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Page 402

Page 402 published on 43 Comments on Page 402
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Has Her Majesty Queen Oscura seen the last of this vexing vixen?  Stay tuned… Two big bits of news to report.  First, this is the last page of regular story for the year, as it’s time once more to visit the residents of Draconia Lane for this year’s holiday special! And second, the calendar is back!  The 2017 “Draconia Chronicles” Calendar is almost done and I’ll be accepting orders real soon.  Each of you who are currently on the “Draconia Chronicles” Patreon and have been pledging $10 or more per page for at least the last three pages are each getting one as my way of thanking you for your continued support throughout the year! And thus, it’s back to work on the current slate of projects.  Wish me luck! Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support! =RazorFox.
  • FerreTrip

    Did I just see a reference to MLP?

  • silvermoon383

    Wow, Queen Oscura really lays down the law when she wants to. Lets hope she didn’t just give the tigers the win.

    • If Her Majesty has indeed done that, then she will only have herself to blame.

  • Sable

    First panel friskiness followed by eloquently elevated verbal smackdown, this page has everythin’!

  • Fillyfooler .

    That’s an odd collection of tigers to be shown participating in sexy times. But okay, I’m liking this. The queen has finally wised up, Shaleigh will probably try and provoke the tigers and we can get back to the sisterless warrior we left 300 pages ago.

    • I haven’t forgotten about Tam’syn. ~__^

  • JoeRaven

    Very interesting!

  • sulka

    When Do we get to see sombrana making her army .

    • sulka

      Eone is my new favorite earth dragon I hope she can find a way and her kind to leave the dragon city find the mates and start another civilization on there own .

  • NewGuy79

    hum… this begs the question thou, is Shaleigh being honest here? if she’s really two-timing the two races then she could easily give a false location and lead another set of dragons into a trap. but this seems unlikely to me.

    I’ve always had the impression that whatever group Shaleigh works for wants tigers and dragons to war eternally ( war between these two groups benefit them somehow), so I think Shaleigh might be telling the truth here, she really does know the location of the tiger mating ground, but the only reason she’s revealing it here is because her organization need to keep the two warring factions equal in power so that one doesn’t wipe out the other. keeping that in mind perhaps the eruption weakened the dragons to such an extent that Shaleigh group perhaps saw it fit to introduce a near extinction situation to the tigers to keep things even between the two groups.

    With Oscura’s rejection thou this group may be forced to ease up on the warmongering lest they tip the tigers off to the weakened dragon nation. This situation might give certain individuals on both sides much needed breathing room to finally figure out what in the world is going on with this war.

    • All interesting ideas. We do know that Shaleigh has been working on both sides of the fence, and we have yet to see what her deal is with the Tigers at this point in time. Stay tuned…

  • binnoc9

    I can imagine if my OC, Lady Vortex, was there, she would appear kneeling behind Queen Oscura after Shaleigh leaves.

    Lady Vortex: Nicely played, my queen. Seems like her scheme blew up in her face.

    Queen Oscura: *turns around* Vortex? What are you doing here? You better have a good reason for being here!

    Lady Vortex: I do, my queen. I came here for 2 reasons. The first reason is because the wind told me that the conniving serpent was going to show up and decided to watch as the drama unfolded and be on hand in case you needed help. If you had second thoughts about booting that scheming wench, I can assure you that it was the right thing for our people. You have to admit, the look on her face was priceless! HA! HA! HA! HA!

    Queen Oscura: And what is your other reason?

    Lady Vortex: To tell you that the wind told me that Lady Red has captured Kilani, the one you refer as “the monster.” She’ll be here any minute.

    Queen Oscura: This is wonder news, Vortex! I knew Red would come through!

    Lady Vortex: Anything else, my queen?

    Queen Oscura: Not at this time. You’re free to go.

    Lady Vortex: Of course, your grace.

    Lady Vortex stands up and bows respectfully to the dragon queen before leaving out of the window the same way she entered as the queen watches the wind dragon flying away.

    • Remember that, per the imperial laws, Lady Vortex would need to be laughing WITH Her Majesty, not AT her, lest she wind up imprisoned. (Unless she declares it to be a work of satire, of course!)

      • binnoc9

        Note: She was laughing at Shaleigh, not at Her Majesty. Lady Vortex, like Lady Red, strive to stay on Her Majesty’s good side and knows all too well what happens to those who aren’t.

  • Tech

    Double-agent now only owes loyalty to one faction. I guess the next time we see Shaleigh, she’ll be telling about how the city walls are buggered…

    • Good observation. The perimeter walls have been breached, after all. Hmmm…

  • Michael V. Moen

    Quite an interesting first panel there. Also nice little pout you gave the Fox, not getting her way with this mysterious plot.

