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Holiday Special 2014 Page 1

Holiday Special 2014 Page 1 published on 41 Comments on Holiday Special 2014 Page 1
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Looks like Arc needs to get some good karma going after Sandy Claws sent her a little message last time around.  Yes, folks, it’s the 2014 Draconia Chronicles Holiday Special, where we take a break from the regular story to have a bit of holiday fun. And the holidays also signify the end of the year, which means it’s now time to order your copy of the 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar!  2015 marks the tenth anniversary of the series’ launch as a webcomic way back on January 3, 2005, and so this year’s calendar looks back at twelve of the biggest, baddest moments in the series’ history.  You can order now through December 31st, and your order helps support the comic for the coming year.  Get yours now! So how will Arc recoup her lost brownie points?  Stay tuned. Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Toshiro Tushima

    Lol! I remember what happened in the 5th panel when Arc were very mad when she get box-full of coals. Man, I remember that so well, as it like it was yesterday.

    • Glad you remember it, and Arc remembers it all too well. Someone wants revenge! ^__^

      • Toshiro Tushima

        Yep, sure look like it, buddy!

  • Bisano

    She better not say: There are hair/fur/coat in my meal. I appreciate the return of some christmas Draconia :D.

    • Same here! It’s always fun to check in with the folks on Draconia Lane. ^__^

      • bostonianful .

        is it just me or has arc gotten alot taller? great work by the way.

        • Thanks, and now that you mention it, she does look taller than she used to in the first panel. In the latter panels, Tshila’s seated, so it makes Arc look tall. Either way, Arc’s at that age where a growth spurt can happen at any moment. We’ll just blame it on that. ^__^;

          • bostonianful .

            yeah, she just looks taller in the second panel. almost as tall as tshila. but i think its more fitting to think that arc is just standing on a chair. but none the less, great work.

  • Chuck

    Am I sensing a Monty Python reference?

  • JoeRaven

    Well this made my whole month! ^____^ STAMP! Wonderful job D-man! Happy holidays to ya!

    • Thanks, Joe, and the same to you! Though I’m unsure why this deserves your legendary stamp. It doesn’t seem to have the usual *ahem* “qualifications.”

      • JoeRaven

        I feel it’s deserves cos it made me laugh my ass off. I was having a bad morning and flopped in the break room before shift, and just lost it. Everyone was like WTF? I immediately felt much better after that, and it pulled me outta my cruddy mood. ^___^

  • Puffball

    Haha, Tshila! She looks about ready to drop, wow! I bet her birth in canon won’t be too much longer now! :3

    • I’ve got her at about three-quarters of the way through her pregnancy, and at the rate that time’s passing in the comic, you’ll continue to see her pregnant for a good while to come. ^__^

  • Shadowkey392

    Aahhh that’s right she never found out Sandy Claws wasn’t their mom, did she?

    • Good catch! We have a case of mistaken identity here. ^__^

  • NewGuy79

    I am extremely conflicted about the cliff hanger that you’ve left us at. one one hand it’s nice to be back in Draconia gaiden :D….. on the other hand… ICAN’TWAITTOSEEWHATHAPPENSNEXT,OHGODIMSOSCARDTHINGSAREGONAGOALLDOWNTOSHITANDTHENWEREGONAHAVETHEFIRSTARKCAUSUALTYNUMBERSALLOVERAGAIN D:

    • bostonianful .

      it isn’t the first time he left us on a cliff hanger. but i see your point.

    • All in due time, but for now, some holiday cheer. ^__^

  • ThatOneComment

    Razor, you demon! A cliffhanger, just like last year! Well played. I will admit though, I do enjoy your Christmas Specials. Plus, I always enjoy seeing cute tigers in casual(pregnant is a bonus in my book).

    • Depicting the characters in a more modern world is always a fun change of pace. It’s a treat to both you and me. ^__^

      • ThatOneComment

        I should commission you for art sometime, maybe some Tshila or Red.

  • Zoroark

    That’s some…tasty bacon there……(not looking at bacon)…very tasty :3

    • I’ll assume you’re actually looking at the bacon, because I’m quite pleased with how the food came out, especially the pancakes. I’m assuming I drew it all well because I was getting sooooo hungry during while I did that panel. ^o^

      • Zoroark

        Panel 9 :3 I’m sorry…it just….I can’t help my male instincts xD

  • Argent

    Do not underestimate the power of SPAM. It can make, or break, any and every meal.

    • I haven’t had any in years, but I remember it being tasty. ^__^

  • Tech

    Spam, spam, spam, spam spammity SPAAAAAM! WONDERFUL SPAM!

  • IAmHawz

    In light of the new death, CHRISTMAS!!! err… I mean HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

    Tshila looks so cute in that last panel.

    • Bacon does that to people. ^__^

  • IronWing001

    Oh the Cubs as normal are cute, and Arc is just plain awesome, And for a Pregger Tigress Tshila is Hot lol who can Deny that? Poor Arc though, having to trying and scrape back to being on the Good List!

    • She knows that the way to a Tiger’s heart is through her stomach, even if she hit the wrong target. ^__^

  • Discord

    So one think I don’t get…. 2013 Tshila is pregnent, 2014 her belly got just little bit bigger…. how long are these tigers pregnent?????????????

    • Well, it hasn’t necessarily been a year since the events of the last holiday special. For all we know, it’s just the next day. ^__^

  • CinnamonSalve

    Honored Eve, the day near set, a guest of most intrigue
    Has stopped to brave the tiger den and make a meal for me!

    She laid a feast fit for the Queen,
    Dried Meats, bare fruit, and breads galore!
    The children, with their smiles and screams,
    Took every bite from all they’d see–
    Though Mother’s tongue would take a lean
    From salted pork or greased leg lean.

    The fairer chef would spell her words,
    And know no rebuke, at her behest:
    “Your palette knows no master,
    As much to my dismay,
    Though kinship known for it and I
    Of fetid tastes this passing day!”

    O, the notion took but a moment
    To cross the tiger’s tail,
    But no sooner was it forgotten
    That snare would catch it quick!
    “I’ve not a debt you’ll owe to me,
    But Sandy knows your dues,
    Her ledger has the tax and cut
    For not a debt she lays un-pawed!”

    • CinnamonSalve

      Razorfox, at some point this may become a thing, these poems that go along with your comics–let’s start putting in references people won’t catch early on, then they’ll curse themselves later when they re-read them.

  • Bisano

    I know i already posted but just in case i dont make it up for 24th december I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.