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Comic 336

Comic 336 published on 130 Comments on Comic 336
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Has Kess finally pushed her sister Kilani to the brink?  Stay tuned… Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Orange Crush” by R.E.M. A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of once again attending Anime Weekend Atlanta for my thirteenth time, and as always, I had an amazing time!  AWA is easily the most fun I have at any convention every year, and it’s also one with a special distinction, as it was the birthplace of The Draconia Chronicles, where debuted there in October 1999 with the premiere of the “Draconia 2000 Calendar.”  As such, from then on, I’ve always seen AWA as a sort of homecoming for the series, and some of my most die-hard fans appear to be there, as a result.  You all make me feel so welcome and loved year after year, and this year was no exception.  Thank you to all who came by to say hi, chat about the series, support the comic by buying some Draconia swag, and commissioning sketches.  I also want to thank fellow Katboxer MasterGodai of Rascals and KnuckleUp fame, who was at the table next door, and who helped make for a most lively weekend. TL;DR: I had a great time at AWA!  Will I be back next year?  Bank on it! And that’s it for now.  What will become of our dejected heroine Kilani?  Find out soon.  Until then, take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • MrAMP

    Well, I guess Kess is starting to regret what she said back there. Also, I wonder if Naisha is feeling guilty about the recent fight, stepping on Kilani, or having a change of heart with Kilani.

    • Stepping on Kilani? Not sure what you mean there, but her attention does seem to be on something, or someone, else.

      • MrAMP

        Referring to the last page. It looks like she…or someone…stepped on her.

        • Judging by the distance between Kilani and the quarreling quartet, no one even touched Kilani. If you go back and re-read the last page, Kilani was startled by the sudden splash from Ennek and Kenzi, causing her to lose her remaining air in the process.

          Guess I didn’t make it clear enough. I’ll have to spell everything out with narration, I suppose. v__v

        • I’m sorry, I sounded like a dick there. I just thought the previous couple pages had established that there was some distance–maybe a couple dozen feet–between Kilani and the others. Anytime someone misses a detail like that, it makes me feel like I failed to make it apparent to the readers and that they’re missing out on some important detail. If something isn’t apparent, please let me know for future reference.

          • MrAMP

            Yeah…about that. I actually went back to the last few pages and took a closer look. I misinterpreted Panel 3 on the last page. At first, I thought someone stepped on Kilani. Then I thought Kilani was close enough and was hit during Kenzi’s rampage. But after taking a closer look. I can see that she was in fact far away from the action. Truthfully, I didn’t seen Kilani that well in said panel and thought that the closeup was to show her expression after being hit.

          • Cool! Yeah, I had to take the distance into consideration and I realized that that would make Kilani rather faint when viewed through that much water. This also assured that neither Kenzi nor Ennek would readily notice her over there. As such, if it weren’t for Kenzi and Ennek crashing in, Kilani would have probably continued to be unnoticed. Nothing got “stepped on” except for Ennek’s feelings. ^__^

  • The Gentleman Player

    Let’s see how Kess reacts to Kilani’s statement in the last panel. She considers her sister a traitor, so why should she care if she goes back to the Khalira, and her assured death?

    • Kess is a bit of a mystery, but one that may still be solved… ~__^

      • Renadt

        Can’t help being sisters and loving each other. Kess is always inpulsive, it seems to bite her in the ass. Also, she’s the type to hold a grudge. A dragon (or some dragons) killed their mum. But at the same time, Kess doesn’t want to lose any more family to dragons. Very confusing predicament, there. I think Kess may get some development here

        • Very good analysis of Kess. She may be angry at Kilani’s deeds, but from what you’re saying, it sounds like she still harbors a lot of love for her sister. To put it another way, she hates the sin, not the sinner.

          • Random person

            ugh, wrong page…

  • MaveriKat

    Awww… Kilani… my heart goes out to her…

    • I’d normally say that she’ll accept hugs, though I don’t know if she’s in that frame of mind anymore…

  • ThatOneComment

    Quite a heavy page, but I still think it’s awesome and await the unflowered copy in FA.

    • It’s already there! You know where to find it. ~__^

      • xenofurr

        I give, what’s FA?

