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Comic 319

Comic 319 published on
Hello everyone. Avencri here! It seems things got a bit mixed up here at the Katbox and a defective upload engine mixed up all the comics. My cast ended up in Draconia… which means that the war is totally non existant since there is not a single tiger in The Eye. So dragons win by default? At least Mayte and Zaira seem to be enjoying the whole ordeal. And they are giving those censoring slugs a huge workload. I just wanted to thank Danny for being so helpful with sharing some of his art resources for this gag. Originally i had just censored the girls with mosaics but then i was told that the slug was a better candidate. And they were so right about that. XD Might post the slugless version sometime in the future for the heck of it. But being honest, the censored one is way funnier. Also… i came to terms with Mayte´s tail design. It was a unintentional design choice that i didn’t catch until someone pointed it out to me. XD Best of luck everyone and be careful with what you read this day. Pranks for everyone. Ciao!