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Page 380

Page 380 published on 31 Comments on Page 380
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. You just witnessed a Dragon save a Tiger’s life.  And they said it couldn’t happen. Thanks again for your continued patience, everyone, as the comic get slowed down by my adventures in new homeownership.  What I’ve dubbed “My Little Condo” is coming along nicely, and while my time over the past few weeks has been eaten up by a lot of do-it-yourself projects around the new place, they’re almost all done.  That leaves just the big projects which are in the hands of contractors, and those don’t require as much of me.  I’m hoping to return to some semblance of normalcy this week, and I’m happy to announce I’ve gotten a few more pages written, allowing me to move right from one page to the next.  Wish me luck! Don’t forget that there’s an uncensored version of this page on the Draconia Chronicles Patreon!  A pledge of just $3 per page gets you sneak peeks at new pages before they’re released, and you’ll get the uncensored versions of them.  Be sure to pledge today, and thanks in advance for your support! So whose voice is that in the distance?  And are they friend or foe?  Find out soon. Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • GhostlyYorick

    … If you think a language is “horrid”, you’re probably the wrong person to be an interpreter and translate that language

    • Good point, though even a contemptuous understanding of a foreign language is better than no understanding at all.

  • sulka

    Wow cinder know’s how to do wrestling moves I thought dragons used magic not brawling.

    • It helps to know a non-lethal takedown or two. Even an unruly Dragon needs to be subdued once in a while.

      • sulka

        So is your condo done did you made it good.

  • sulka

    So um how do you like the dragon academy that I made it’s on twitter.

  • Bisano

    My question might be dumb and i apologize if it kind of insulting toward her but… If she wanted to strangle herself, why would she need to be in front of the dragon when she have a whole forest with branch that could do just enough to hang herself and die? Taking that perspective away, its a sad scene to look.

    • Puffball

      She was going to do that originally, but then she decided she’d have witnesses instead because in her current state of mind she thought they’d all like to see that happen in front of their own eyes.

      • Bisano

        That makes sense 🙂 thank you.

      • sulka

        you know I was watching the viewer dicression is advised you tube videos police soot and serial killer suiciders. man talk about a mad world I wish we were all more kind hearted to each other.

    • Puffball’s got it. If you go back to page 341 (a while back, I know), she figured the Dragons would want to witness it. An audience of one is still an audience.

      • Bisano

        Oh. i guess i was just lazy. My apologize, i tend to forget quickly. Thank you.

  • Puffball

    Y’know what I’m beginning to see? One by one, multiple dragons are having experiences with tigers that are actually impacting them on a personal level, other than just seeing their friends/family killed by one. Chiara is being affected by the look Riah gave her when she took Riah’s eye in revenge for her mother. Cinder is definitely going to be affected by this in a similar way. She may be the best one so far who’s able to reign in her emotions, but that won’t stop her from feeling them in full in a private moment later.

    • Interesting observation. It would be hard for Cinder not to be affected by what she’s just witnessed.

    • Elanor Carsinda

      It might also help Cinder get a bit closer with the tigers, considering that she can speak some of their language.

      • Valkeiper2012

        there’s an old adage known to translators and interpreters…

        “It’s better to NOT know a word than to know enough to get in trouble”

  • GG1

    Glad to see you’re back, now who can that be?

    • Good question. We might find out soon…

  • Fillyfooler .

    Oh Glory be, my Tigers and Dragons are back. I hope non-killing times are on the menu. Also Sudden inexplicable petals *O*!!!!!

    • I’m just as baffled by those pesky petals as you! ~__^

  • NewGuy79

    Man it’s always from bad to worse with you 😛
    but seriously lovin the drama, looks like things are finally gona go down.

    • Something’s going down. Just how hard it’s going to go down will depend on who that is that just showed up.

  • bostonianful .

    well good news is kilani didn’t die. yay.

    • …yet.

      • James-Polymer

        I swear to Loessa, if Kilani dies…

        Well, I wouldn’t actually do anything because it’s a webcomic, and it wouldn’t affect how you subsequently developed the story anyway. But I’d probably think very dark and depressing thoughts, buy a tub of ice cream, curl up on the couch, and have a good cry. Be strong, Kilani! =(

        • sulka

          Hey james but think of the bright side she is going to be sitting on the throne in heaven along with gaia You see I was depressed of how gaia got mistreated and condemned to death yeah sometimes I would like to have revenge on oscura Elektra and scyde but it would not solve a thing killing them will not bring love ones back it’s just like you said a web comic. I just want to see gaias daughter escape though. and build her own dragon kingdom up north.

          • bostonianful .

            im sure gaia’s daughter will live. oscura only ordered her to be left in tiger territory, so i don’t think she’s completely to blame. but let me tell ya…….karma…………is coming………for elektra. if the past events mean anything, its that karma always comes around to the characters that deserve, and right now i can see elektra in its sights. im sure she’ll get whats coming to her.

          • Sojourner

            Karma should come, but if it actually is, is debatable. Oscura, Scyde, and Elektra all have it coming to them.

      • Gravedigger

        please don’t Kill her, if you do I will stop reading (starts sobbing)

  • Zoroark

    Razor…must I become a patron in order to see the 2015 valentines special :3?

    • Kuro

      it sucks having no job, ya know? lol