        • “FA” is shorthand for FurAffinity, a furry-themed art gallery similar to DeviantArt. You can find my page by clicking the paw print-shaped icon to the right of the comic. Be careful, as some of the content is not worksafe (NSFW).

  • Josh.C

    Good old crow! It must be Kess’s favorite bird dish.

    You got your friends captured and tortured. Your only living close relative rejected by your people and willingly walking to her assured death. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure no other tiger would ever attempted what Kilani did unless it was one of the royal bloodline.

    Kess never makes it easy for herself, does she?

    • You might say she loves a challenge, even if that challenge is life itself.

  • silvermoon383

    Well now Kess….starting to realize that blood is a bit thicker than you realized?

    • It’s a fact that’s becoming increasingly hard to deny.

  • Gonzalo Reyes

    Niiiice page. and not talking about the clever censorship, hehe.

    • Thank you, good sir! I sincerely appreciate the comment. And I fail to see what censorship there is here. Those flower petals just “happened” to get in the way. ^__^

  • ElektraFan

    Well, Kess. Your wish just came true. Kilani is about to face whatever fate the dragons will offer to her. So put on a happy face and let´s celebrate because golden opportunities like that appear only once.

    • Dunno if Kess is in the mood to celebrate this turn of events…

      • Gravedigger

        nobody is

  • killatitan64

    I think I figured out why shaleigh is telling both sides false info there had to been atleast two events that started the war one that raised tensions and another that started it and to keep the tensions high a neutral factor had to keep both sides fighting the neutral factor could be doing this for personal gain or to create another factor that will end the war (kilani or tam) and i think shaleigh is the tge neutral factor and maybe she wants the tigers and the dragons distracted away from her people the foxes who are either a big threat or becoming a threat because if the two species realise this they could ban together to figjt the fox

    • Hm. Interesting hypothesis…

  • killatitan64

    Or she’s juat being a jackass

    • An equally interesting hypothesis. ^__^

      • Gravedigger

        lets test it shall we??

  • Kobra

    Let’s see how Kess likes it when the guilt trip is put on her!

    • Can she take as well as she gives? We’ll see…

  • KOL-Freak

    Well Kess seems like your words are going to bite you in the ass. Kilani needs so hugs but for once I rather see Kess’ reaction to the last panel heh.

    • We may soon see how she and the others deal with this…

    • Gravedigger

      if her words don’t I will

  • alex_longfur

    So many tears aflowin’

    • There, there. It’ll be okay…

      • Gravedigger

        hey Razorfox, I just like to tell you that you have been tied for second place on Gravedigger’s author list

        • Wow! And I’m in some good company there, too! Thanks for having me in your top ten–nay, your top three! I’ve got a new goal now. *cracks knuckles* >o<

          • Gravedigger

            well, you write the best story and you respond too a lot of people, Mastergodai has three really good stories and a bonus comic, and he puts hot pictures of his characters in the Katbox gallery!!!

  • Nathan Allmon

    The reaction of Kess to Kilani’s statement shows she still cares for her sister but still just wants her gone not dead.

  • Slasheredge

    Wow Kilani is really hurt right now. It that what it’s like to have your spirit crushed?

    • It’s indeed looking that way…

      • Gravedigger

        crushing Kilani spirit make Gravedigger sad

  • Dis

    So many emotions, opinions, and facts I can make about this group and tigers in general it will look like a rant. The only thing I see saving them from this page alone is the sisterhood and tribal hood that binds the species. The feral males will have to join the fight. Their brute animal strength and instincts combine with that of the females along with (what little) intellect will be invaluable.

    • Good insights. The general sisterhood you describe is a big part of what holds them all together. Can they overcome their internal differences? Stay tuned…

  • Chocothunda

    Kilani… 🙁

    • Her grave has been dug. Will she lie in it?…

      • Gravedigger

        who dug her grave????

