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Page 351

Page 351 published on 46 Comments on Page 351
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Next time, we hope Riah will think before she decides to add emphasis to help make her point. Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Alive” by Pearl Jam. Sorry for the delay on this page.  A couple bits of life got in the way, including a sports injury, all of which slowed down the page’s completion.  Your patience will be rewarded, though, as my Patreon donors can view an uncensored version of this page!  Your donations help keep the comic going, and they entitle you to little bonuses along the way, including work-in-progress sketches and NSFW versions of comic pages.  A pledge as small as $3 per page gets you access to the goodies before they’re released to the general public, so pledge today! Back to work on the next page.  It won’t take as long, I hope!  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Adam Carranco

    i gotta say, your tenacity for convenient leaf placement is something to be admired. but promise us you will try another leaf next time… perhaps pine needles >.0

    • I’ll see what I can do. A lot of people still remember the infamous slugs from page 227. ^__^

  • Fillyfooler .

    This is the greatest censoring job in the history of comics.

    • Woohoo! A superlative! I rule! ^o^

  • Hey, glad to see that Shie isn’t too badly burnt (Med rare) and to finish her dialog in last panel SON OF A BI-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! (Panel of “Experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.”)

    • Nah, we wouldn’t censor the dialogue, though at first, I thought you were suggesting that her pitch would reach that of a piercing squeal, eventually hitting tones reserved for dog whistles. ^__^

  • MaveriKat

    HELL YEAH! Let’s hope she at least kicks the tail of that “red ram”! What can I say? I am a Tiger Supporter and seeing her do that to Shie made her instantly lose Brownie points in my book.

    • Well, Kighan’s got her sights set on Shie, but what if Riah gets to her first? Hmmm…

      • MaveriKat

        No matter what, it’s gonna be a nasty sight. I think the Wonder Woman Pilot episode said it best. “PANTS TO BE DARKENED!”

        • James-Polymer

          The…the Wonder Woman pilot really said that? O_o
          Welp, let this be a lesson, children: Don’t do acid at work.

          • MaveriKat

            Yep. Right on the screen the directors wrote a huge note, “Pants to be Darkened”. as they didn’t like the color of her pants in that shot. Well… it took a whole new meaning considering how blood-thirsty Wonder Woman was in the pilot.

  • NewGuy79

    so is the yellow tear drop a result of the lighting or are you really trying to hammer in the effectiveness of pee when it comes to burn wounds /: )

    also can’t wait for Kess to misinterpret that scream and go head long into Valkyrie mode, and we all know how effective and smart angry Kess is…

    either way you seem to really like using all sorts of misunderstanding to pull these characters into every type of trouble imaginable XD, to bad I can’t really see a happy ending with how this situation is shaping up.

    • Mutual misunderstandings are fun! And since none of my characters are omniscient in a world full of violence, it’s natural to assume the worst before you find out for certain what’s going on. Can’t blame the Tigers for being rather paranoid in these circumstances.

      And that drop? Yyyyeah, that’s neither sweat nor tears. It ain’t yellow by accident. ^__^;;

      • bostonianful .

        misunderstandings are fun? wow, i swear razorfox, you keep thinking like that, and you’ll be the new director of the walking dead in no time. lol. hahaha, isn’t that funny. like i can already seeing a meme with your user picture and text below it saying ”oh, you have a favorite character in the draconia chronicles web comic? not anymore!” lol. man that would be funny. but anyway, nice job with the comic page. its really good. sorry for your sports injury. i hope it didn’t hurt that bad. but none the less your doing great with the comic. with everyone being paranoid? that’s no surprise. except for the twins that is. i mean i understand kess. but rula and naisha, they nearly get killed by the dragons and they find shie badly injured, yet they still have the decency to smile. i swear something’s gonna happen to them because of that, other than that, i just got one last question: WHERE THE HELL IS KILANI!?

  • Puffball

    Mud, aloe, piss, now we just need some cold water and Shie will be good as new! owo/ ….Maybe. Probably still embarrassed at the whole thing, but yeah.

