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Page 392 published on 37 Comments on Page 392
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. What will come of Saph‘s confession?  Will Cinder be the bearer of bad news?  Will Ennek just keep hanging around? Those answers and more are coming soon.  Stay tuned. ~__^ Thanks for your continued support, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Bushmaster

    seems to be a double post of ‘Out of the box 2’

  • Puffball

    lol, poor Cinder XD If she tells the truth, everything will be ruined. I wanna see Kilani get out of this with the dragons because I want to see what goes down, so! Cinder! Don’t you DARE tell the truth!

    • Sepher

      But even if she tries lying, wouldn’t Ennek say something?

      • Sounds like a catch-22, doesn’t it? ^__^

        • Puffball

          Yus, very much so.

        • Shadowkey392

          Oh, yeah.

      • Kobra

        Ennek doesn’t look to be in a position to tell anything dangling upside down like that.

  • Chromoid

    I actually think she SHOULD tell the truth. The whole truth. At least this way the Tigers won’t have to go figure it out on their own after they let dragons take one of theirs. That would REALLY drive a wedge between them.

    • Sepher

      Yeah but I am having a hard time thinking a way Cinder could express the whole truth without several pissed Tigers dismembering her.

    • Good idea, but is anyone in this scene thinking that far ahead right now?

      • Chromoid

        I really, REALLY hope so. Meta probably is, but then, she’s Meta. She is always thinking about the big game.

    • Kobra

      Better they try and figure it out on there way home then right now when tempers are high and there in weapon striking distance.

  • NewGuy79

    Dame i got nothing, really dont know how this should be handled, even story wise I guess it depends on whether you want the drama to happen now or perhaps leave it for another arc, maybe give this group of tigers a real big motivation later on to pursue Kilani further.

    • There’s a myriad of ways it could all go, but only I know the right answer. I’ll share it soon! ~__^

      • Chromoid


        -Razorfox, 2016

        >updates 3 weeks later

        I’m jonesing over here man. I gotta have my fix! (take your time tho, I really do prefer quality over quantity). 🙂

        • Marshall Miles

          It’s really sad how right this comment is I feel like crying

  • Timecapsule13

    Welp… they are now thinking, We’re boned.

    • Let the boning begin!

      • Adam Carranco

        I call Ennek

  • sulka

    Wow Man saph you are tiger meat !! nasha will hunt you down at the ends of draconia . Man if gaias daughter grows up she will want revenge on oscura and elektra also scyde . if i were gaias daughter I will try to go to a island far away from this petty war as possible. being a loner .

    • Naisha could, but Rula’s the one Kenzi was closest to. Rula’s wrath may be something to fear.

  • Fillyfooler .

    Oh to be the translator when bad shit starts to go down, how every American translator must feel when ever they’re dragged into a conference with foreign powers.

    • Don’t shoot the messenger, right?

  • Fillyfooler .

    Also NOOOOOOO! We were so close to getting the dragons back to the city and Kilani back to see her daughter.

    • And then hurricane Saph happened!

  • GG1

    There will be blood, damn, don’t know what to think of the outcome. No matter which way it goes. I know the tigers will take revenge on Kenzi being gone. Don’t keep us in suspense too long Razor.

  • Sojourner

    Could be avoided without bloodshed, since there wasn’t any with Kenzi. Cinder just has to lie and say Saph lost her… which is not entirely false.

    • That could work, if Cinder had that acute a command of the language. A wealth of synonyms, however, isn’t something you typically pick up during a one-night cram session. ^__^;

      • Sojourner

        Then the answer is for Cinder to say she doesn’t understand what Saph said.

  • Tech

    My thoughts exactly Red. Y’all in trouble now…

    • The destroyer of worlds–or at least of Tigers and trees–is here!

  • JoeRaven

    Sorry i’m tardy to the party! Just gonna drop a few STAMPS off here. ^_~ Love the detail with the light rays!

    • Thanks for the kind words, and I’m sure Ennek appreciates the compliment. ^o^

  • t-fat

    hopefully the Dragons will realize that executing Saph might appease the Tigers

  • ThatOneComment

    I hope Saph gets disciplined in some way. Can’t be a pacifist if you go batshit insane and start killing things. xD

  • MrAMP

    Darn it all! Saph raising Ennek up in the air like that and shaking her rock hand makes it look like she’s getting ready to spank her rear end red. I can’t unseen this! XD

    Yeah…something tells me Cinder is going to die and there’s going to be an all out fight here. Nicely done by the way on highlighting the tiger’s approaching rage with the sun light.

  • Vampbanshee

    deal is done deal. better let Kilani go. they told shall not hurt or kill but fail. =(