    • I love that facial expression! I was making it myself as I was drawing it. Love how it came out! ^__^

  • melvin moreno

    NICE COMIC YOU UPDATED YOUR ART MY FIREND. My favorite dragons are eone gaia meta lady red shap and all other dragons. Hey in the christmas comic can you have the tigers vs dragons in a eating contest milk and cookies lady red queen eone meta saph gaia vs shie kess nalshi rula kenzi and the tigers win and they all are very fat

    • Nope, but thanks for the suggestion.

      • melvin moreno

        NICE WORK MY FRIEND UPDATE ART AWESOME BRO So will the next comic will have the earth dragons enone meta and saph or will it have tigers

        • I actually don’t know yet. I haven’t written it yet. ^__^;;

  • Knight of laziness

    I will agree with others that queen Oscura made wise decision. But despite her intellect and cunning Oscura very critical, prideful, bitchy and shortsighted. Eone hit the nail on the head when she said Oscura “made expendable pawns” and this page confirm this. One fail and you departure like useless thing. I feel sorry for lady Red. She faithfully works for queen. What she get for one fail? Demotion in ranks and that not the worst. I feel sorry for earth dragons. Just one “criminal” and all of them sitting on cells. It’s like saying “If one human pedophile, murderer and hypocrite then all people on Earth still the same.”! *Sigh* Thank you Razorfox for page! I cannot wait when the new year’s holiday special come! Do you know your work is firmly entrenched in my head. Seriosly. When i working and go rest in break time i constantly remember your comic. Oh yeah and last thing i want to support you (I have money) but with patreon have one problem to me… Ahem Disqus have private messages?

    • Wow! I’m both flattered and sorry that my comic haunts your memory. ^__^;; And while Disqus doesn’t do direct messages (that I’m aware of), there’s always email. Feel free to use that!

      • Knight of laziness

        Your work settle in my head because i really like your comic! In Draconia chronicles every character really “live”. I very like such works! Thank you for what you create and draw that comic!

  • Knight of laziness

    And something about Lumina/Chuki. I think she can very fast remember Kilani if someone hurt her foster mother in her sight. Why? Last very memorable thing she see before brainwashing it how her beloved foster mother in great danger. If Oscura force Lumina/Chuki kill Kilani or Lumina/Chuki accidental see how Oscura hurt Kilani memory can reawaken. What do you think about this theory RazorFox?

    • Well, it sounds like Her Majesty is aware of the potential trigger mechanisms, as evidenced by the need to rename the plush cheetah doll to something other than “Kilani.” They thought this through, or so we’d hope!

  • ThatOneComment

    Looking good. Where will the story go from here? Who knows. Will Razor create a full print of the first panel not as a premonition thing? Unlikely. Are most of my claims unfounded. Yes.

    • Alas, there’s no “uncensored” version for that panel. Even with Shaleigh removed, you don’t see anything because of how everyone’s positioned. It was fun recruiting “volunteers” for that scene, though. ^__^

      • ThatOneComment

        All butter, man. The calender’s been looking good too, keep it up. Hope the holidays don’t get too hectic for you.

  • Shadowkey392

    That…was EXTREMELY satisfying. I’ve been waiting for this page ever since Shaleigh got introduced! But I doubt she’s done with the Dragons. She or her people will have contingencies for this…assuming this isn’t part of their grand plan.

    • Judging by the look on Shaleigh’s face, it looks like she might be seeing it as a snag, at the very least.

      • sulka

        i liked the first draconia chronicles comic book cover with shaleigh oscura and kess. shaleigh is very hot.

        • melvin moreno

          I agree sulka shaleigh is hot and the tiger and dragons are very hot to

  • MrAMP

    Oh snap! It seems like Shalegh’s manipulation has come to an abrupt end with the Dragon Race. ON the plus side, she can at least get back to the Princess Tiger for some manipulation and booty call. XD

    But in all due seriousness, I wonder if Shalegh actually planned for this. You know, played a reverse psychology here in which she told the Queen the truth but caused distrust in the first place to benefit the tigers and thus herself.

    • That look on her face in panel 5 says that this is either a completely unexpected turn of events, or that she’s damn good at feigning shock.

  • Alex Warlorn

    I think she’s about to find out how dangerous that vixen actually is.

  • Random person

    Welp, time to take buisness to the other camp.

  • I think the queen was rather lenient there. Even giving her a full night before guards are alerted allowing her to more or less leave of her own accord and with some dignity left.

  • Alex Warlorn

    I thought the foxes were trying to end the war between the tigers and the dragons, since peace talks are impossible, they’re trying to put them in a position where continuing to kill each other is no longer realistic.

  • Alex Warlorn

    I get the feeling the queen is the one who just made a dangerous enemy.