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Page 397

Page 397 published on 50 Comments on Page 397
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. We have finally arrived at the ending of Chapter Six, and it sure looks like it’s taken its toll on our Tigers.  What does the future hold for Kilani as she goes in for her confrontation with Her Majesty Queen Oscura?  Will Kess be able to repay her sister for coming to her rescue while she, Shie, and Riah were being held prisoner? So many questions!  And answers lie ahead.  Chapter Seven starts soon, so keep your peepers peeled, y’all! There’s going to be a brief break in the comic as I catch up on some overdue Patreon rewards and take care of a couple other small lingering projects.  I hope to have the first page of Chapter Seven up by the end of September, though, so I won’t be gone too long.  Hang in there!  In the meantime, your pledge of support is always welcome.  A pledge of just $3 per page gets you sneak peeks at new pages as they come together, and completed pages a day before they go public.  Pledge your support today! Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thank you all so much for your continued support! =RazorFox.
  • Puffball

    Oooo, lookit that expression of guilt on Kess’ face! Doesn’t look like Meta approves regardless. Hoo, glad all that is finally done! Ennek’s in for it, too, once she reveals that Kenzi’s dead by rock slab. But what I’m really jonesin’ for is the meeting of Kilani and Oscura for their lengthy talk! 😀 eee Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • Renadt

      I doubt it will be a talk. Oscura wants her dead, and methinks (and I think others have made mention of this as well) that she wants Lumina to do it. It would be the ultimate test of how well those memories were suppressed, and would create the perfect weapon for her, if the charms don’t end up breaking and Lumina decides to go rogue after killing her tiger mom.

      • Interesting hypothesis…

        • Renadt

          Just the logical conclusion to all the info. Of course, the only one with any idea of the truth would be the author of the story…

          • Indeed I am. Heh heh heh heh… *rubs hands together evilly*

      • Sepher

        Wow, that is a great theory and makes a scary kind of sense all things considered.

      • Shadowkey392

        Ummm…Oscura doesn’t strike me as being nearly vicious enough to risk traumatizing Lumina by having her do the deed.

        • Renadt

          Does killing a spider traumatize you? I would think not. Likewise, when properly instilled, People have learned that disconnect, that having a 30% difference in melanin means you are less than they, and not human, and thus feel no guilt in killing. Children are especially susceptible to this disconnect.

        • Shadizar Silvermask

          She had the girl mind-raped to remove all her memories of a warm, loving relationship with a tiger in spite of warnings how it could harm the girl. She is totally vicious enough to do something like that.

    • You and me both! I’ve been wanting to show Queen Oscura come face to face with Kilani for years. I’m just as excited as you are!

      • Knight of laziness

        We all wait this moment too!

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Who is “alive” does Lady Red talking about?

    • Sepher

      Shei. Though yeah can’t imagine she would be in great shape after that….

  • NewGuy79

    hum.. I honestly thought we were gona get a view of some freshly burnt tiger, not that i’m complaining or anything, I just find it curious how your starting to move away from the more brutal imagery of your earlier work, instead choosing to double down on more dramatic subtleties. personally i’m digging the drama a lot more then the straight up brutality (the fact that the tigers get no dialogue in this page makes it seem like their mourning is just white noise to the dragons, that little detail makes this scene so much more impactful, this page has definitely become a favourite of mine).

    That aside is there any reason for Draconian’s shift in tone? or are you saving up for something big…?

    • This comment made my day! I’ve been replaying it in my head since this morning, and I’m so glad you like how this page turned out and how the comic has evolved lately. Leaving a bit more to the viewer’s imagination was not intended, but I’ve found more value lately in showing reactions rather than actions. I want to make sure to check in with how each character is affected by a given situation, and that can both create and reinforce a general feeling that some or all of the participants share. If I’ve done my job right, then that feeling is then transferred to you, the reader, and you’re now sucked into the characters’ experience.

      Thanks so much for the kind words, and thanks for reading. There’s so much more to come, and I hope you’ll continue to join in the adventure!

      • NewGuy79

        oh dont worry about me, started reading in 2011 and i’ve been hooked ever since. 5 years later and things only seem to be getting better. so I’m definatly not going anywhere.

  • binnoc9

    I have 3 possible outcomes that may or may not happen in Chapter 7.

