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Page 429

Page 429 published on 22 Comments on Page 429
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Well, Saph finally made it to Lady Red‘s quarters. Will she be alone for long? Stay tuned…

Oh, and by the way, work has commenced on the 2019 Draconia Chronicles Calendar. Previews and ordering information will eventually happen, and if you’re a Patreon supporter, you might already have one coming to you!

There’s more on the way, so stay tuned, my fellow Draconiacs!



I politely must say that Saph later be screwed, not in pleasure way but painful way. Very painful. And we finally found out how looks Red’s apartaments. To be honest it looks like office of my boss, but without bed and tiger pelts. And about tiger pelts, among them is white tiger pelt… It is possible that Red may kill Kiriad’s mother? And maybe this why she considered a hero among dragons? Bringing down queen of tigers it’s, well huge achievement.

Interesting hypothesis about that white pelt. Hmmm…

We not see another white tigers besides Kiriad. Tiger clans have other “royal-white” tigers?

As ardent a fan Saph is of Red, I’m sure she’ll be going through every square inch of that room. Which leads me to wonder what secrets she’ll find that Red didn’t want anyone to.

Anyone else hoping that it turns out that Lady Red’s room has been voluntold to be Kilani’s cell?

Saph’s so cute. Poor Red has the world’s cutes stalker on her hands. How are you gonna get pissed at this? I couldn’t bring myself to get a restraining order on that face.

Ahem, she trying murder another being while fangirling. Maybe she is cute and sexy in looks, but her actions tell othewise. Also she very sickly obsessive toward Red (Red even don’t know that Saph is her fangil!) and we don’t know how she act if Red haved already “special one”.

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