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Page 360

Page 360 published on 89 Comments on Page 360
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. This is why we can’t have nice things. Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Enemy” by Days of the New. Sorry for the delay on this page.  Production has ramped up on the 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar, whose theme this year centers around the fact that the comic will mark its 10-year anniversary in 2015–on January 3, to be exact–and this year’s calendar will revisit some of the biggest moments in the series’ history.  In fact, the response to the current bit of Ennek and Saph‘s mutual singalong has been so big that it, too, is being included in this year’s edition!  Previews and details are coming soon, along with your chance to order your own copy! Also during this time, I had the bittersweet joy of attending my final convention as part of the Artist Alley.  I was genuinely moved as a surprising number of fans, including some who don’t normally make it out to my neck of the woods, came all the way to Hampton, Virginia, to join me for NekoCon 17, where I marked the end of a 16-year odyssey of Artist Alley appearances.  Thank you to all of you, my wonderful fans, and thanks to all the conventions who’ve been kind enough to have me in the exhibit halls and ballrooms that dot my map.  You made my farewell tour this year, which also included Katsucon 20 and Anime Weekend Atlanta, an epic ride, and one that I will never forget! To clarify, though, I am not retiring from drawing or doing the comic or any of this.  After 16 years of doing Artist Alley at close to 100 conventions, it’s become a bit of a grind, and so I’m dropping just that one activity.  I’ve still got lots of story to tell, so you aren’t rid of me yet.  ^__^ Anyway, it’s back to work on the next comic page and the calendar.  Busy, busy, busy!  Will Kenzi slice and dice her way to exact her own brand of justice?  Stay tuned… Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Sable

    AUGH, knew it, I knew the airhead would botch this in some way. Now shes gonna take the attack as a “the singing was a trap the tigers set” kinda thinking, nothing can be explained, and there we go. The only way this can go positively is if she goes for Ennek first, at least then there wont be immediate distrust.

    • It sounds like Kenzi’s got her sights set on both of them, so if you’re not the first to go, you’ll be second.

      • So, you’re saying that Sable is screwed too, eh?

        • Sable? Do you mean Saph? Because she’s also in Kenzi’s line of fire, or the swoop of her swing to be more specific.

          • Sable

            He misinterpreted what you said. Anyway, I feel, should no deaths happen, it’d work out better in the long run relationswise if ennek was attacked first

          • Oops, never mind. Didn’t notice the username. My bad. ^__^;;

          • Sable

            as badly as one would want to be cameoing, being at the end of kenzi’s scythe wouldnt be the way to do it, haw XD

          • The misinterpretation was intentional.

  • MaveriKat

    Darn it, Kenzi! Stop RUINING Karaoke Night! I know it’s close to Thanksgiving, but you’re supposed to carve up TURKEYS! Not Tigers and Dragons!

    • LADY RED: I absolutely detest karaoke night with the Tigers.

      KESS: Why?

      LADY RED: Look at the song list.

      KESS: Yuh-huh. What about it?

      LADY RED: Every Tiger on the list is singing the same Survivor song.

      KESS: “Eye of the Tiger?” We’ve each got two of ’em. It’s autobiographical.

      • MaveriKat

        LOL! Well done.

      • Shadowkey392

        Rofl good one!

        In the Tigers’ defence, it is a good song.

  • bostonianful .

    wow. kenzi, you dumb dumb son of a bitch. seriously, just when were close to seeing peace between tigers and dragons, kenzi comes along and screws it up. seriously. thats just bad thinking.

    well either 1 of three things is going to happen. either saph or ennek is gonna try save the other by blocking enneks attack or 2, one of the dragons is going to show up and attack kenzi, or three saph is gonna remain defensive and ennek is gonna have to either fight kenzi or play peace maker, after she evades kenzi’s attack that is. either way, this is one big cliff hanger……………..ah dammit razorfox why do you have to make me wait. lol.

    and i know what your going to say: ”patience is avertue young (insert insect name here)” lol.
    anyway nice work. really looking forward to the next page.

