slowed down the pacing, and I didn’t want to stall the story. Besides, in this chapter, Xhianil’s got the dibs on the drawn-out flashbacks. Don’t need competing flashbacks. ^__^

      • somebody

        Indeed, a few panels would suffice for Ennek’s backstory. I just don’t think it was a good idea to put them all on the same page, without any preceding foreshadowing as to what’s happened to her. By the way, could we hope for any more of Zah-neel’s flashbacks? I seriously love that character 😀

        • I’m so glad to hear it! I was looking to have Xhianil’s flashbacks be a trilogy, so I’ve still got one more in the pipeline, unless I change my mind and do more. Her chemistry with Flare is a lot of fun to script and it’s easy to get carried away with those two. ^__^

  • Slasheredge

    Oh wow I didn’t see that coming, and Razor thank you for answering that question I had before. This a great, and unexpect turn of events. By the way love the page by the way.

    • So glad you like it! I figured it was time to pull back the curtain on Ennek and give some insight on she reacts like she does to the twins’ antics. ^__^

      • Slasheredge

        MAybe after this encounter depending on who it is she’ll be more accepting of it.

    • Zarylo

      Hey slasher. Can you … in a nutshell explain what is going on in this comic and why someone like me should read it.
      (I started a year ago but the only character I identified with died on page 60 or somewhere there and sort of had no reason to continue to read it.)

      • Slasheredge

        Um I even though I read it all the way through explaining is kinda of difficult. It’s not that the story is hard to follow just hard to explain, and sum up. At least for me. As far as why you should read it… well if you can get into the story, and like it that’s the only reason I could think of right away.

  • tjb123456

    didn’t you say that you were going to do a dragon valintine comic becouse you did a tiger one last year?

  • So many tears flowing… poor Ennek…

    • Hugs are perfectly appropriate.

      • Don’t you mean… purrfectly? But yes, she needs an empathetic hug.

        • Hug away, my friend. Hug away. ^__^

      • WHAAAAAT???? y-y-y-you… and the… with the… responding… <(0.o)/)

        • You… you don’t like me responding? Y_Y

          • Umm… more like I just made the connection that you are the creator and it surprised me.

          • The one and only! I love having dialogue with my readers, so I’m all over my comments board like brown on wild rice! I try to respond to every comment on the board at least once. Some folks have expressed pleasant bewilderment at my diligence with the comments, but I just love interacting with my audience. Hope you don’t mind. ^__^;;

          • Brown on wild rice ^^ awesome

          • Yup! No sense in white rice having all the fun. ^o^

          • Mr. E

            *munch* munch* *gulp*
            Exactly! (Resumes eating)

          • Nice, thanks!

  • MechaAshura20

    She must’ve accidently hit Roh.

    • Kobra

      Don’t think so. Male tigers can’t actually form words.

      But if that is the case it would serve him right.

      • Good observation on the ability to form words. Hitting a male with a rock would result in more of a pained growl.

        • Trak The Cat

          How do we know it wasn’t a male of a different species.

  • Kobra

    Always knew Aika was a floozie, but now she’s a home weaker too. Never liked that bitch.

    • I’m rather surprised by the comments this page is getting. I never knew Aika had such an undercurrent of loathing. I might have to delve into this further.

  • Kobra

    Wonder who got hit? A short list of people there at the time.

    • You might be right, but as for who exactly it is, you’ll have to wait. ~__^

  • Kobra

    Numberone rule, always make shore you get a girls back story before you relentlessly hit on her.

    • Everyone’s got their reasons.

  • AnsLOD

    Heeeere’s the wind up and the PITCH! And….o.o….ooh….take your base. Feel a little bad for Ennek, but it’s nice to understand a few things about her. And one of those things is knowing when to duck.

    • Girl’s got an arm, and a great accidental aim, apparently. ^__^;

  • ahhh, that explains her grouchiness. now, who did she hit, and is she a friendly or a threat?

    • Whoever it is, they’re a threat now. No one’s happy after being hit with a rock. ^__^;

  • silvermoon383

    Poor Ennek! Getting your beau stolen out from under you totally sucks worse than anything else I can imagine.

    Out of curiosity, how does the Tigers’ marital system work? Polyamory is obviously a standard, but this is the first I’ve seen of any actual pairing off (the earlier Roh/Aika scenes suggested preferences in mates)? Is there an actual system?

    • Good question. There’s no actual marriage amongst the Tigers, but a form of pair-bonding does exist. A female in seek of a mate has to win the approval of both the male and any females in his harem. Those females are then exclusive to that male, enjoying access to him anytime he’s available, and a sort-of sisterhood can form amongst the harem, resulting in cooperative living, including sharing of hunting, child rearing, and covering for Tigers who might be on the war’s front lines.

      • Kobra

        What about dragons? is it different for them?

        • When the males were in the Dragon society, it shared many of the same concepts with the Tigers and their harems. Since the Dragons have figured out how to procreate without the need for present male partners, they don’t have an immediate need for the guys in their lives.

          • EOTW

            Um, what!? You just answered one question by opening up a bigger one: how do they procreate? Do they make magic babies? Do they have a giant sperm bank? That would explain why they have to ration children as described in Gaia’s arc, wouldn’t it?

          • In a word: cloning. They’ve figured out how to clone sperm cells.

          • EOTW


          • TheAngryOldFart

            Some sort of magical cloning or SUPER SCIENCE, because I’m a Biology student, and I dont see how that would work.
            P.S- SUPER SCIENCE!!!!!!

