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Page 365

Page 365 published on 44 Comments on Page 365
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Cinder‘s advice?  Speak firmly and carry a flaming stick.  And use it, too. Bit of a delay on this page, and I apologize for that.  I was busy turning 36 last weekend, so birthday festivities occupied a couple evenings.  Pair that with a smidge of creator’s block and things got slow.  I’m hoping to ramp things back up soon.  I do, however, love the visuals on this page, as the fire lighting adds a beautiful ambiance.  It was worth all the extra work! How will Kess respond to Cinder’s interrogation?  Stay tuned… Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Spiffle

    so she is a cow-rabbit? Explains the ears

  • f

    If that’s not an hospital, then what is it ? And what’s up with the eye glowing red ?

  • Adam Carranco

    oh… no…
    also… ever since I have seen those horns I wanted someone to grab them… sensually though.

    • Sensually? Who knows, maybe Cinder likes it rough. ^o^

  • The Gentleman Player

    Kess may hate her sister’s guts, but I don’t believe that even she would give Kilani up to the dragons.

    • Interesting conjecture. As we’ve seen, once Kess sets her mind on something it’s hard to change it. Has Cinder forced her to rat out Kilani? Stay tuned… ^__^

      • bostonianful .

        pfft. heck no. seriously, although if there is ever a time for kilani to show, its now, before cinder goes too far or before kighan takes that rock and does something stupid.

  • NewGuy79

    So did Kess just hurt her own head, by trying to head butt Cinder? horned animals usually do have thick skulls, nice detail man.

    unless Kess gets some help quick I dont see how she’s gona be able to not say anything about Kilani and stay alive at the same time

    • Good catch about the horns. I figure Dragon skulls must be pretty tough in order to support the horns, and Cinder’s look to be pretty thick. Looks like her head is anything but her weak spot, judging by the fact that she’s the one still standing. ^__^

  • Puffball

    Happy belated birthday, RazorFox! ^w^/

    At this point I just want to hear Kess say something, ANYTHING! I bet she’s partly tempted to deny her having a sister cuz her sister’s a traitor, but she’s already second-guessed sending her away and doesn’t want Kilani to off herself, so she prolly won’t say a word. Or she’ll just cuss Cinder out xD. The suspense in this page is great! x3

    Still waiting on Kilani to stumble in on *someone*! Either of the three groups would be equally ideal.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      I’m with you in that I love the various ways this could go. Kess knows how to take me for a wild ride, which is why I love working with her. The headbutt bit was not part of the original plan, but she “told” me it’s what she would do when cornered. So who knows what, if anything, she’ll say to Cinder? ^__^

      • bostonianful .

        oh its your birthday? why didn’t anyone tell me this? happy birthday dude!

  • sulka

    Happy birthday razorfox I am sorry I have been anoying

    • sulka

      So did you like the 3d scyde it was for your birthday I might make some more

      • She looks pretty cool! I’m curious to see what else you come up with. Thanks also for the birthday wishes! ^__^

  • sulka

    well if you want to find me just go to fur affinity sulka that

  • Bisano

    Persistant, arent she? Though, that was a nice try. Remember people. Having long hairs/piercing/bones/tails or whatever thing you might have, make you vulnerable at some point. Pay attention!

    • Kess wasn’t about to go down like a punk. She saw an opening and she took it. From the sound of it, though, she got four tastes of the flaming stick in return. ^__^

      • bostonianful .

        im surprised with how many times she’s gotten hit, that the rag she’s wearing hasn’t fallen off yet……………its never gonna come off is it?

        • IG Aka Inglorious bastard

          It’s not that kind of comic.

          • bostonianful .

            what? where the laws of physics or gravity doesn’t apply?

          • IG Aka Inglorious bastard

            No. where the clothes stay on until the author decides otherwise.

          • bostonianful .

            pfft. was that a joke? i mean i understand stuff like bras covering up private parts, but a rag on someones head?

          • IG Aka Inglorious bastard

            Yes sort of and even something as mundane as a rag on someones head won’t go flying of unless the author wills it.

          • bostonianful .

            well as of right now the author has willed many things. i don’t know. i wish their would at least be just a picture of her without the rag on her head.

          • IG Aka Inglorious bastard

            Who knows maybe there is.

          • Sojourner

            He’s said she’ll never be seen in canon without it on. Only in a commission, which to my knowledge, isn’t one.

          • bostonianful .

            what do you mean? if theirs a possibility of a commission and if they’re free, i would like to request one.

          • Sojourner

            What I mean is, only time she’ll ever be seen without the head covering is in a commission. To my knowledge, there isn’t a commission of her without it. Apologies for the confusion.

          • bostonianful .


  • Vampbanshee

    look like her head got pain and get head ache later

    • Yeah, she’ll probably be feeling this for a while.

  • Fillyfooler .

    You idiot Kess, You don’t headbutt things with horns. What sort of Tiger Warrior are you? Anyway, still liking where everything is going, hope Kialni jumps in so that the plot can get jump kicked again.

    • There isn’t enough plot as is? I’m a big believer in the idea that getting there is half the fun. ~__^

  • drgen

    I once had an instructor in Taekwondo that said this, “Your head should be used to contain knowledge not a blunt instrument.” The results of Kess using a headbutt attack several times shows why some people have harder heads than you.

    • Chuck

      One headbutt to a thick skull and four whacks with a flaming stick.

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Geez, talk about someone being a “headbutt”ing in.

  • Gravedigger

    i can just imagine razorfox do the same move to his writer’s block

  • ElektraFan

    First of all, happy belated birthday!!

    Now I’m confused. Did Cabbage headbutt Cynder 4 times ot did Cynder retaliate by hitting Cabbage 4 times with the flaming stick?

    • Chuck

      Cinder hit Kess with the flaming stick 4 times. That’s why the hitting sounds are in flames. You can see the end of the flaming stick in panel 6.

      • ElektraFan

        Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Jenna Gouchae

    Really, what looks to be the worst thing in the conflict is that neither parties understand what the other is saying, or just barely do, nor what they want. They don’t even WANT to listen. However, it doesn’t take much to say that the dragons painted themselves ruthless with all that’s happened. So they are the true savages. I mean their even harsh with their own people.

  • Valkeiper2012

    I saw the horns get grabbed, then I saw an idiot HEAD-BUTT an enemy who had RAM HORNS.

    I laughed for at least 5 minutes before I read on to see the results. I sorta knew what was coming.

    HAPPY 36. I’m 22 ahead of ya