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Page 379

Page 379 published on 40 Comments on Page 379
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. I’m so sorry it took so long to get this page done.  I had good momentum going into it, but then it got crashed by a cold, and on top of that, I kinda sorta bought my first house. Yes, I’m a newly-minted first-time homeowner now.  ^__^ As thrilled as I am to have a place of my very own–emphasis on “own”–I should point out that it’s a slight fixer-upper, and so ever since the closing, I’ve been busy with do-it-yourself renovations and talking to contractors to get estimates on the bigger work. Thus, things got a little slow, and they might be as such for a little while longer while I continue to coordinate all the house-related efforts and the subsequent move-in.  As a completely single guy, it means I have no significant other to help me on these things, and thus, my burden is a sizable one. I have to keep reminding myself that once these renovations are done, and if they’re done right, I shouldn’t have to worry about any of those things for a few decades, if ever again.  That means that if I can tough out this grueling start-up period, it should (hopefully) be smooth sailing from then on. I’m hoping to have the renovations done and to be moved in to the new place, which is in the same metropolitan area as my current place, by early October. I do still continue to work on the comic every chance I get, and while those chances are few and far between these days, they still come up and I still seize them.  Wish me luck! Oh, and there’s an uncensored version of this page on my Patreon feed. Want to see everything?  A pledge of as little as $3 per page gets you full access to the goods.  Pledge your support now! Thanks again for your patience, everyone!  There’s plenty more to come! =RazorFox.
  • Sable

    Oh dear, this isnt gonna paint a pretty picture when everyone arrives

    • Depends on who arrives first.

      • Sable

        Well if the dragons arrive first, they’re gonna start wanting to demand why Cinder looks to be attempting something insubordinate and if tigers get there, well, tigers dont really need an excuse do they

  • sulka

    Hey razor fox I emailed you a picture of one of my 3d building that I have developed. hope you have seen it .

  • bostonianful .

    wow. this is getting interesting. and props for the new house razor. hope you like it.

    • Thanks! Homeownership is overwhelming, and not necessarily in a good way. #stress

  • sulka

    So um have you seen equestrian girls rock band I am a big ninja turtle my little pony and gargoyle fan
    I remembered of watching a movie called small soldiers.

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      Not sure what that has to do with anything

  • MrAMP

    YIKES! Talk about mix messages here.

    • Yup. Sounds like something’s lost in translation again.

      • sulka

        Sorry my mind slipped away.T-T

  • GG1

    Congrats on your new home, I know it can be a lot of work, I’m a single homeowner too, but luckily I bought my house 27 yrs ago in move in condition. So the upkeep hasn’t been bad at all. Just put a new roof on it. Bought it so I could have a large basement for my model trains, like my previous home, only it turned out larger, YAY!! Do love Draconia Chronicles a lot, but take your time in getting everything done.

    • Thanks! This one was a short sale, sold as-is. Built in the late 80s, it’s all original parts, and each day, I’m discovering some other thing that would benefit from repair or replacement. It’s an odyssey, but thanks for the vote of confidence. I know the place is gonna rock once I get it all done.

      • GG1

        Well best of luck, if you don’t mind, how much was it and what type is it? Ranch, or cape code type? Mine’s a ranch style and really love it. Makes it easy to work on.

        • It’s a one-story ground-floor condo, actually, and in a great location. I like to think I got a good deal on the purchase, and I’m using the money I saved to fix the place up.

          • GG1

            Good to hear you got a good deal, so is the condo attached to another condo?

          • Yup. I’ve spent a lot of time there fixing up the place, and during that time, I haven’t heard a peep out of my neighbors. I know the other units are occupied, so hopefully, my days and nights there will be peaceful ones.

          • GG1

            Well that’s good, have you met your neighbors yet? By the way, how long does it take for you to do each episode of DC? It’s such a great story I think about it sometimes at work.

          • I’m thrilled to hear you think about the comic even when you’re not reading it! New pages of “Draconia Chronicles” can take about a week to do, and keep in mind that consists mostly of evenings after work. The complexity of the artwork can also affect the turnaround time. As for my neighbors, I’ve formally met one thus far, and I plan to make formal introductions to the other two once moving day approaches.

          • GG1

            Wow a week to do just one episode, that’s a lot of work, but really very well appreciated by me. Sometimes I think what it would be like if we had dragons and tigers like in DC in our world, sure would be an adventure. I ‘d love to have a tigress as a mate/pet myself, if I could survive it. I like to fantize too.

  • GG1

    So can a dragon lift up a tiger like Kilani? Would she be strong enough?

    • Might require a team effort. Kilani’s around the 200-pound mark, after all.

      • sulka

        wow if kilani weigh 200 pounds I wonder how much would scyde ashaki aika and shie weigh.

        • Kilani’s in the 6-foot range and Tigers are rather hefty. Big cats like Shie and Scyde can weigh in at around 260.

          • sulka

            I wonder how tall is oscura she is a big dragon. do you think might get taller than her blood related mother.

          • Queen Oscura’s about average in height compared to other Dragons.

          • sulka

            so do the dragons have the strength of five men.

      • GG1

        But would the other dragons help her?

  • Bisano

    HMMMMMMM The suspense. The Drama. Im still surprise the forest didnt catch fire with a flame like that.

    • Fortunately, not everything ignites at first contact.

  • NewGuy79

    man this makes me real sad 🙁 , fox man you undoutebly got the best feel for drama on katbox. really looking forward to Cinder’s reaction to this predicament is gona cement her relationship with Kilani, And I cant wait to se how it turns out.

    • Thanks! I’m already digging Cinder and Kilani’s chemistry together. Cinder’s got the unique edge of having at least a basic understanding of the Tiger language, so she gets in insight few others do.

      • Valkeiper2012

        I thought Kilani’s command of draconic was much better than what she’s displaying here.

  • Vampbanshee

    which she want become pet or slave??or something else.

    • More akin to facilitating her own death. Kilani’s not in the best of minds right now, as seen way back on page 340.

  • Gravedigger

    I didn’t lose faith in Razorfox

  • CinnamonSalve

    She then tentatively pulls the noose… And it snaps. Right at the neck.
    They both stare for a moment at the tattered mess…

    …Then my imagination goes pink.

  • Antonio Barrientes

    Wow, her tiger-speak got very fluent there for a bit. She seems to know how to speak it when the situation calls for it.

  • Valkeiper2012

    One thing this comic does make certain. SOME tigers are easily recognizable by the dragons.

    I wouldn’t call Cinder a ‘top tier’ dragon and she knew Kilani as soon as she got a good look at her.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    I hope this comic leads to a happy ending. I know of a comic that relied way too heavily and Drama, and now it’s a bit of a source of mockery