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Holiday Special 2016 Page 2

Holiday Special 2016 Page 2 published on 9 Comments on Holiday Special 2016 Page 2
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Has Tshila found herself a bargaining chip in the form of hot spam?  Will the elusive Sandy Claws go along with whatever Tshila’s dreaming up?  Stay tuned… The 2017 Draconia Chronicles Calendar is here!  Get your hands on 12 all-new lavishly-detailed pieces from yours truly, showcasing over a dozen of your favorite Draconia Chronicles characters, all lovingly rendered in a gorgeous art nouveau style!  They’re going to print soon so get yours now while the getting’s still good! The finale to this year’s holiday special is coming real soon.  Hang in there, fellow Draconiacs!  Take care, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • melvin moreno

    I hope the next comic the christmas and how many parts 3 or 4 and will the next comic be about the dragons arriving with kilani.Eone saph meta lady red Eone is still angry at lady red right
    MARIO Take care and what are you getting for christmas i’m getting a csx tier 4 gevo locomotive train wallet and csx shirt for watching trains Are you going to get any trains four christmas.

    • The holiday special is a 3-page deal every year, so the next page will be its finale. After that, yeah, it’s time to rejoin the main story again. Last we saw, Kilani’s still being hauled in to see Her Majesty the Queen. I’m just as curious as you to see how it turns out!

  • sulka

    Wow Love the art work style razor fox maybe you can make a draconia christmas carol with oscura and her ghosts of christmas past present and future..

    • Thanks! I’ve given thought to a “Christmas Carol”-style parody, but I don’t think I’d be able to do it properly within the three pages I usually allocate for the holiday special. I’m sure Her Majesty Queen Oscura would make a wonderful Scrooge, though! ^__^

  • sulka

    i gotta tell you razor fox queen oscura cracks me up when she is angry.

    • When she’s angry, she’s at her very best!

      • sulka

        so what’s queen oscuras past like is it sad . did her mother never paid full much attention to her. She needs help.

        • Knight of laziness

          RazorFox said he plans to separate comics about a characters of the story after “The end” of comic. This series of comics called “Legacy”. I right RazorFox? Correct me if i wrong. About Oscura I think she might be able to atone her sins, but we see all after RazorFox finished comic.

  • Knight of laziness

    Lived to the fact that parents make a deal with Santa… pardon Sandy claws XD Oh yeah and i want hot spam too! And RazorFox why you not answer my question on katbox forums? I understand you really busy, but it took more than a week, do you no have free time? Last thing, thank you RazorFox for comic! We all wait final of holiday special and soon everyone will congratulate each other!