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Valentine’s Day Special 2014

Valentine’s Day Special 2014 published on 57 Comments on Valentine’s Day Special 2014
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here. Hang in there, Saph!  Practice can still make perfect, despite Briella‘s best efforts. I had to pause work on the next story page due to the time constraints posed by both Valentine’s Day and Katsucon, which is going on this Valentine’s Day weekend in National Harbor, Maryland, and where I’ll totally be celebrating my 20th consecutive Katsucon (perfect attendance!) and my 100th convention ever, where, by the way, I’d better see a few of you!  Work will get back underway once I’m back from the con and the wait for the next page should be a short one, I hope.  Remember to follow me on Twitter and/or Like The Draconia Chronicles on Facebook to stay on top of updates! Gotta get back to packing and hit the road.  In the meantime, enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day special!  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Anthony Ramirez

    i wish it wasn’t a hologram

    • So does Saph. The collision detection isn’t the best. ^__^

      • Radar

        nope not the best

  • Fillyfooler .

    You glorious bastard, you brought continuity to the table. Bravo.

    • Huh? Continuity? Don’t I always continuity? I try to continuity it up in this beeyotch. I’m curious, though, what bit of continuity are you referring to?

      • Fillyfooler .

        Well Romantic continuity. Cause you set this up ages ago.

        • Oh, thanks, though I’m anything but done with the Saph/Lady Red crush. Stay tuned… ~__^

          • Fillyfooler .

            I shall. Have a good one. =3

  • NixieSeal

    *Snorts coffee into her keyboard* Why would Briella be helping with this anyway? XD

    • I’d thought of including a bit where Saph makes a comment about threatening to withhold payment from her if she didn’t create a better-quality hologram. She’s got a talent, so might as well make a buck off it.

  • Adam Carranco

    i was all, “why is the lighting weird like shes making out with a neon… OHHHH”

    • It’s an illuminating experience!

  • Slasheredge

    lol. I Razor I love you sense of humor. Not mention you taste in dragon make up lol.

    • Thanks! I wanted something earthy for her. And i can be funny from time to time, or at least i like to think so.

      • Slasheredge

        Oh no you sir most certainly can be funny trust me on that one. 🙂

  • MrAMP

    Dang! That glow effect in the fourth panel is amazing. The pink really sets…or would have…set the tone. But gah…that derp Lady Red is really creeping me out. How does that not ruin the mood?

    • I attribute it to Saph’s dedication to her craft.

  • Panzer88

    “Bricks aren’t the only things I can lay.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!XD

  • MaveriKat

    LOL! Well at least Briella is getting to work out SOME frustration!

    And Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Danny!

    • Thanks! And yeah, I’m sure Briella might be expressing some latent anger.

      • MaveriKat

        Of course she is! She’s Too Awesome to NOT express latent anger!

  • william

    small sidestep from the depressing scene before for some seductive talk, I approve.

    • A little hanky panky never hurt no one.

  • