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Page 363

Page 363 published on 46 Comments on Page 363
Howdy, my fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Will Cinder get a chance to get the most out of the language lessons she paid for?  Or will the shadowy figure in the tree just make her pay?  Stay tuned… Want an inside track on new Draconia Chronicles pages?  For as little as $3 per page, Patreon supporters get sneak previews of new comic pages all the way from sketches to completion, all before the general public.  And more incentives are coming soon!  Support your favorite webcomic (which is hopefully mine) now! Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Fillyfooler .

    I am liking this interplay between what a person is and what they are not. It’s very much a 1800’s European imperialism stance that the dragons take. Also hope you get your monies worth Cinder.

    • Good observation! Each side’s going to have a certain amount of bias toward the perceived superiority of their own culture. And if ever there was a time for Cinder’s language skills to be put to the test, it’s now!

      • bostonianful .

        i think cinder will get her money’s worth. the shadowy figure looks like kess and judging on the sound, i think the branch broke and kess fell on kighan. kess has no weapons so she couldn’t have killed her, so i think kighan just might be injured. also, great job on getting a comic done in one week. its really good. you never cease to impress razor.

        • someone

          It’s a “PAK” sound, in grey font. Kess has a rock in her hand in panel 4. Add 2 and 2.

          • bostonianful .

            oh shit! i didn’t even see that. but never the less, seeing how kighan just said ”owgh”, im sure kess just pegged her with it.

  • Shadowkey392

    *shaked head* No one ever thinks to look up.

    • Because Tigers don’t fly, silly! ^__^

      • Shadowkey392

        ehh, guess that makes some sense.

      • only if they have tickets! XD

      • Gravedigger

        apparently someone never watched Winnie the Pooh

        • Tigga, please!

          • Gravedigger

            im more like rabbit

  • sulka

    wow ninja attack !! strike hard and fade away without a trace

    • If Kighan’s assailant is smart, she’d fade away. Hard when you’re stuck up a tree, though.

  • sulka

    TMNT slices stabs and knocks shredders ass to human pieces !!

  • MrAMP

    Based on the silhotte of the tiger in the tree, I take it that Kess finally killed one of those dragons or severely stunned them. I might be bias, but I would like to see at least one dragon die to see the balance.

    • Well, knowing that the Dragons are on the side of the forest that has at least five Tigers in it, there may yet be opportunities to even the score.

  • ThatOneComment

    Do I spy with my eye a Kess, or is it a Kilani?

  • Tech

    Complex tools
    Language that can be learned and understood, without the aid of computers, with a bit of effort and an open mind
    Decorative clothing
    Just how *do* dragons quantify sapience anyways?

    • Well, it sounds like a Dragon’s definition of what constitutes a person is “they’re exactly like us,” which is to say “they’re Dragons.” It’s a bit of a narrow view. ^__^

      • Tech

        So kind of like the Imperium of Mankind or Purity colonists then?

        • JayJayForce

          Or like Europeans from 100 years ago, or many other cultures in Earth’s history for that matter. Humans unfortunately tend view anything different as inferior. At least, that seems to be slowly changing.

  • Katfeathers

    I spy with my shiny eyes, the shadow of a stone amongst the sticks

    • Your eyes don’t lie!

    • JayJayForce

      It seems you were one of the few who did. I thus hand you a cookie.
      for the record, I didn’t see it, so no cookie for me :'(

  • NewGuy79

    can’t help but notice that you were able to get this one out really early, you hit your stride again RazorFox? 😀

    • I’d love to say yes, but it was also an easy page, artistically, due to the low panel count. But if I can maintain this mojo, maybe I can give you all comics more frequently. Let’s see what happens on the next page!

      • NewGuy79

        ah well no rush, just keep up the good work

  • JayJayForce

    I did not expect a page that quickly. I approve!
    I hope Kess? is willing to listen for a bit. It will definitely put her in the minority, but Cinder has to get her money’s worth somehow! 😛 Though depending what state Kighan is in, she may not be in the mood for this whole rational discussion nonsense.

    • We’ll see just how all the parties involved proceed in this volatile situation. It sounds like Cinder’s already worried about making the situation any worse.

      • JayJayForce

        Oh, it’s not Cinder I’m worried about, just everybody else.

  • mechafan1224

    “Tigers aren’t people” Uh, yeah kighan I think a few civil rights leaders, president and the black community from past and present would like a word with you about the definition of ‘people’.

  • MaveriKat

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of dragons? The Tigresshadow know!

  • Bisano

    Im between 2 things here:
    1- If the tiger ambushed and killed the dragon.
    2- If the branch broke and fell on the dragon by accident making it an awkward situation.

    I hope its option 2 for being funny XD.

    • bostonianful .

      or 3, she pegged kighan with the rock she had in her hand. i know, i didn’t see it at first either.

  • Zoroark

    Wow razor….2 pages in less then 3 weeks…..nice one :D!

    • Zoroark

      And ps…..I know who’s in the tree ;D

  • sulka

    mechafan1224 You can call it racism but it is speciesism you see people from different systems which means different species of people and there are people like oscura and kess who do not want change they are scared and always focus on the past were they should be thankful that they are alive and not dead
    Sometimes we all think of the past and people rely on there leaders too they say they might make this nation safe but people have to look on the ruins and learn the ruins and graves to remind us not to give into hate
    or to the dark side forgivness is not weakness it is strong love is strong hate is weak why because love is strong because its a hard road being a good guy or gal your gonna have to face evil which is racism speciesm greed and a lot temptations and crazy phsychotic people want to hurt you sentient being and beast but you get good rewards in the end What I see what is the meaning of life love and forgiveness is the meaning of life

    • Pretty insightful, though you might want to post this as a reply to mechafan directly. Use the “Reply” button directly beneath mechafan’s post and you can voice your thoughts directly. Otherwise, mechafan might not be aware that you’ve replied.

      Thanks! ^__^

  • Nathan Allmon

    That’s more of a some thing hit me and it hurt owgh than a something hurt me and it’s knocked me out. The real question is will that tree be on fire in the next strip?

    • Nathan Allmon

      ohh and the shadowy figure kind of looks like Kess to me.

  • Gravedigger

    please tell me she’s dead

    • bostonianful .

      doubt it. kess doesn’t have any weapons. my best assumption, the branch just broke and kess landed on her, and she’s either dizzy or knocked out.

  • Shadowman C


  • Jerohan

    Crouching Tiger, Hurting Dragon.