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Page 413

Page 413 published on 28 Comments on Page 413
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. So we know that Kighan‘s going to the infirmary, but who’s going to the slammer?  Stay tuned to find out… Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support! =RazorFox.
  • Alex Warlorn

    Would they BOTHER with the FORMALITY of arresting a tiger? They’re fighting a war of extermination.

    • This Tiger’s special, though. Her Majesty the Queen did ask to have her delivered in pristine condition, after all.

      • Shadowkey392

        It would be a shame if her fur got ruffled before the inevitable beating and execution.

  • Michael V. Moen

    Here it cooommmmmmeeeeees. The first Tiger to willing go into the Dragon’s Den.

    Ten bucks says she’ll be more or less immediately sentenced to Death. But maybe plot twist? One of her captors here may have some words about that kind of fate.

    • Which captor, though?

      • Knight of laziness

        This can be Cinder of course, Lady Red if she may wish to interrogate Kilani in something (Lady Red may wish too discover fate of Azure, if of course dragons know that Kilani is the last person who see Azure alive), Meta can do this (Why not? She as priestess of earth goddess may know tigrine language too), Chiara for obvious reasons, Eone but honestly I don’t know how she do this, Lady Schaddig may say that tiger can have useful information for dragons.

  • Shadowkey392

    Oooh! Manipulating light to magnify images! Nice!

    • Puffball

      Don’t need binoculars when you have light dragons! 😀

    • Light Dragons gotcha covered!

  • Knight of laziness

    I hope they talk about arrest of Kilani.

    Now ladies and gentlemans we may soon can see Oscura’s smile again when she awake in morning, but this one may be sadistical… Or something new happen in this conflict. And questions of course! Dragons use tattoos to demonstrate their ranks? Lady Red wipe off some of her tattoos when she demoted? Someone finally begin talk with Kilani or they just continue their attitude “Ignore harmless tiger”?

    • Sojourner

      Razor can probably answer the tattoo question better, but I’ll try. She may have lost them during the volcano incident. She may be immune to heat, but the environment caused her to molt. By shedding her scales, she lost her tattoos until she reapplies them.

      • Knight of laziness

        My damn weathery head. I forgot that moment when I write message. Thanks for answer! That very better than absolutely silent ignore.

    • The arrangement of tattoos has some symbolism, particularly in regard to members of the Royal Court. Maybe when Lady Red has a moment, she can have a new set of tattoos applied since Briella made her skin fall off. As for talking to Kilani, that would take a Dragon or two who can bridge the language barrier…

      • Knight of laziness

        But this is a good idea? I mean that Lady Red can interrogate Kilani with help of Cinder and discover some interesting information (Oscura know tiger language too, but she can go into fury or shock from what perhaps Kilani may say). Oh and I forgot to question one thing! Lumina/Chuki still remember tigrine language or she forgot it with memories about Kilani?

  • MrAMP

    I’m actually surprised that the dragons will go into the formality of arresting a tiger, given that they’re at war after all. But for some reason, I’m getting an odd feeling that she’s somehow going to escape or gain some kind of support from the fire dragons since she did try to kill herself multiple times.

    • Interesting notion, since we know of at least one Dragon who might be sympathetic to her plight…

    • I do not think attempted suicide was the kind of trouble they were expecting with trying to bring her in alive. On the other hand, since she really didn’t put up a fight herself, made bringing her in without bruises or serious injuries a bit easier.

  • Puffball

    Ah, dragons, so by the book. Kilani gets to be formally arrested as a prisoner of war, and in the morning Oscura gets to finally confront the “monster”. Hmmm, I wonder why Cinder has to keep mum~ :3c

    • That’s a good question…

      • Sojourner

        Perhaps it’s due to Cinder being the only one there literate in Tiger (Tigeran?), and to “keep mum” is not translating for Kilani to the guard. Just a hypothesis.

  • Grand Inquisitor

    Are we assuming the arrest is for Kilani?

    There’s plently of grounds to arrest Eone, why else would she ask Cinder to stay quiet about it?

    • Grand Inquisitor

      Not to mention Meta kinda did attack Red, or at least interfered.

  • Hindel

    Aren’t the dragons an tigers still at war? You don’t arrest enemies you take them prisoner, or capture them. Arresting is usually intended for some one on your side that screwed up. It’s one of the dragons that probably gonna be under arrest. “I’m going need you to keep mum (quiet)” Beside the tiger has no intention of escape, nor to fight. therefore she wanted her to keep quiet to not tip off one of the earth dragons.

  • DarkStar84

    I hope that ram-horned fire dragon speaks up on Kilani’s behalf at some point, because she’s pretty much the only reason she didn’t end up getting her necked snapped like a Snapple twist cap.

    Honestly, I liked the sorta-friendship between the two… They’d be good together in some kind of spin-off.

    • They did seem to have some good chemistry together. They surprised even me! ^__^;

  • Michael V. Moen

    Also that second and last panel. Don’t you just love what Gravity can do to things? Ahh, Science.

  • binnoc9

    Seems like everyone thinks Kilani’s the one getting arrested, but remember, The queen wants Kilani brought to her. The person who’s going to be arrested is none other than Eone.

    She would most likely to be charged with insurrection and was not cooperating with the mission pages ago. She wouldn’t listen to Lady Red who tried to give her and her brood a chance to prove themselves. I’m sure Eone’s gonna have a real bad day and she’s going to be in big trouble when Queen Oscura hears the report.

    Eone, I hope you’ve gotten used to being in the dungeon, because you’re going to be there for a good long while

    I’d hate to be in her shoes. (dragons don’t have shoes :/ )

  • Tech

    I only just noticed that each subspecies’ tatoos are different. Light dragon tats look kinda like barcodes while fire dragons are more wavy.