          • Trak The Cat

            Oh God! Here we go with the Super Science I’ve read enough comics and books and seen enough shows, movies and cartoons to know that that never works out well. Good example: Venture Bros.

  • Wolfheart811

    Sorry I’m so late. Wow, I can’t believe that Aika would do that…

    And now my speculation on who Ennek hit: Tigers are ruled out, because there is no reason that one should be so close to Dragon territory. I see no reason for any dragons to be out there, either.

    Here is my list of possibilities:

    A. One of the lightning dragons

    B. Sombrana

    C. The mysterious daughter of Gaia who may or may not have survived……. I honestly hope it’s this one and she doesn’t have to face her mother’s fate.

    • Interesting possibilities. We’ll find out soon if you’re right, or if your list should have included more of the alphabet. ~__^

  • Puffball

    Poor Ennek :w> Also, I think it’s Kilani that Ennek hit. After all, when we last saw her, she was pouting among some of that same type of tree.

    • Wolfheart811

      She just left the group. I don’t think that after such a short period of time, we’d see her even NEAR the group again. But maybe it is Kilani. You never know…

    • I’m glad you like the way the characters’ various crisscrossing relationships are being set up. The comic’s built up a sizable cast over the years. When I took over the writing, I wanted to clamp down on new characters, and properly develop the existing cast. Just like in real life, there are friendships and there are rivalries, and I love exploring those. There’s much more to come, so if you’re liking what I’ve got so far, I hope to cook up and serve a whole lot more. Stay tuned, and thanks for the kind words. ^__^

  • MrAMP

    Besides the whole pacing issue and maybe some more detail, I’m totally shocked to learn that her first and quite possibly last was Roh. But that does raise a whole lot of questions about the male tigers, such as is it normal for a male tiger to have multiple mates or just a single mate. Then again, that particular area for both races has never really been touched on…at least not that I can remember.

    • That’s one of my broader objectives–to show a bit more of the nature of relationships in the Draconiaverse, among family, friends, lovers, enemies, coworkers, and different races. I hope to expand on it in the not-too-terribly-distant future. ^__^

  • pride-and-parliament

    Could you make the males look any more mentally lacking and psychologically disturbed? Because that “demented with dementia” look just isn’t striking enough. Yeeah… almost forgot about that little aspect; there are indeed males in Draconia, they just don’t function well in normal society.

    I’m guessing she hit a dragon, just to make things interesting. Probably someone sulking from a bad day herself… maybe the rock went through the bars of the prison cell and hit Briella. While she’s locked up and no physical danger, they bond a little bit, forgetting about the huge squabble in the Khalira (or Calera) intense enough to be reminiscent of the initial “battle,” but without the bloodshed.

    tl;dr: Male tigers are Neanderthals without, and Ennek probably hit a dragon (maybe Brie for comic relief).

    • Interesting idea, except that I doubt that Ennek’s throwing arm, while impressive, could find its way into the Dragons’ palace, much less even close to it. That’s Briella’s last known whereabouts. As for the identity of who was struck, it may be friend, or foe, or just someone with a freshly-conked noggin. Answers are forthcoming. ~__^

  • mechafan1224

    Poor Ennek don’t worry you will find someone eventually. Now I wonder who she hit with the rock? My theory is either an kid lighting dragon, an adult lighting dragon or a dragon who just got lost. any of these encounters can become bonding learning we are not so different time or classic violence or both.

    • Bonding through classic violence?

      • Esproc

        The power of friendship forged by the power of a rock into another beings face!

        • TheAngryOldFart

          That saying is going down in history “The power of friendship forged by the power of a rock into another beings face! ~ Esproc, 06/02/2013, Draconia Chronicles- Page 313”

      • mechafan1224

        Well you know the classic defeat means friendship trope.

    • EOTW

      I think you underestimate the racial tension between the dragons and the tigers. If that was a dragon then someone is going to die in the next few pages.

    • ravor9933

      I have 2 words language barrier

  • Chocothunda

    I feel real bad for Ennek right now :(. It definitely does explain why she’s so cold, though given the situation she’s in, there’s no way for her to actually say it to the rest of the tigers.

    As to whom she hit…my money’s on Kilani O_O

    • Mr. E

      I feel sorry for Ennek too. As for who she hit, I’d say either, (Lists the possibilities ala Kyrie’s chessboard thinking from Umineko)
      1. Aika; who is troubled by the strains of Mabel and Raz is confronted by Ennek whom she doesn’t know that she loved Roh first. Aika will then reveal that she wanted a child because either her mother, little brother or sister was killed and just wanted to raise her child like her deceased sibling, they then either fight or forgive each other.
      2. Kess; lol, she gets mad and gets vengeance on Ennek and either wins or loses, but either way, she reveals that she is lamenting and regretting her treatment on Kilani.
      3. A random tiger or dragon.
      4. Kilani. (Lol, I don’t know what will happen)
      5. Roh. (I.E. trouble in “River City!”)
      6. Shaleigh. (SUSPISION? YES.)
      7. A traumatized Lumina that regained her memories and escaped.
      Or 8. Gaia’s daughter, forced to fend for herself.

  • TheAngryOldFart

    Heheheh, as I said, but no one will probably remember, the very few males on this, have A LOT of fun >:D

    • Yeah, but it’s harder for the dragons. The Queen controls all mating.

      • ravor9933

        I think the dragons reproduce with external fertilization

      • TheAngryOldFart

        Poor, poor male dragons, not having as much fun.