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Page 385

Page 385 published on 38 Comments on Page 385
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. We’re back from the holiday break, and it’s on!  Kess versus Cinder, round 2! More to come, so stay tuned.  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • silvermoon383

    It’s raining Kess! Halellujah, it’s raining Kess! Amen

    Out of curiosity, what’s the news with the 2016 calendar?

    • There wasn’t one. Too much of my time was eaten up with buying my first home and renovating it, all of which ate up over two months–the same two months I had originally planned to dedicate to the 2016 calendar. I hope to have one for 2017, though!

      • silvermoon383

        That’s what I figured. Ah well, c’est la vie! Now we just get to find out how the sisters handle the dragons together ^^

  • Michael V. Moen

    I’m really digging this Dragon/Tiger interaction going on here. It’s refreshing to have them be so close without trying to kill each other.

    • Puffball

      Me too, and even better when they start showing signs of thinking, “maybe they’re not what I thought they were.”

      • Always an important first step.

    • Even if just for a moment. ^__^

  • Puffball

    Y’know, for a minute it looks like Cinder actually wants to comfort her. Course, it’s always better to keep their charge alive and well so suicidal thoughts and actions are out of the question, but I really do think it’s looking like Cinder has a small inkling of sympathy for Kilani. She doesn’t *want* to tell Kilani it’s very likely Kilani’ll die by Queen Oscura’s hands, either directly for indirectly.

    • You might have stumbled onto something there…

  • Conquest

    And we still don’t know what happened to Enek……maybe next conic
    But I must ask….Why couldn’t Lady Red bring a Dragon who knows Tigerian perfectly?

    • Adam Carranco

      because war. also making new characters is hard, right fox?

      • Actually, yes, in a way. Making new characters is easy, but making new characters that matter can be a challenge. When I inherited the writing duties, I felt the cast had gotten too big, so I put a personal embargo on the introduction of new characters except when absolutely necessary so as to develop the existing cast. The only characters I’ve added in my writing tenure have been Briella and Doctor Lucis. That’s it. Thus, when a new “job” needs to be performed, I assign it to an existing character. In this instance, Cinder had to pull an all-nighter to refresh her (seemingly rudimentary) fluency in Tigerian.

        • Conquest

          Well I didn’t mean like a permanant character. I meant only for this specific situation….although…Cinder IS getting second thoughts about Tigers so I guess its a good thing that Lady Red didn’t bring someone more fluent.

      • Conquest

        “Because war” isnt that a very good reason. America is interogating a Russian prisoner are you gonna get someone who understands absolutely nothing about Russian? Ofcourse not! I mean im just saying I dont wanna start a fight here….

    • Ennek and Saph are still out there. Maybe we’ll find out what they’re up to soon…

      • Conquest

        I hope so Enek and Kilani are my favorite Tigers

  • sulka

    I was wondering I was reading from the past pages of the web comic I remember this one between princess lumina and queen oscura once serenity will soon be atorn asunder. Wow poor lumina losing her adobted mother and brainwashed her true mother man oscura rock on gold dust woman take your silver spoon and dig your grave you picked your path and well pray.

    • sulka

      So what’s happening to gaias daughter right now.

      • Conquest

        Wait Gaias egg hatched!! When!!??

    • Mmm, that some good Fleetwood Mac. ^__^

  • Shadowkey392

    Knew it. Damn it Eone, you see now where being stubborn gets you?!

  • GG1

    I wonder if Kilani will save Cinder from Kess’s attack? By the way, how do you come up with such wonderful names for everyone? Just love all the tiger’s & dragon’s names. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Thanks, though I haven’t come up with all the names myself, so I can’t vouch for all of them. Cinder, Meta, and Saph fall into that category. The others are mine, though, and they come from various sources. A couple come from actual people, including Rula and Naisha. Kess, Shie, and Riah were all named at the same time when I created them in early 2002, and there I was just going for simple 4-letter names that sounded good. Sometimes, that’s all that it is–just whatever sounds good. That’s how Kilani’s name came about. If you’ve got a specific character whose name origin you want to know about, let me know! ^__^

  • MrAMP

    Dang…that awkward silence is quite tragic there, specifically the realization that you will simply die no matter what choice you make. It’s a nice contrast to Kess simply leaping into battle with the potential to kill or be killed.

    • Two differing approaches, indeed.

      • sulka

        There is only one thing to do eone secretly start your own dragon rebel alliance along with kindred spirit tigers first storm into the palace take your eggs and rescue gaias hatchling than go find the dragon elders the males and restart building another dragon city. and some outskirt towns in case.

  • Spitfire

    So razor, a theoretical question that doesn’t exactly seem fair or apply to this universe you’ve made, but what do you think would happen to if the Imperial Guard from Warhammer 40k invaded the planet this is on.

    • I’m not familiar with Warhammer 40K, so you might have a better guess than I would. Sorry!

      • IG Aka Inglorious bastard

        How about Imperial stormtroopers, then?

        • Conquest

          Well that is decided cause they got owned by Ewoks

  • JoeRaven

    Well there’s something that wasn’t picked up on the radar.. Oops..

  • Conquest

    Y’know….I just relized something….Cinder says to Kilani “No hurt me” but in a totally different scenario Kilani would be the one smashing her head againts a rock. But I do admire for Cinder trying to comfort her a bit

  • Tech

    Five internets say Khess dies. No Plot Armor, remember?

    • Conquest


      • Tech

        According to Razorfox, this is a setting where Anyone Can Die. My money’s on it being Kess next. If you’re asking about “wot” plot armor is, it’s the phenomenon of an important character to survive any and all situations, no matter how unlikely, until the story says otherwise.

        • Conquest

          I know what plot armor is. I just didn’t understand what were you trying to say is all

          • sulka

            My bet is that kilani might stop her sister and this is how the way it is you live by the sword you die by the sword. ive hurt a lot of people kess and it’s the only way.