    1.) The tigers would most likely to turn on Kess and have some choice words for her. (remember: Kess rhymes with mess)

    2.) The other earth dragons would avoid Saph like the plague while Lady Red and Queen Oscura welcome her and the queen rewards Saph for her services after hearing Lady Red’s report about the mission. Chances are Eone will once again blackmail Queen Oscura if the queen threaten her.

    3.) The inevitable meeting with Kilani and Queen Oscura where the dragon queen accuses Kilani of stealing her child and robbing her years of her child’s life and Kilani shoots back at the queen and accuses her of robbing her of her entire childhood and tells Queen Oscura that the queen took her mother from her and made her an orphan.

    Queen Oscura asks her was it about revenge and Kilani tells the dragon queen that she done it for peace and that she didn’t steal her egg and that the egg was given to her by Azure before she died and that she couldn’t abandon the egg and told the queen that Azure didn’t tell her the truth about the egg.

    She only wanted to show that dragons and tigers can live in peace, but fail in the attempt and doesn’t have nothing left to live for. Kilani tells the queen that she’s a traitor and wants the queen to kill her and didn’t want the queen to be denied of the satisfaction.

    Queen Oscura makes like she was going to kill Kilani, but catches herself at the last minute as she remembers what Cinder tells her about “a dragon should never let her emotions dictate her actions” and instead of killing Kilani, the queen only renders the tigress unconscious and have her taken into the same room the princess was in where she and Lady Chiara probe Kilani’s memories and gets more than they bargained for. (how else could Queen Oscura find out the real truth?)

    These are only my possible outcomes that might or might not happen in Chapter7, but they’re possible if Fox decide they should happen.

    • Sepher

      Would seriously love to see this kind of full on exchange between Oscura and Kilani.

      Though one possibility would be to add to this would be what Rendat presented above, that this isn’t about Oscura “dealing” with Kilani, but Lumina…

      • binnoc9

        Remember that the queen wants the pleasure of killing Kilani herself so the prospect of Lumina being dragged into it is likely slim to none, but it can’t be overruled.

        If it does happen, it’ll be a bad move on the queen’s part since memories that the queen thought she took away from Lumina will suddenly come flooding back. Some bonds will never be broken no matter how hard the queen try and love conquers all and Queen Oscura will learn a hard lesson about love is stronger still.

        I know a lot of ppl say that Queen Oscura is a tyrant who rules with an iron hand, but I can imagine that the queen may not be much of a saint, but she has some good in her as my OC, Lady Vortex, believes.

        Too bad my OC won’t be in the comic, but if she did she would persuade the queen to give Kilani a fair trial.

        • Sepher

          Good points, but again yeah would certainly favor the exchange as you suggest pretty well, as well as possible memory probing that might… don’t want to say humanize… “dragonize” the Tiger in Oscura and Chiara’s eyes.

          Would certainly love for the Tiger party to lay this crap on Kess, as yeah I would objectively say most of this ordeal is her damn fault. From shunning Kilani, her own sister who saved them from that jail cell, to even possibly what I would say perpetuating the aggressive mindset that got Kenzi killed. Sure she is having regrets now but in a state of “too little too late”. Can not stand Kess for the most part and will take a lot for her to even begin redeeming herself to me.

          That reminds me, have a Dragon OC I came up with myself awhile back by the name of Tempest. Need to revisit that idea.

    • Hmmm. Interesting reading of the proverbial tea leaves…

  • Knight of laziness

    Now we see Lady Red show part of her inner demon. Yes Lady Red she may be alive, but tigers not have good medicine and Shie can die in terrible pain. I thought Lady Red have some small pity to tigers… I was wrong. Why tigers and dragons such blind in their anger? Why they not understand that the all they have mothers and friends… Why they do not see themselves from the outside… Why they are all so short-signed. *Sigh* Thanks RazorFox for this comic, we wait continuation.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! These are all the right questions to ask. Maybe some Dragons and Tigers will start asking themselves that more often.