    Oh-ho, we get to see the damage done to Riah’s left eye a little more. If she ever sees out of it again, it won’t be very well. Looks like it’s healing fine otherwise, no infection or anything like that. Kighan better watch out!

    • bostonianful .

      i can’t say the same for shie, i mean all that mud on her legs is gonna do something bad. i just know it. i hope im wrong.

      • Puffball

        The mud probably won’t help heal anything, but I imagine it would help cool the burns and therefore soothe them and the pain somewhat. Aloe is really where it’s at, but you gotta make do.

        • bostonianful .

          uh hello dude? its mud, im more worried her wounds will get infected because of that. and aloe? i didn’t even know aloe was a real plant.

          • Puffball

            The burns probably aren’t 3rd degree, as the girls said Shie’s fur got most of it. There won’t be any open sores or wounds with those burns, so using mud would be fine without much risk of infection, if any. Yeah, aloe is a real plant. It’s mainly a desert plant, and the gel under the tough skin can be used for burns, sunburns, and cuts. Pretty much instant results, too, as far as pain soothing goes.

          • Puffball’s right! One of the things that slowed this comic down was also the writing. I had to do a bit of research on how burns like this would affect Shie, what the severity of the burn would be, and how to treat it using what’s available in the environment. I thank my good friend Nate Dogg, who works in the medical profession and isn’t the deceased rap star of the same name, for consulting me on this! ^__^

          • bostonianful .

            dude, your making a comic where dragons and tigers fight each other with magic and blades. i think your working too hard when i comes to making it realistic. say razorfox im writing a story right now. i was wondering if you could give me any tips? plz.

          • Bleu_Ace

            Just like art, with writing- you practice. Find some tutorial books or look over old classroom lessons as to writing a story.

            Another good way is role-playing in ‘novella’ format.

          • bostonianful .

            jesus. half of my life is being a doomsday prepper. how the hell didn’t i know about any of this!? lol.

  • Random person

    Oh god I hate it when people do that…

    • What? Pee all over you in an effort to soothe burned skin? Because some people might kinda sorta be a little into that kinda thing… 9_9;

      • Random person

        No, when Riah slapped Shie’s burnt legs…

        • Ah yes, the old sunburn slap. ^__^

  • Bisano

    You know, i share her pain for the burn. I went to Cuba for my first trip and got an awful sunburn on my head. Whenever someone tapped my head, i was like: DO YOU WANT TO LIVE? XD.

    • That’s the exact idea. Shie’s dealing with first degree burns on her legs, which is equivalent to a bad sunburn. Sooooo, yeah, they’re a tad bit tender. ^__^;

  • David

    What’s going on with that eye anyways? Is that the actual damaged eye itself or is that a ‘Censorship Bug’?

    • Vampbanshee

      seem like censorship bug. look like she got no eye i think.

    • Riah’s eye is uncensored, actually. I just wanted to show that it doesn’t look quite like her good eye anymore, hence the color change.

      • bostonianful .

        the problem is its in the dark, same thing for shie. i wonder what thier wounds look like in daylight?

  • Nathan Allmon

    From that yell Riah might get a shot to avenge Shie in the near future.

    • Thank goodness Dragons’ hearing isn’t as acute as Tigers’. ^__^

      • Nathan Allmon

        also good that they aren’t as nimble on the ground as tigers.

  • Shadowkey392

    I feel your pain, Shie. I feel your pain.

    • Right in the inner thighs!

      • Shadowkey392

        Lol XD

  • fire dragon

    Im actually surprised that there are so many talented artist here in the katbox

    • Thanks! Katbox is a wonderful place to be! Very supportive community! ^__^

  • Tech

    Well. I owe someone five internets…

    • Oh? Who? Did you lose a bet?

      • Tech

        I bet 5 Int. that the twins heard Saph pouting over guard duty. Turns out to be Shie.

  • mechafan1224

    (sigh) And both sides forget revenge goes both ways. I got sunburn on my nose once couldnt scratch an itch for a day.

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    The CURSE OF DECAF!!! 70=G