        • BigBadWolf

          You, though you were paid in noods so you were over paid since its only 12″ deep

          • Gravedigger

            you must be confused, I didn’t dig the grave, besides im a professional I always do the job right

  • BigBadWolf

    Nobody reall wants her dead in the tiger clans, i can keep her safe and fed and bred and happy i could be her first wolf

    • And her last? ^__^

      • Gravedigger

        hey!!!!! Gravedigger saw her first, besides we have more in common

      • BigBadWolf

        It is not common knowledge that a wolf male will provide for a female services even when she is not in heat, he will also always clean up after himself how many males you know would be that devoted to a female?

      • James-Polymer

        Looks like he’s a Gray Wolf, and they mate for life. And they are *very* protective of their significant others. ^^

  • Hawz

    This is the one comic I keep coming back to, despite sluggish (in my opinion) updates. The story is simply worth it, it’s so well developed, and pulls you into its gravity. DEM FEELS! You do an amazing job RazorFox.

    • Day = Made!

      Thanks so, so much for the kind words, Hawz! I wish I could update more often, but I’m a ragingly slow artist, and I’ve got a lot going on in my life right now. Any chance I get, I’m working on the comic. I hope to reward your loyalty and your patience with each new page. Dem feels are not going anywhere anytime soon. ~__^

  • Hawz

    “Blue hell,” last panel, I see what you did there.

    • Oh? You were able to smell what the RazorFox was cookin’? ^o^

      • Gravedigger

        Gravedigger wishes he could smell it too. the half hockey mask it kinda hard

  • Sleel

    More and more I despise Kess. Kinda drifts outta mind with the other arcs and chars taking the forefront, then wham, right back in there. I truly hope she is the next character you kill off. Lingeringly. She’s a bully and a bitch, and if I never saw her again it would cause me only a smile when I realized it.

    • You know what? I’m thrilled to hear this. I’m glad there’s a character who’s as dependable as Kess. Sure, she pisses a lot of people off, but at least people KNOW she’s going to piss them off. She’s one of my favorite characters to write for because she makes it so easy for me. If you’re feeling something that strong toward one of my characters–whether the emotion is a positive one or a negative one–then I’ve done my job correctly. ^o^

      • Gravedigger

        you are a twisted writer.
        Gravedigger happens to like the twisted ones best

  • killatitan64

    Kess is not actually fully in the wrong yes I mean banning your own sister from the group is a little over the (by a little I mean it makes me wanna smack tha bitch) but how would you feel if your own flesh and blood simeone you thought that you could trust with your life betrays you in some way (not sure how still catching up on the story) I would be pretty pissed

    • Kess is a complicated one, indeed, and definitely emotionally torn between loyalty to her species and her cause, and loyalty to her flesh and blood. Testing loyalties is a good judge of character…

  • killatitan64

    Also some constructive criticism but I think you need some of the males to have a more prominent role in the story I mean I like lookingat scantily clad girls as the next guy but there a liitle too much like add a little story like a young tiger male walks Iin on kiriadand shaleigh the reaction could be hhilarious

    • Gravedigger

      or how about a male who looks and walks upright like the girls, that would throw their world for a loop

    • I have roles in mind for males of both species in the not too distant future. Patience, my friend. ~__^

  • killatitan64

    Also could someone explain to me what she did that was so wrong I mean it can’t be that bad

    • Adam Carranco

      she took a dragon egg and raised it. now instead of “we only fight for territory” they have a full on war. that got some killed,some mamed, some imprisoned

      • Gravedigger

        in short vernacular she committed treason while trying to create peace

        • killatitan64


          • Gravedigger

            say what??????

          • Ummm… Space bar. Use it. Big key at the bottom. The dusty one. ^__^;;

          • killatitan64

            No my phones keyboard has small buttons

      • ^ That! ^__^

  • Gravedigger

    Gravedigger loves the view in the third panel

    • ♪♫ “Mooooon riverrrrr…” ♫♪

      • Gravedigger

        never heard of that song

  • guest554

    damned petals always in the way they’re the real antagonists here!

    • Gravedigger


      • killatitan64

        Relax he has an.uncensored one on histumblr

        • Gravedigger

          I wasn’t freaking out, I was just frusterated that tose pink petals keep appearing in the right place at the right time

    • I can’t help it! They just happened to wind up there. I’m just as frustrated as you are! ~__^

  • william

    gets chided for going east, not allowed to go west, what would happen if she went north or south?