    • All interesting possibilities. Time will tell, young–oh, I see you know the rest. ^__^

      • bostonianful .

        yeah, true. but none the less really great work. however, im also wonder if you going to make a thanksgiving picture, and what you will make for your christmas holiday celebration.

  • Shinigami65

    “A piece of a dragon ass” you say… Why did she bring such specific topic? Some sexual fantasies I guess :3

    • You’ve never heard the term “[get a] piece of dat ass” before?

    • Tech

      Eww, messy!

  • mechafan1224

    Dang it! It always the rogue element. Well i hope Ennek push Saph out of the way and take the hit or Saph sees that Kenzai is aiming for Ennek and pull up an Earth shield to protect her because we can’t let this spark of friendship die. Can’t wait to Kess and Kilanni reaction to Ennek attempt though. Also a piece of dragon booty way to misread things Kenzai. Is there something your not telling us?

    • LOL! Maybe Kenzi’s been curious about it before but is in deep denial about it. ^__^

  • Fillyfooler .

    Truly Kenzi you are a master of logic. She didn’t attack you and Rula cause you two were being asses to her, no it’s because she wants some of that dragon booty. Logic, truly you are the master of it.

    • And she’ll take your assessment as a compliment. ^__^

    • Valkeiper2012

      Mister Spook “the logic of this action escapes me”

      Captain Quirk “Spook, the females of your planet are devoted to logic. It is the ONLY planet in known space that can make that claim”

      • Shadowkey392


        • Valkeiper2012

          truly? you really need an explanation?

          there was a entire franchise of sci-fi shows that had one particular race entirely devoted to logic (even the females). You don’t recognize the slight deviation of character names?

          • Shadowkey392

            No, I know that. Your comment just confused me with that “the females of your planet are devoted to logic” line and the names you used. i thought you might be referencing some fan-made Star Trek parody or something.

          • Valkeiper2012

            So you don’t think vulcan females are not devoted to logic? or that NO female is devoted to logic?

            Come to think of it, I understand the confusion. The concept of a logical female IS rather alien

            Besides, this was from an actual episode of the original series way back in the early 1970s

          • Shadowkey392

            Really? Which episode?

  • Valkeiper2012

    Well, I guess we can say this comic has come a full 360 degrees… I mean pages.

    • Yay, you noticed! I couldn’t help but think of that as I was putting it all together. ^__^

      • Valkeiper2012

        Oh, come on, Razorfox.

        You should know (with this bunch of readers) even the smallest detail is noticed, though it’s not always commented on.

  • Sandra Hermans

    Gonna be a broad swing, but Kenzi’s eyes are set on the ‘traitor’. You know what they say. “Where the eyes point, the body follows.” Makes sense to a degree. She’s pissed at Ennek, and Saph can generate armor/shields from earth… Ennek is an easier target either way.

    Do the dodge roll girl!

    • Good observation about Kenzi’s eyes. We’ll find out which way the scythe doth swing soon…

  • David Allen Ortega

    biggest mistake kenzi! but I got lost from “She wants a piece of dragon ass.” lol I died

    • Tigers have a rather unique way of phrasing things. ^__^;

      • David Allen Ortega

        I died XD

  • Sleel

    Kenzi is dumb as a bag of hammers. The gene pool of the tigers would benefit immensely by her removal from it. As well, the avg species IQ would likely raise exponentially with her demise.

    • Well, as it stands, she’s the one with the weapon and she’s got the drop on the other two. Sounds like she’s poised to walk away from this alive.

  • Bisano

    Well hum, i suppose there is only one solution. Ennek need to punch some sense into her. Unless she want to die with the dragon. Why soo much violence? XD

    • Why? Because war!

      • bostonianful .

