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Page 410

Page 410 published on 27 Comments on Page 410
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Has Ennek‘s notoriously short fuse undercut her claim of innocence in Kenzi‘s death?  Stay tuned… Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your cotninued support! =RazorFox.
  • Sojourner

    Going from bad to worse. Aika shows up and insults everyone, all while using a weapon bigger than she is from whatever the “Citadel” is. Ennek tries to fight back, as is her right, and gets held back. Rula opens her big mouth and promptly inserts her foot into it by flat accusing Ennek of murder, of (apparently) Aika’s cousin. There is no good outcome to this.

    • Sounds like having the odds stacked against her is by no means unfamiliar territory to Ennek.

      • Sojourner

        About the only thing that could redeem this situation, is if Kenzi turns out to be alive, and just got lost in the woods or something. Wouldn’t be the first time characters avoided death, and would provide explanation for why when “crushed”, viscera didn’t spray out the sides of the stones (as it would in reality).

        • Shadowkey392

          Except we clearly saw her scythe and tail caught between those rocks.

          • Sojourner

            Then she’s disappeared, because when two large things collide with something between them, the two larger objects try to press flat whatever obstacle is in the way. Since the matter of the obstacle has to go somewhere, and since a body is mostly water, it should be akin to a water balloon hitting concrete. Especially how fast Saph pressed them together.

          • Shadowkey392


  • Puffball

    Rula, Jesus H. Christ, shut the fuck up! She seriously still can’t be holding a grudge about Ennek when *she* and Kenzi were the ones relentlessly teasing Ennek about not getting laid after Roh.

    • She’s definitely an underdog, so to speak.

  • MrAMP

    Yeah…this continues to solidify my stance that the whole tiger side is completely and utterly disorganized and segmented into small groups with no hopes of working together.

    • They’re a “catty” bunch. [The Who scream]

  • ShiversTheTigerFox

    Still not sure about Kenzi’s death, I didn’t see Charlie Sheen anywhere X3

  • Tech

    1) 3 armed vs 1 unarmed. I’m seeing more evidence that I should switch teams

    2) She could hate her cousin. Ever think of that?

    • That last panel seems to indicate otherwise.

  • sulka

    Wow battle of the tiger clans . draconia war craft tigers and dragons. You know puff ball i have to agree with yes i am atracted to aika but not atracted to her on the insideout i just put my fantasy over ennek from within her heart . Man ennek your gorgeous within i wish roh would wake up and see it .

    • Ennek could if Aika would let Ennek get near him.

  • sulka

    What about tashila enneks sister . Plus raz has a a grudge with aika too .

  • Michael V. Moen

    Ennek is the kind of forward thinker and progressive that world needs to end it’s stupid conflict and move forward to make inroads of peace and understanding, but when you’re the one sane individual against a world of the insane, there’s little to no hope, and I’m afraid for Ennek’s well being the longer this goes on. I’m sensing a Mob Mentality forming here.

  • NewGuy79

    I’m just waiting for them to banish Ennek in some emotionally one sided and unfair way only to have Kenzi walk out of some bush after Ennek’s long gone like “Sup guys! you wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had… uh were Ennek by the way?”

    • Tech

      “I almost died!”

  • Pman

    Please tell me there’s a area in this world that hasn’t been infected by the stupidity the Tigers and Dragons are infected with.

    • Tech

      Across the sea. The dragon males went somewhere far away in protest remember? And the foxes are trying to push the whole mess over a cliff so they can colonize the place.

      • Pman

        Hmm so at least 2 sane groups, hopefully there are more.

        • Tech

          Personally, I keep waiting for an explorer to land on one shore or the other.

        • Tech

          Well, one sane group and another assaholic one

  • Shadowkey392