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Page 396

Page 396 published on 48 Comments on Page 396
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. “Tiger, Tiger, burning bright.”  Has Shie finally bit off more than she could chew?  Stay tuned… Sorry for the delay on this page.  I won’t deny that the Summer Olympics are a favorite of mine, so just as in 2008 and 2012, productivity on my end has slowed to a crawl as the games draw my attention away from most everything else in my life.  They ended this weekend, though, so the next page should be done in far less time.  Thanks for your patience, everyone!  Go USA! Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support! =RazorFox.
  • sulka

    Oh man Shiieee !! Nooo!! ToT Wow Danny. I am heart broken. Poor Riah lost her eye and her sister man this is gonna Be ugly . Riah is gonna have revenge on red and chiara.. T^T

    • She’s got her eye on some sweet vengeance.

      • sulka

        I am looking foward of seeing what happens next. ^-^

      • Michael V. Moen

        An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

        • Shadowkey392

          Heh, I love that quote.

  • David Allen Ortega

    “What the fuck” are my only word. Looks like Two tigers are down. *i think I miss counted* 1 got crushed and the other got burned!

    • Glad you’re keeping score! ^__^

      • David Allen Ortega

        Insert That 70 show meme XD lol BURN!!!

    • Shadowkey392

      So that’s one down, and one out of commission, potentially down.

  • Knight of laziness

    I confused. Cinder not hear Saph about a killed tiger or she forgot that no tiger should not be killed? *Sigh* Oh well! If Shie survive she got new “Very cute face” which will be a constant reminder that lovely dragons can make. Now i hope that dragons just fly away no more cause harm to tigers and Cinder have at least some sort talk with Kilani about it.

    • Saph would only attack a Tiger if that Tiger were to attack her. By that same logic, Lady Red is justified in frying Shie as Shie attacked Cinder. It’s all within the rules!

      • Knight of laziness

        I did not mean justify a kill. I mean Cinder trying runs away after she heard that one tiger killed and now she calls tigers hypocrites. I understand why Lady Red burn, it defending reaction. But it again misunderstanding.

  • MrAMP

    Yeah…unless there’s some miracle here, I believe Shie is down for the count here, which is kind of a shame in a way. Not going to lie, but at the rate things are going, I’m utterly surprised that the tigers made it this far. To my knowledge, it may go down to two tigers vs. zero dragons killed!

    I also have to say that it’s nice to see some color too given the amount of purple as of late.

    • I’ve missed working with the full color pallette, too, though it was needed since they’re in a dense forest at night. I’ve learned a lot about lighting effects throughout this chapter, though, so I hope to have some new tricks up my sleeve when the survivors return to regular lighting. ^__^

  • Knight of laziness

    Razofox can i ask? Your story in comic writen beforehand or your story write with drawning new pages?

    • Great question! The answer is “both.” I have an outline on what I want to have happen in a given chapter, though the characters have been known to hijack the scene from time to time, altering the course of the story. Eone, in particular, has a long history of doing that. ^__^

  • Knight of laziness

    Another question! Yeah. Eone reaction on burning tiger in face. If i understand correctly earth dragons not see so much violence from someone, not from nature (volcanic eruption). I hope no one will not have nightmares about Shie’s burned face.

  • Knight of laziness

    Damn i can’t stop. Another issue that worries me. Why Kess wear her hat constantly? It something great and memorable for her or it just her style?

    • Her bandana? Well, where else would she put it?

      • Knight of laziness

        Probably in calendar series or i forgot. But the fact that the bandana on her constantly suggests that the bandana means something for her.

  • Fillyfooler .

    No, not Shie! She was great. But I guess Tiger flambe was needed.
    Lady Red really showing how much fire she got in her though, which I appreciate.
    Hope Shie’s just a little crispy and not killed and that we are soon back in the dragon Capital.

    • Maybe we’ll find out Shie’s ultimate fate on the next page. Stay tuned…

  • Sable

    Good job Kess, you got another tiger killed, How many until you realise youre the problem here. -.-

    I just wish Shie wasnt the one to suffer the consequences, she was always a well meaning woman..