        ”WAR! what is it good for!? ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING! say it again yall! war, hugh, good god yall, what is it good for? ABSOLUTLEY. NOTHING!”

        it would be biggest piece of irony ever if that was the tune of the songs ennek and saph where singing. lol.

  • Panzer88

    Leave it to Kenzi to fuck this up. -_-

  • Asuterisuku

    I feel like “Enemies,” by Shinedown might be a little more appropriate for the action taken.

    • Ooh, nice! I like it, but it sounds more like something I’d hear for a bigger battle. Right now, there are just three participants, between Kenzi, Saph, and Ennek. Maybe if Team Kess and Team Red happen to cross paths again. Thanks for the suggestion! ^__^

    • Panzer88

      Not bad, but personally, I’m more fond of “Conflict” by Disturbed. 😉

  • Puffball

    Oh my LORD, the conclusion Kenzi jumps to is hilarious! XD And of course she didn’t hear the apology that Ennek *did* say, cuz she was too caught up remembering Kanti’s song about Earth dragons. Ah well. Misunderstandings and such make everything escalate quickly.

    I really, really, REALLY hope Ennek at least tries to defend Saph. Or that Saph tries to defend Ennek and not kill Kenzi. Or both of these things happen.

    It also riles me quite a bit that Kenzi also thinks that Ennek tried to kill her and Rula, and also thinks of themselves as completely blameless. What the hell, gals, you were goading Ennek and you *knew* it! Those two really must not be used to suffering consequences for running their mouths off.

    • Valkeiper2012

      Ah come on. This war would not have lasted so long if either side got some brains (especially with the foxes trying to eliminate both tigers and dragons by having them fight)

      getting a little smart would have ended the war by either making peace or destroying the enemy, especially when you consider the operational advantages the dragons have.

      The dragons have both fight and range powers. The tiger have created weapons, but only melee (not ranged) weapons.

      If the foxes wanted the tigers to have a chance (or finish off the dragons), they would have ‘convinced’ the tigers to invent archery.

      • Puffball

        I’m not convinced the Foxes are out to destroy both races. I do believe they’re manipulating things to serve their own ends, and it’s likely they helped make the war last as long as it has, but I’d bet the Foxes are using the ages-long war as a distraction. Impede any progress made towards peace to keep the other races’ minds away from any shenanigans going on in the shadows.

      • bostonianful .

        tigers not having ranged weapons? what do you call kess’s dead aim when she tried to throw a battle axe at cinder?

    • Could be, but then along came Ennek. ^__^

      • Puffball

        LOL, yes! Best thing ever ^___^ Love Ennek to pieces.

  • Shadowkey392

    So totally called this.

    • Woohoo! Great job! I actually like it when someone correctly predicts events. I have to bite my tongue often when someone gets something right. ^__^

  • MaximumCarnage

    Sigh. *facepalm* I’m afraid we have an affirmative diagnosis. She has a terminal case of Ditzy Dumbass Disorder (sometimes called Double D Disorder). Unfortunately, it’s fatal.

    • Fatal, but for whom?

    • bostonianful .

      ditzy…….dumbass…………disorder………..pfft…………….PAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh man thats fricken hilarious.

  • Random person

    The wise person points at the moon, the idiot examines the hand…

    • And right now, Kenzi’s looking to remove at least one of those hands.

      • Random person

        She’s still looking at said hand. Alas, we thought we knew her.

  • JayJayForce

    Why did the Tigers’ version have to be the Clover Patch song! I knew it would only lead to bad things! Though with Kenzi’s logic it wouldn’t have mattered what song Ennek sang. ( And who WOULDN’T want a piece of Dragon ass? )
    Please let Saph and Ennek come out of this alive! Gaia was bad enough, but this would be a bajillion times worse. We already know Saph has got really good reflexes with her powers, that could happen again! Or maybe Lady Red could show up and save the day, then they could celebrate and have a big, traitorous three-way. Please, just anything!