    • At this point, Kilani might not necessarily be in the right state of mind. Maybe she’s trying to prove a point to Kess by going in the exact opposite direction, thus ruling out north and south?

      • william

        actually, it seems more like she’s trying to get a reaction out of her sister now. She was exiled from that group and tried to get as far away as she can from them so as not to get into any more trouble. when she found out that they were going in the same direction as she was, she tried to hide until they passed, ultimately thwarted by the infighting. after she got chided for going in the direction they were going without knowing (how was she to know where they were going to go, right?) she decided to try and see if she could go the opposite direction without any fuss. in a way, she’s like a depressed child trying to find a way out of her mess at this point, providing reason to her self-destructive choices.

  • killatitan64

    I would weast

    • Gravedigger

      you would what?????????

      • killatitan64

        Srry stupidphone keyboard

        • Yeah, but we still don’t know what the correct word was supposed to be. What’s “weast?” o_O

          • killatitan64

            Its a spongbob joke

          • killatitan64

            Patrick calls west weast

  • Adam Carranco

    nothing sadder than a wet pussycat. this just fits, you are a very natural writer razorfox

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! Natural, huh? Wow! I hope to keep improving, and I hope you’ll continue to join me for the journey. ^__^

  • Hiorou

    Gosh, havent comment on here in a long time, havent make analysis too, but the last couple of pages seem to drive to an interesting direction for the comic and I got a theory about it.

    Now it may seem like Kilani situation just go to the worst direction possible but I think thing will take a better way now. Why? I think these last pages finally give Kilani the oportunity of take out of her sistem her thoughs about the war, the tigers attitude and position with it and her experiences and memories with her adopted daughter. Kilani need exactly this situation to let her explain herself to the others.Now I dont think she will change Kess mind about the whole war or be allowed into the group, Kess is to stubborn for that. But I dont think she will be left alone, I think that maybe, MAYBE Ennek may want to help her or go with her.

    My reason to this have to be that Ennek point out in her conversation with Kess that Kilani didnt mean harm by her action and that her idea of a future of peace between dragons and tiger doesnt sound so bad but that they wont know until they try so maybe Ennek have some kind of simpaty with Kilani. I mean, in the fouth panel while she give her her back in rejection like the rest her face seem to indicate otherwise (plus, her position is more distant to the restof the crew) My other reason to this is that Ennek doesnt seem to have a good relationship with the rest of the group. Naisha, Rula and Kenzi are alway making fun of her and that can make her feel no more than just a joke to them, which may make her feel unwelcome, they are always fighting, be it by the girls jokes or Kess absolute view of the world, and she doesnt seem to have much interaction with Ria or Shie so I dont see much reason to Ennek to stay with them.

    Other interesting observation is that Naisha focus isnt so much in rejecting Kilani but in Ennek, she is even more distant with Kenzi and her sister, plus on the last pages we have seen Naisha have grow a more separated personality to Rula. Both on the previous chapter talked pretty much like an unique individual with the same line of thoughs, not separated of each other, on this one she have more dialogues of her own (mainly around talking about Ennek). Now I dont know if happen what I suggest (Ennek going with Kilani) Naisha will follow or not, maybe, after all it have its cost to go with Kilani, plus it seem and Rula and Kenzi pretty much reject Killani actions. But she seem to have a strong fixation on Ennek and go with her may be part of her strategy to get with her.

    My last though on it is that the group alway feel conflicted between each other, they didnt have that great dinamic (no a bad think in term of story) so I was kinda specting a split with them sooner or later by whatever reason it was, this situation and the position some character have voiced give me the idea that maybe is a real outcome.

    But of course this is just a theory, things can go really different. Anyway great job as always Razor!