  • Knight of laziness

    And to addiction. Lady Red can get something worse than demotion in ranks for her “honorable” avenging for Azure. Remember karma sees everything. And questions. I understand that Shie and Riah became raiders and attack escorts of dragons from not a good life right? And about Kilani, she surrender with her ideals bringing peace just like that? And Azure, she give unborn Lumina/Chuki to Kilani and says “Show them”. This amazing and not typical to dragons in this comic, she was wise or she sees something that other dragons not see?

    • All good questions. Shie, Riah, and Kess took on a life of a roving gang of thugs. As for Kilani, I doubt her surrender would bring peace, but maybe she can open some eyes along the way. And as for Azure, perhaps I should reintroduce her to everyone in the next chapter. Hmmm…

      • Sepher

        Would certainly welcome a reintroduction to Azure in some form.

        Been meaning to ask, why and where were they transporting Lumina’s egg at the time and not just sitting safely in a palace hatchery?

        • Knight of laziness

          Maybe Oscura give birth not in dragon capital? And Oscura give permission to Azure brought her egg into capital, soon Oscura fly into capital and wait her unborn daughter. And after ancident with escort happen…

  • melvin moreno

    how long will this comic bee and when it ends

    • At the moment, the answer to those questions is “as long as I want it to bee” and “whenever I damn feel like it.” Glad to have you along for the ride! ^o^

  • Sable

    Hmm, have to concur with a previous comment, she may be alive for now but no amount of mud and leaves will heal up the kind of damage done by a blast like that. Regardless, Kess may finally get the recompense she deserves after so long. Shie has a chance I think but it will be a long painful wait to find out, she will either die in pain or live in pain, a fate she doesn’t deserve but for her sake I hope its the former..

    • You’re hoping she dies?

      • Sable

        Phrasing it like that sounds cruel, in an ideal world she’d painlessley recover through some miracle of deus ex machina. Fact is theres no right answer, if she lives, she’ll live feeling useless and in constant pain for the rest of her life, feeling like a failure with so much left undone. If she dies, it ends her suffering sooner but she’d leave so many behind and once again, so many promises she didnt keep.

        I’m not hoping for anything, just wishing she has as little pain as possible right now.

  • sulka

    Wow shie is a live hallelujah shie is my favorite tiger after all .

    • She is, indeed! Oh, happy day!

  • Chuck

    A blast like that should have skull-ified her face. If she survives she’ll be all Krueger-ized.

    • “Freddy Tiger?”

      • Chuck

        Furry Krueger?

  • Levithan

    what must I do to receive a patron custom picture of one of my favorite characters?

    • I’m glad you asked! We have exactly one spot that just opened up, where if you pledge at the $50 per page level, you’ll get either a full-color 1-character drawing or a black and white 2-character drawing each month for as long as you maintain that pledge level. If you’re interested, you can show your support at ^__^

      • Levithan

        so….50$ every time u add a page or 50 for every page u made?

        • Fifty dollars for each new page. Your pledge doesn’t go through until I complete a page, and you get to see new pages before everyone else!

  • sulka

    hey razor fox i made some fanfiction of the draconia chronicles on fur affinity my name over there is stonella and also other stories i made too feel free.

  • shamm86

    Hey RazorFox, how did the war between the tigers and the dragons started?

    • No one remembers, though maybe we’ll one day learn why it continues…

  • MrAMP

    DANG! I can’t believe I didn’t make the Kentucky Fried Tiger joke sooner. XD

    But no on a serious matter, is it just me or do the Fire Dragons are PO’ed at Eone for her ordering the Earth Dragons to hold back or the whole dealing with Tigers? Also, I find the whole ordeal with the tigers kind of ironic. Kilani did her best to save all of them only to have them turned their backs on her at the first instance. And now they’re one tiger short because of death by Earth Dragon and one severely burned. In the end, this is all Kess’s fault.

    • Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, after all.

  • Fillyfooler .

    And We are gone burger. Woo Chapter 7. I CAN’T WAIT. And by Lady Red’s dialogue we can only guess that Shie is merely blue, not medium rare. 10/10 ending chapter here.

  • Shadowkey392

    Huh. Shie looks surprisingly none the worse for wear considering she just took the equivalent of a flamethrower to the face.

    • Fillyfooler .

      We don’t see Shie on this page.

      • Shadowkey392

        …oh, so we don’t. I confused Kilani with Shie. Dang. Now I need to remember my previous comment so I can use it when we actually do see Shie.