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Page 376

Page 376 published on 44 Comments on Page 376
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. I never said Kighan had died.  ^__^ Miss me?  I’m back from a lengthy but enjoyable and relaxing vacation that took me to several major American cities–namely Washington, Cleveland, and Chicago–and I’m finally back in the saddle to produce more comics.  Thanks for your patience during the downtime.  The next page isn’t too far off.  Will we find out who that mysterious distant voice belongs to?  Stay tuned… Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • bostonianful .

    okay first off. great to have you back razor.

    2nd. WTF? i thought ria snapped her neck? aaaahhhh, not it seems unfair now that the tigers lost one of theres and dragons don’t lose anybody…….yet.

    3rd. im guessing thats kilani in the background.

    • Glad to be back! And I did a lot of research on the topic of neck-snapping for this. Turns out it’s usually only fatal if done a very specific way. Looks like that’s not how Riah did it. ^__^;;

      • bostonianful .

        wow. well with how small rias arms are, i guess its no surprise. still, i think theirs a chance one of the dragons might die, even though i don’t want them too.

        and i hope thats kilani behind her.

        • Overlordgrimm

          If any dragon dies at this point, my bet is it being due to a now very disturbed, and very aggressive Saph hunting blind in the woods. Bonus irony if the injured/killed party is Lady Red.

          • bostonianful .

            i think it will be saph too, seriously, that dragon just needs to be either locked up or put down.

            however, is their even a possibility that kenzi might not be dead either?

          • Shadowkey392

            She got crushed between two giant slabs of rock. I don’t think anyone can survive being flattened to the
            width of a piece of paper like that.

      • Sojourner

        Riah’s the assassin of the group. She was given ample time to do her task, and she did it to the point a fire dragon, who you’ve said have an extremely high body temperature, was cold. She put out Kighan’s flame. Also, Kighan was there for an unknown amount of time. There’s no way that ember of a pulse could have lasted any longer than 15-20 minutes. There’s some issues.

        • bostonianful .

          oh come on man, just play along with it.
          maybe riah messed up.
          and theirs no telling how much time passes in between each page, so maybe cinder got their in time.

          • Sojourner

            I’ll accept it, since it’s over and done with, but Kighan should have stayed down. Next we’ll find out Kenzi survived too. Dodged at the last second or somesuch.

          • Shadowkey392

            Kighan probably is staying down, if not dead. Having your neck snapped tends to lead to paralysis, if not death, after all.

          • Sojourner

            She’ll be up next time we see her, like nothing happened. Snapping one’s neck, if done by trained hands, like Riah’s, leads to oxygen loss from the brain. Much like decapitation (which a character has also died from) the brain shuts down in 4-6 minutes without it.

  • MrAMP

    If I had to put money on it, I would have to say that it’s Kilani.

    • The same people would have also bet that Kighan would be dead by now. Just sayin’. ^__^

      • Chromoid

        I always remained skeptical. And I shall continue to do so now.

        I’m throwing my money in the pot with MrAMP and saying it’s Kilani.

  • sulka

    Man I thought Kegan was a goner for sure run kilani run.

    • Any longer and Kighan might not have made it.

  • sulka

    So how were the musuems in Chicago.

    • I only got to see the Field Museum, which focuses on natural history. Really cool exhibits there. Wish I’d gone a little earlier as I didn’t get to see all of it. Well, I did, but I had to zip through everything in the final fifteen minutes before they closed for the day. ^__^;

      • sulka

        one time I went to the Chicago museum they had a star wars tour models and puppets from the lucas ranch it was awesome hey have you ever played a game called diablo it’s made by the blizzard company.^0^

        • That last part came out of nowhere…

          • sulka

            oops my bad I just loved 3d environments of the game .So void of shadow you ever played games like those age of empire games.T-T

          • I did play one of the Age of Empire games for a little while, but I guess it’s not my type of game. I’m usually interested in shooters or games that I could explore and move freely in. Sort of like Assassin’s Creed; I loved playing the Ezio trilogy.

  • Dexter Adams

    No! Leave her dead! Break her neck again! Kill dat murderous psycho!

    • As long as she’s got a neck, it could still happen.

      • As long as she has a neck, she can still join the no-neck club with Miss Traitor back in chapter 2. I’m still pissed about how she died.

        • sulka

          Your talking about saph or gaia. o-o

          • I tried looking back for her name, but I couldn’t find it. Her death is on page 76-77. For the longest time I wanted to make a fanfiction about how she could have survived.

          • Sojourner

            It was Chapter One, and Gaia. We didn’t meet Saph til the end of Chapter Two. And there are ways. Powerful magic, but it’s not allowed to be talked about.

  • NewGuy79

    well was not expecting that, hopefully we can get some ground rules for magics. we got mind control, lazer beams and now healing fire, would be good to get maybe a hint as to how dragons became attuned to magic and it’s limitations beyond exposure to Zhirite.

    and oh I wonder who this could be?has the lady tiger of the hour finally arrived?

    • Interesting idea for the background information. For the time being, the Dragons’ magick is genetic. They’re born with it. ^__^

  • Zoroark

    I bet it’s the Fox ^^ haven’t seen her in a looooong while

    • Good observation. What HAS that vexing vixen been up to lately? Hmmm…

  • Puffball

    Welp, guess that neck wasn’t properly broken after all! o3o Welcome back, Kighan, you are one helluva lucky dragon. Looks like Kilani’s finally caught up. No one else would have that kind of speech bubble, unless it’s an exhausted-from-running Ennek or something. Still unlikely, since Ennek would have run into the others (probably literally) first. Also, it’s hilarious to see Cinder constantly tested under pressure by herself XD That wing twitch! Just rein it in, gurl, rein it in.

    • Cinder evidently practices what she preaches, though she probably wishes she didn’t have to do it so often. ^__^;;

  • Bisano

    I think the joke was: This kiss is hot (i know, its not a kiss). Sneaky :).

    • It’s great if you like deep throat… burns. Deep throat burns. ^__^

      • Overlordgrimm

        Mouth to mouth incineration…I mean resuscitation.

        • Zoroark

          I can smell bacon on her breath o.O

  • Professor Fate

    I’m wondering how Kighan can breathe at all with a crushed windpipe. Dragons must be tough customers.

  • Katfeathers

    *ques up “Can’t Play Dead”*

  • Kaeto

    The strike she took should have crushed her windpipe. Rendering her unable to breathe without SURGICAL intervention.

  • Gravedigger

    she’s not dead?? dammit, now what am I supposed to do???

  • Valkeiper2012

    How many times do you have to kill a dragon for her to stay dead, dammit? Her trachea was crushed and as she was gasping, her neck was snapped.

    I was very happy THIS particular dragon was killed, too. I’m not usually bloodthirsty, but when someone… ANYONE… goes out of their way to commit violence and enjoys doing it… I am very happy when they get their due.

    I have been very fortunate to do the deed (legally, mind you) a couple times and never lost a wink of sleep about it.

  • Tech

    She’s a lizard, so cool skin’s kind of a given…