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Page 400

Page 400 published on 42 Comments on Page 400
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Now we know how to make fun of Her Majesty Queen Oscura and get away with it! And what does this returning foxy femme fatale want now?  Stay tuned… Four…  hundred… pages.  Let that sink in for a second.  When I launched this endeavor back in January 2005, I was told that most new webcomics at that time would be lucky to last six months or ten pages, whichever came first.  Almost twelve years and 400 pages later, The Draconia Chronicles continues to chug along.  Thanks so much to all of your for all your support in all its forms, from financial to commentary to just saying hello!  I hope you’ll continue to join in the adventure! Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks so much for reading! =RazorFox.
  • melvin moreno

    Hello nice comic very funny and you a picture with saph gaia meta and eone

    • A picture with Saph, Eone, Meta, and Gaia? I already did one! Check this Earth Day classic from 2012 at

      • melvin moreno

        what will all of characters look like when they are muscular and strong in a picture

        • I guess they’d look muscular and strong. It’s hard to look muscular and weak, after all. ^__^

          • melvin moreno

            Nice can you do that picture of all of your characters muscular and strong

          • Only if you visit and pledge at the $50 per page level on my Patreon. Otherwise, I don’t have the time to do it, especially this time of year. Asking for it repeatedly won’t make it happen. Thanks for your support!

  • silvermoon383

    Did the Queen turn down the lights via magic there in panel 6?

  • Michael V. Moen

    Continuing something for TWELVE YEARS is an astounding achievement, even more so when it’s more so a hobby than a career. You definitely should feel accomplished, and don’t worry, I at least will continue being a reader.

    As for the page, yes ladies, keep calling her a Monster. Tell yourselves long enough and it eventually becomes true whether it really is or not.

    • Thanks for your loyalty and for the kind words! As for Kilani’s current nickname among Her Majesty and her inner circle, they certainly wouldn’t go for something flattering, now, would they? ^__^

  • JoeRaven

    That plush! STAMP <3

    • Even the cheetah plush gets a stamp? Wow!

      • JoeRaven

        Oh yes, cause it’s just too cyoot!

  • sulka

    Do think queen oscura will turn a knew heart like nightmare moon or sunshine shimmer. I like spike the dragon he was cool I have a thing for underdog characters. I idolize them.

    • Underdogs are awesome! I always root for them!

  • sulka

    you think queen oscura will change or not what is your opinion. you think she will regret the things she has done like darth vader back to anakin skywalker.

    • If she does, she’ll spin it in a way that makes her look like she’s been right all this time.

      • sulka

        wow talk about a stubborn and prideful dragon.

  • MrAMP

    Oh snap! The law just saved that one fine dragon from total banishment! XD
    No but seriously, this was rather a cute and intriguing dialogue between these three dragons. I really admire the common/everyday shenanigans here as it so reminds me of The Office in a way. And I guess that 400 strip special is the return of our mysterious fox!

    • I figured that, after all the wrenching drama of the last few scenes, it was time for something a little lighter. I love showing slices of life from time to time. Even Her Majesty has a sense of humor… to an extent.

  • Argent

    Well, now that’s a fuzzy mug we haven’t seen in cannon for while.

    • Not for 176 pages, to be exact, though just two days in story time. ^__^;;

      • Argent

        WTF it’s been TWO DAYS!? *insert DBZA reference here*

  • The Gentleman Player

    Congratulations on reaching 400 pages, Razorfox.

    • Many thanks, good sir! And thank you for your continued support!

  • Knightwolf1785

    I was wondering when that rat was going to show back up.

  • Fillyfooler .

    Hey Foxy lady, long time no see. How’s it being going, good? Good. Cause you know what happened last time, a fucking volcano erupted.

    Also YES, continuation of the main central plot.
    Also also Chiara is adorable as usual

    • Actually, I’ve always considered the Kilani story to be the main plot. Will Shaleigh entwine her fingers in this murky matter? Hmmm…

  • binnoc9

    Grats on your 12 year achievement and for 400+ pages. The fox rears her head. If my OC, Lady Vortex, was there she would warn the queen that “Shaleigh can’t be trusted” and is up to something that would harm their people.

    This reminds me of the story, The Monsters Are Due On Maplestreet, where an outside force (aliens) turned a once peaceful town against each other.

    I’m guessing the fox is informing the queen on Kilani’s capture or is trying to mislead the queen…again.

    • Shaleigh’s reputation precedes her, we see.

  • Knight of laziness

    Shaleigh appear… Interesting what she say to Oscura. I think they talk about the war problems, princess Lumina and relation with tigers. Oh and then they have good sex. Atmosphere so romantic and so lovable! Okay, okay i surrender, it the simple joke! XD But seriously why Shaleigh appear right now? I think she come in sight much later. Oh yeah why Oscura consider Kilani like a monster? I understand why she being mad. If i lost my daughter or son i become very angry. But she received Lumina/Chuki very healthy and uninjured! This is not prompted her to interesting thoughts? And she decide brainwash Lumina/Chuki because it not her destiny!? Real loving parent never do this with her/his own child. And last thing. Thank you RazorFox for your comic! Congrants you with 400 page!

    • Thanks so much! Here’s hoping for 400 more! ^o^

  • Puffball

    “I am the law, see?!”
    “:3 lawl, loophole, I win”
    “… :|”

    Congrats on page 400, dude! ^___^!

    • That’s Lady Schaddig for ya. An encyclopedic knowledge of the laws of the land.

  • James-Polymer

    Aw, seeing Chiara smiling and bubbly like this almost makes me forget that she gouged out one of Ria’s eyes around a week ago in-comic time. ^^

    • Every coin has two sides.

      • James-Polymer

        And it continues to amaze me how you turned an idea for a pin-up calendar into a fully-fledged war epic filled with hundreds of such multi-sided “coins,” all of whom leave an impression no matter how much screen time they get. I salute your storytelling and artistic skills! o7

        • I am grateful for and humbled by your compliment. Thanks so much for your kind words and your continued readership. I hope to keep making “Draconia Chronicles” everything it can be, and I hope you’ll continue to join in the adventure for a long time to come! ^__^

          • James-Polymer

            Yea, verily; here’s looking forward to 1,000 pages. =)

  • Chromoid

    I never could have stuck with something for so long. A big congrats on making it this far. As a loyal reader and lover of this story, I hope to see it last for many more years to come!

  • Michael V. Moen

    I may have missed and or forgotten back when she was shown before, but I at least remember that there’s a secretive tribe of Foxes out there that the Tigers and Dragons believe more so as legend than real people. I’m guessing though the Foxes and Tigers have a bad history, and this Fox is helping the Dragons against them?