    • Shie’s already taken one for the team with her lower half getting burned. I’ve really enjoyed working with her.

      • Sable

        I’d like to think she survived, shes leaving a lot behind, but, I just dont see it. Shies not getting any Earth dragon defence from some last minute shaping of that wall because she was the instigator, plus I see just under her and theres a gap so theres nothing visibly there to block it.

        She cant have maybe blocked with her hands because ones grabbing Cinders neck and the other is too far back to cover the face. I feel that blast has too much energy behind it to leave just scarring, Red was quite done with her shit at that point…

        I think its just done, sad to see her go and to see the emotional collateral damage afterwards.

  • Puffball

    SHIE! D: NO! ;n; oh no, her eyes! Nevermind her hair and fur, if she didn’t close her eyes she’s blind now!

    • And that’s if she survives.

  • Surun the Scroll-writer

    Ha, hate to say it, but that’s one cooked cat. I’m sure this is another one chalked up for the Dragons, and another need for revenge backing the Tigers up. They’ll certainly be no closer to peace. Instead, they’ll be closer to a swift grave. But such is the way in a cycle of revenge, either way: great work on this’un!

    • Thanks! I wanted the page to have a visual impact. Glad you liked it!

  • Sianmink

    That’ll leave a mark. Also Naisha you caught the edge of that one. your do is on fire, girl.

    • A “tigro” that big is an easy target. ^__^

  • binnoc9

    I don’t know why that they wouldn’t listen to Kilani when she told them not to try to save her? Kess can’t put the blame on Kilani like she did when they in the Khalira after escaping the dragons and now Shie is paying the price because they didn’t heed Kiani’s words. Poor Kilani. She was trying to resolve things without no one getting hurt and this happens. I was rooting for the dragons.

    • Knight of laziness

      Drama, war and other worse things. I know what you feel.

    • Well, it sounds like Kess dismissed Kilani as the elder Tiger not being in her right mind. Kess thought she knew better and decided to overrule Kilani. And that’s how we wound up here.

  • GG1

    Ahhh crap, another beautiful tiger dies or worse? Gee Razor, if this keeps up you’re going to run out of tigers to tell the rest of the story. hated to see that happen especially to Shie.

    • There are plenty of Tigers to fall back upon. They breed like rabbits!

      • GG1

        They may breed like rabbits, but the way things are going, the dragons can eliminate a lot of them with their fire capability. Maybe the new breed will see the folly of fighting a superior force and try to make peace.

  • JayJayForce

    Well, things have truly spiralled out of control, and it all started so positively too…..
    It’s going to be real difficult, but I still think it just might be possible to salvage things. There’s a definite group on both sides who are willing to at least entertain the thought of peace, just hope the crazies all kill or maim each other so they don’t cause more incidents like this.
    Not quite giving up on Shie yet. The tigers have done too poorly to lose more and their is still hope. While she might survive a facefull of fire, there are also Earth Dragons who don’t enjoy killing unless absolutely required and one fire who owes her life to Kilani, maybe a chance to return the favour, even if not directly?
    I just really want things to turn out at least marginally okay. There’s been enough death in that stupid war, they should focus on getting rid of the ones instigating the cycle of violance. Especially our lovely dragon Queen and that snake in the grass fox. Really want to see her outed as a double or triple agent one day.

    • Maybe we’ll see Shaleigh again one day. I wonder what she’s up to these days when she isn’t playing “Sandy Claws…”

  • Shadowkey392

    Well that’s a definite third or fourth degree burn!

  • melvin moreno

    when is the next comic page will come and what date

  • ThatOneComment

    So, Mr. Danny R.R. Martin… I LOVE IT. Also, wait, did she just call Shie by name? I feel like I have to reread DC from the beginning.

    • Shie, Kess, and Riah were the Queen’s captives for a while. Their names may have slipped out during that time.

  • Jenna Gouchae

    I don’t see why the translator here is so flustered. She KNOWS the deal was broken by the dragons first off when they refused to tell them where their friend was… or of her fate, as the case would be. :/

  • Patrick Metzen

    Being completely honest here, I feel Shie deserved that. Also they need to stop listening to Kess, she’ll get them all killed if this keeps up.