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Page 367

Page 367 published on 24 Comments on Page 367
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. As we check back in with Cinder‘s interrogation of Kess, it sounds like some wires might have gotten crossed.  Will ShieRiahRula, and Naisha make the save before Kighan shatters a kneecap or two?  Stay tuned… Oh, and there’s an uncensored version of this page at my Patreon.  A pledge of just $3 per page gets you access to sneak previews and exclusive uncensored versions of finished pages! Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Sable

    Hrmn, poor kess, why is she being so stubborn though? I’m still not liking the way things are going dragonwise

    • Well, if you’ve decided to protect a loved one at all costs, your lips would stay tight, too. ^__^

      • Sable

        Perhaps, but werent tensions between the two high lately?

        • They were, but Kess came around. Check page 342 to see when Shie talked some sense into her.

  • Bisano

    Its gonna hurt.

  • Fillyfooler .

    Hmm, I wonder were this is all leading, cause Kess doesn’t know where here sister is exactly. Only that she went off, but Kilani is close by, at least she was before. So the big question is when is Kilani going to revel herself and make this whole mess stop.

    • Well, WE know she’s lurking in the woods somewhere. Perhaps their paths will cross at some point…

  • JoeRaven

    Really dig the “what’s her wings” what’s her face ref. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnice!

    • Thanks! I like to develop slang for each side. “What’s-her-wings” sounds neat. Glad you like it!

      And given the view of Kess in panel 3, I’m surprised your stamp hasn’t come out yet. ~__^

      • bostonianful .

        nice work on an early comic razorfox.

        okay, if kilani is there, she needs to appear, like NOW. before anyone else gets hurt. i myself was personally hoping to see whats happening ennek, but i guess this just as good, can’t wait for what happens next, again nice work razor.

        • Zoroark

          Kinda want to know what happen to staph….err did I spell it right…>.> probably not….

      • JoeRaven

        Gonna use my one “get outta jail free” card. I completely spaced on it. lol, that count? ^^;
        But damn! Dat position, and posterior! WOOOOF! *slams his stamp on home* ^_~

        • Therrrrre we go! ^o^

        • Zoroark

          Zoroark approved ^^

  • sulka

    Next time kess get a zhrite knife first as I always say you tigers should make bows and arrows Not to mention slings with zhrite balls

    • sulka

      Oh man If I was in draconia I would Try to find a way home into a magic portal to my world immediately.

      • sulka

        So any way when do we get to see sombrana and her rebellion to over throw queen oscura
        and lumina . She is gonna have to used tiger allies and foxes for the time been
        And after that there will be more treachery. Queens the show must go on

        • bostonianful .

          allies? pfft. funny. no way is she ever gonna turn to tigers for help, mainly because they can’t rebellion or not, theirs not gonna be a team up. frankly, all that sombara has to do is seize the throne. if she attempts to do so, it will mainly be her and her lighting dragons vs red and her fire dragons. who would win i wonder? still, oscura has mastery of all the elements, so even she herself is a combatant, and she will do anything to protect her child.

          • sulka

            Bostonianful here is a sample of my old 3d art if you have adobe photo shop you can used the liquefy tool and make funny or sad face. -o-

          • Once again, Sulka, you’ve failed to include a link to what you’re offering. Please copy and paste a web address into your comment if you want anyone to be able to see what it is you’re trying to point them to.

  • drgen

    Broken knee is going to hurt and be a life long pain but the infighting that twitch caused may make it so she still has a life.

    • If Lady Red and the Palace Guard have an issue with Meta, then yeah, that could distract them from killing a Tiger or two.

  • sulka