    • All still possible. Maybe the next page will test your hypotheses…

  • ElektraFan

    I know why Kenzi wants to kill Ennek. Not because she is a traitor but because she didn’t mate with her.

    • Hell hath no fury like Kenzi scorned…

      • ElektraFan

        Kenzi: “Who does Ennek think she is!? That girl has hustled the jimmies of the wrong female! NO ONE SAYS “NO” TO KENZI! Dismissed, rejected, almost killed. Why it is more stress than I need?”

        Pull yourself together, Kenzi!!

  • drgen

    Looks like Kenzi is aiming for Ennek but then she is standing up and the easer target to hit first.

  • James-Polymer

    No! Bad Kenzi! BAD Kenzi! Don’t make me get the spray bottle! *shakes newspaper* >=0

    Sigh…in all seriousness, I suppose this was the only logical way things could have gone. I can see Ennek and Saph getting a similar treatment to the protagonists in Joyeaux Noel; the only sane citizens in warring nations gone insane. =,(

    • There are always going to be detractors when the status quo is challenged. Kenzi is that challenger.

      • James-Polymer

        …er…you mean Kenzi is the *detractor*, right? She couldn’t be the challenger unless…unless we’re living in a parallel universe! O.O

        • Ennek and Saph are challenging the status quo, and Kenzi is a detractor to that challenge. She’s perfectly comfortable to keep things exactly as they are.

  • ac

    what? no vote thingy?

    we what a say dang it XP

    • You’re voting here with your comments! ^__^

      • ac

        Oh, well i feel like a derp XP
        block the attack! show the dragon that you are a friend!
        (can remember the name, there are so many of them XP)

        • This Dragon’s name is Saph. The short-haired Tiger is Ennek, and the ponytailed Tiger is Kenzi.

  • DarkStar84

    I can’t believe this lisping intellectual black hole is about to ruin everything! Seriously, Ennek is literally making history with Saph… And then Kenzy comes flying in, with all the grace of a rock crashing through the living room window and hitting you in the head, to quite possibly ruin everything. Though, as we’ve seen, Saph seems to be able to instinctively use her earth powers- without even thinking about it. So she’ll probably panic and form a barrier (or hit her in the face with a rock).

    • You’re right, in that tact has never been one of Kenzi’s stronger points.

  • Tech

    Forget what I said about progress. This is the exact opposite.

    • If “con” is the opposite of “pro,” does that make this “congress?” ^__^

      • bostonianful .

        ………………ya know what…….yeah…………….this is congress….pfft……….HAHAHAHAHA! oh god, this is starting to become a comedic comic rather than a serious one.

  • And the biggest idiot award goes to Kenzi! Way to go girl way to fuck up the best time to make peace with the dragons! I hope Ennek would kick her ass and put some sense into her, or other stuff.

  • Professor Fate

    I see a pillar of rock intercepting that scythe. That’ll ring Kenzi’s bell. Howinell would a tiger get some dragon booty anyway; i mean all that armor plating. There isn’t a soft spot on those scaly babes.

  • Brysbin

    That is one way to jump to a conclusion. What remains is to see if Kenzi can get her point across without this whole thing falling through. My bet is on the fact that this could swing either way based on who gets reinforcements first. This is flying in the face of any peaceful resolution. Saph better not be winging it for this one as Kenzi already has a leg up on the situation. For sure there will be a lot of accusations flying around. This whole thing is going to go up in smoke as soon as whoever else is around shows up like a bolt from the blue.

    Ennek is left with one really safe option, disengage and put some distance between herself and the other two.

    If we take this situation at face value I would call Red on a fail in tactics. Leaving Saph alone as an anchor point is just bad strategy, unless she is considered expendable or is bait for a larger trap.

    We shall see.

  • The_Ture_Zoroark

    Hmm….I wonder….what will happen!?!….I hope the saph gets scared and runs…hate to see tiger blood shed over a new friendship :/.