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Page 404 published on 15 Comments on Page 404
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Well, Rula took the news of Kenzi‘s untimely demise surprisingly well, wouldn’t you say?  Is it curtains for Ennek?  Stay tuned… Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • melvin moreno


    • Slicing and dicing!

      • melvin moreno

        LOL so you are going to upload comics every two days and when will the next comic be about the yellow dragons an it will be funny when rula was flying and she have a big belly LOL

  • Sepher

    Reeeaaally hope she is swinging at a tree or something. Could understand her possibly lashing out at Ennek, but Kenzi did bring it on herself unfortunately.

    On a lighter note: Saph’s Chubby? …Huh, guess she is and now I can’t unsee it… and I like it! 😛

    • I like to draw Saph with a little bit of extra thickness. It accentuates her figure nicely! ^__^

  • Puffball

    Honestly? I think Rula didn’t hear anything else Ennek said after “Kenzi’s dead.” Rula was already being accusatory towards Ennek, and the fact Kenzi’s dead just confirms Rula’s bias that somehow it’s entirely Ennek’s fault just because of the fight earlier that day. Rula’s actually trying to kill Ennek, and I think Naisha getting in-between is the only way to stop her. :/ grief-madness sucks.

    • Wouldn’t that pit sister against sister? Hmmm…

      • Puffball

        It would, but Rula probably won’t listen to anyone else besides her own sister. Rula doesn’t need to be beaten or anything, but she does need that weapon taken away from her, a slap on the face to make her come to her senses, and a hug so she can cry it out and grieve properly.

  • Shadowkey392

    Yeah, I’d say she took it pretty well. Instead of beating the stuffing out of Ennek, now she’s just going to bisect her.

    • First one way and then the other!

  • mastergodai

    ut oh…Run!! Mad tiger!!

    • What’s the opposite of slice of life?

      • mastergodai

        Slice of death?

      • Shadowkey392

        chunk of death?

  • Kariena Whatule

    Supprised you didn’t do some “404 Error page Missing gag.” It would have been slightly funny. Just saying.