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Page 399

Page 399 published on 41 Comments on Page 399
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Apparently, the notion of Her Majesty Queen Oscura smiling on the last page threw a few of you.  Evidently, Lady Chiara is among those who seem puzzled.  Will it be a relaxing, peaceful, and restful night for the Queen and her crew?  Stay tuned… Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks again for your continued support! =RazorFox.
  • Sable

    I dunno why but I really enjoy seeing Lucis on screen. Somethin’ about her draws the eye.

    • She’s been all sweet and gentle thus far. Wonderful bedside manner! ^__^

      • Sable

        Wouldnt mind showing her some bedside manner….

        I’m sorry I dunno where that came from o.O

        Ahem, anyway, anything big planned for the big 400? ^__^;

        • I haven’t written page 400 yet, but now I feel all pressured! @_@

          • Sable

            Fanservice 400 perhaps? XD Maybe some Lucis >.>

            Totally dont have her on the brain, nope

  • JoeRaven

    All smiles there, and STAMPS! ^_^ That plush is just too cyoot!

  • melvin moreno

    When is your next comic and can you do me a comic idea on deviantart saph do pranks on eone meta lady red and all dragons and the dragons chase her because they are mad or angry BNSF GEVO IS COOL keep up the work man.

    • Shadowkey392


      • melvin moreno

        shadowkey392 it just a idea that i want razorfox to do when saph do pranks on eone meta lady red the queenn and all dragons chase her with rage of mad or angry. And i said bnsf gevo is the coolest because bnsf is my favorite railroad

        • melvin moreno

          when is your next comic and what date

          • The next page will come out whenever I’m done with it. I don’t have a set date for it, but I hope to have it out before the end of the month. Hang tight!

        • Shadowkey392


      • My thoughts exactly.

    • I don’t usually take commissions these days, but when I do, I charge by the character. The idea you’re asking for would carry a sizable price tag. Thanks for asking, though!

      • Levithan

        Will you do a commission if I offer money too????

        • Sorry, I’m too busy right now. In addition to the comic and Patreon rewards, I’m working on the 2017 “Draconia Chronicles” Calendar!

  • Shadowkey392

    Lol nice work! Only 1 more to 400!

    • Thanks! You’re right, 400 is next. Hmmm…

  • ac

    How much longer will this work though? The whole procedure and everything?

    • Good question! Are the effects permanent? Hmmm…

      • ac

        Is there a counter to all this? Normally destroying memories also destroys the parts of the brain that holds the memories…locked away maybe?

  • Chuck

    Since they’re trying to wipe the memories of Kilani from Lumina’s mind, I would think the queen would object to any feline toys.

    • Yeah, but cheetahs are cute. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with that adorable little thing? ^__^

      • Chuck

        Wait a minute, is that supposed to be a doll version of Mihari? Is that the name you’re going to give it when Chiara gives it to Lumina?

  • Knight of laziness

    Words of Dr. Lucis good mention about Lumina/Chuki memory. This is a sign that all memory about Kilani not lost or destroyed. I hope when Lady Red and others brought Kilani to Oscura she not “explode”. And RazorFox queen Oscura really rare smile in good mood? And Kilani talk with other dragons in future? I like part when Kilani and Cinder talk. Cinder first time see peaceful tiger and i think that impress her in some ways. Thank you RazorFox for work!

    • Well, last we saw Cinder, she was helping to airlift Kilani to the palace. Maybe they’ll get to talk some more when they arrive…

  • Tech

    The doctor’s sporting a cogwheel tat…

    Praise the Omnissiah.

    • It was meant to be a sunburst, but yeah, I can see it as a cogwheel, too. ^__^

  • NewGuy79

    I’m still a bit mystified on how other species play into draconia, we know that at least foxes and chetas exist in this world yet i’m still sorta clueless on why they seem to be completely detached from the war. of course the foxes can simply be described as secretive, but chetas? I know they’re a different species of feline but surely they would ally themselves with the tigers(at least mingle with them), and aren’t they too similar to tigers for them to be creating children’s toys in their image (is fur pattern really that much of a factor within the dragon/tiger war).

    This is probably one of the only grievances I have with this story, the only explanation I can think of is that all these other species are just on separate continents or something?

    • Other species? The known world of the “Draconiaverse,” as I like to call it, currently consists of sapient humanoid Dragons and Tigers, with one Fox. Other species have been shown throughout the series, including birds, squirrels, rabbits, and boar, all of which have been their usual animal selves. We’ve never seen any cheetahs in the Draconiaverse except for this one adorable, cuddly, huggable, lovable, can’t-let-goable plush toy. ^__^

  • sulka

    I was wondering what about gaia’s egg what her daughter gonna be like when she grow’s up. If i were her i would escape and flap way far off north west and live as a hermit. Hiding like gollum in the mountains it would be cool learning earth magics by herself. never have contact being a loner. but sort of like a balance yoda and smeagle.

    • Interesting idea, though we don’t know if such a character actually exists.

  • Fillyfooler .

    A tension joins the air, there’s fun about to be had. Forward to number 400!

    • Noooooo pressure. None whatsoever. 9_9;;

  • MrAMP

    Yeah…she’s going to get so FIRED! XD
    Oh wait…the Queen is a light dragon. That pun won’t work. T_T

    But in all due seriousness, I can so relate to the last two panels there. People do look rather different and off if they don’t normally exhibit their normal expression. Kind of like how I was thrown off that one time in which I saw Grumpy Cat smiling with delight.

    • I suppose Her Majesty might have a case of “resting dritch face,” but even she’s entitled to a smile once in a while. ^__^

  • Chromoid

    I sincerely hope this backfires at some point. I have a sinking suspicion that she won’t remember Kilani if/when she inevitably meets her at the palace, which will break K’s heart and probably jostle Lumina’s repressed memories simultaneously and…

    …awww. Now I’ve made myself sad.

    • And with Kilani being in a bit of an unstable state…

      • Chromoid

        Y U DO DIS???!!!


  • Puffball

    OH MY GOD WE HAVE CHIARA TEASING HER CHILDHOOD BESTIE THE QUEEN!! XDDD haaahahaha! Absolutely no one else can get away with that. Anyone else would suffer more than a mere lineface. Dr. Lucis is ttly snickering behind her hand off-camera.

    • Being the royal bestie has its privileges. ^__^