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  • Mr. E

    Judging by the guilt on Ghislain, I say he’s coniflicted about his feelings.

    • Slasheredge

      Oh trust me that will not be the case after a certain dragon spills the beans on what’s been going on.

  • fred

    Oh yeah, I definitely had you PEGGED in my comment on the previous page. You are a female who is exactly like Mora. Oh gee, you just cannot IMAGINE why Mora doesn’t OWN his SOUL for all ETERNITY, huh. And here she went to the trouble of blackmailing him and then entrapping him and then throwing him into the cold, so how could he EVER POSSIBLY consider having another LOVE in his whole LIFE, according to you he should just say “I belong forever to the one I have sworn myself to – that nice cow-woman who treated me exactly as I deserve to be treated, for I am a MALE”. Wow, I mean WOW. You might even be MORE evil than Mora. Though it’s odd that your comment last page was left 6 days ago and this one it says you left a year ago. You came back after a year just to give everyone a more in-depth view of the extremist feminazi mind?

  • Nekonny

    Because it was… sorry bout that, and please bear with me, it does get better 🙂

  • BlackWind

    Ha ha ha ha ha this is so cute Tina is cosplaying Ranma 1/2 and Yuki is cosplaying a hot looking Chun li from street fighter truly superb way to pass the time at a con X3

  • Regulos14

    If Ron has black hair, shouldn’t he have been a black cat instead of orange?