    • Gravedigger

      that has to be the longest post ever

      • Hiorou

        I have make longers than this one XD

        • Gravedigger

          good god, please don’t send me a reply that long, id have to kill you

        • I’ve seen it. And I like long, insightful replies. Shows that people can put a lot of thought into their comments and are really digging deep at the comic. ^__^

          • Gravedigger

            RazorFox, if you keep encouraging people to post texts that are longer than a college thesis, you might lose the number 2 spot

    • Welcome back, Hiorou! I’ve missed your insights! Great observations all throughout. Ennek and her three antagonists (Naisha, Rula, and Kenzi) definitely have some issues to work through now, and Ennek has also shown that she might be on a slightly different train of thought than the rest of the group. We’ll see how she copes as the odd gal out.

      • Hiorou

        Gotta admit, missed to do one of those analysis. Wasnt until I found you updated this page and notices the conection betweent previews conflics that some things started to make sence to me, so was a good time for one of my wall texts XD.

        I hope everything go right with Ennek (and by extention Kilani) she have become one of my favorites tigers and feel kinda conected to her, both of us have a short temper to tease-crap things like Rula, Naisha and Kenzi have put her through and I like that she have given a least one though to the whole Kilani situation unlike the rest of the group.

        Plus if things go as my theory, at least we start having a more solid based for a possible solution to the conflict between both side instead of a impossible herculean task. Kilani wont be so alone into the situation and maybe gain some real hopes for the future of both races.

        But again thats just theoricas, things can turn to a totally different direction. Oh well, good luck with the comic.

  • Taishigi

    I want to give Kilani a big hug. Then cook her a steak.

    • Mmmm… Hugs and steak. That’d actually make an interesting restaurant concept.

      • Gravedigger

        sounds delicious!!

  • Gravedigger

    dammit, now the waiting begins

    • The waiting shall be over soon. A new page is nearing completion. Hang tight! ~__^

      • Gravedigger

        I really don’t mind waiting, I have 23 other comics to check for updates

  • Shade

    Since I’m having a little trouble with this, approximately how often does this comic update?

    Great story, wish I could have seen more for myself the background events that lead to this whole situation.

    • killatitan64

      You still can thres a first button

      • Shade

        I’ve read as far back as I can and have been following for a while, but my understanding is that there are certain events that occurred before Razor turned this into a semi-regular webcomic and moved it here.

        • killatitan64

          Yeah it was a story poster series

          • Gravedigger

            wait, what was that?????

    • Welcome to the fold, Shade! At the moment, the comic does not have a fixed update schedule due to various other demands on my time in real life. The best way to stay on top of updates is to follow me and/or the comic on social media. To the right of the comic, you’ll see icons for FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and updates are announced on each of those. You can also keep track of updates via RSS. Plenty of ways to keep up. In fact, as I write this, I’ve got another page almost completed and should be up soon. Stay tuned… ~__^

  • Ranryu

    Despite the artwork reminding me very much of Fred Perry. Kilani definitely has more of a Ryoga Hibiki vibe. it’s a good thing for all being involved that Kilani hasn’t learned how to use the Shishi Hakudon.

    • Interesting. I never saw a Ryoga connection, though now that you mention it, I can kinda see it. Must be the fangs. ^__^

      Both Fred and Rumiko were huge influences on me when I first got into drawing. The first two manga-style comics I ever bought were an issue of Gold Digger (issue #6) and Ranma ½ (volume 3, issue 3). They were life-changing! In fact, the representation of my Tigers was inspired in part by Gold Digger’s werewolves. I was smitten by Jetta. Thanks for noticing the influences!

      • Gravedigger

        SMITTEN, HEHE, RazorFox Iv got great news for you!!!!!!

  • Rahkvi


    • Gravedigger


  • killatitan64

    I know how to make the situation better (inserts ponies) your arguments are in valid

    • Gravedigger

      what about inserting hugs????

  • Drakara

    I love the flowing pink leaves and the backgrounds on this page. They really set the mood here.

  • Tech

    “…Rope! I got some quality rope! It’s made for a man who’s devoid of hope-like you are!”
    /Big-Ass Rock/ The Full Monty

  • Random person

    Kess is just going to jump in go, “NO DON’T DO IT, IDIOT!”
    I myself am not saying I want Kilani to die or not, I’m just throwing an almost close to obvious conclusion on this one.

  • zophah

    Sisterly love transcends ungodly acts of creation.