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Yes, Eone, we get it, you don’t like war, you don’t like the military, and you resent Red for drafting you. GIVE IT A REST AND HELP EVERYONE GET HOME SAFELY ALREADY!

Though now they gotta retrace their steps and gather up Saph, who is chasing Ennek, who’s heading for the group. Hmmm~! :3c

Oh, that’s right, Saph and Ennek are still out there. Hmmm…

You seriously forgot?! XD

I’ll never tell! ~__^

Do you think Eone and kilani might get along.

Okay, I was wondering why the tigers in the trees were waiting. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to strike as they have the element of surprise.

But seriously, Eone is not doing the earth dragons any favor in the whole “holding back” and complaining about war.

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