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Page 412

Page 412 published on 36 Comments on Page 412
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Looks like Kess‘s shoulder-touch reflex hasn’t quite worn off yet, and it just claimed Aika as its latest victim.  What does the future hold for our Tiger team?  Stay tuned… Did you know that there’s an uncensored version of this page?  When you support The Draconia Chronicles on Patreon for as little as $3 per page, you can see new pages as they come together and get fully-uncensored versions of each page whenever the artwork permits it.  Pledge your support today! Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!
  • Alex Warlorn

    But not in this particular context.

    • Reflexes know no mourning period.

  • David Allen Ortega

    Honestly she doesn’t deserve that.

    • Kess’s fist had a different opinion.

      • David Allen Ortega

        The best option lol

  • Seth Coplen
  • mastergodai


    • Tiger uppercut, perhaps?

      • mastergodai


  • Knight of laziness

    This is Kess’s best ultimate weapon. Kighan, Ennek, Kilani and now Aika learned that. And why everyone try touch Kess’s shoulder!?

    Razorfox you revealed in future wherefrom this shoulder reflex is born? This is connected with Kess’s and Kilani’s died mother?

    Now I think Kess’s strengh grow from rage, she can painfully punch even big cat and a dragon with hardened scales! Maybe Kess can being ideal berserker like Sombrana.

    • Interesting idea. As for the origin of Kess’s shoulder reflex, maybe we’ll find out one day…

  • sulka

    Wow feels good finally justice. like stephen kings maximumoverdrive mr henderson hard slap hear is a lesson of manners from the road . Should they report this to princess kiriad or scyde to demote aika’s ranks.

    • sulka

      Wow tiger M.W.C.W In definition Mature.World.Centeral.Wrestling.

    • With the exception of Tam’syn and Ekeni, it looks like everyone there probably wanted to do that to Aika. If Kess hadn’t, someone else probably would have.

  • Puffball

    Karma’s a bitch, mwahahaha! >:D

    Naisha honestly looks ready to bust up laughing.

    • Nothing like a good roundhouse punch to calm everyone down. ^__^

  • Bleu_Ace

    Called it. I laughed harder than I should have.

    • You totally did! I had to bite my tongue so as not to confirm your hypothesis. ^__^

      • Bleu_Ace

        I figured, I wasn’t expecting a response on that, it was more a guess because there’s 100% chance I could have ended up wrong. =p It’s okay if you have to hold back on giving any answers or info- not looking to spoil pages for anyone!

  • MrAMP

    To be moderately fair, she really did deserve that given EVERYTHING she has done and said in the comic. Just saying. XD

    • Will this be a turning point for Aika? Hmmm…

  • NewGuy79

    Welp Kess Isn’t going to be build any bridges soon…

    • Tact isn’t her strong suit.

  • sulka

    hey razor fox i made a drawing of queen lumina on twitter.

    • Knight of laziness

      How your twitter called? I wish to see your picture of Lumina/Chuki too.

      • sulka


        • sulka

          Oh i mean sulka @garnerstephen20

          • Knight of laziness

            Lumina/Chuki looks very beautiful and awesome! Thanks for information and picture.

          • sulka

            hey your welcome.

  • silvermoon383

    Will Aika be ok?

    • We’ll find out. In the meantime, she’ll be getting the taste of that rock slab out of her mouth for a while.

  • Tech


    • I prefer “knocked the eff out.”

  • James-Polymer

    That bottom panel, is Ennek…yup, Ennek went from shocked silence to barely containing her laughter. Given what went down a few pages ago, I can’t say I blame her. =/

    • You knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it for long.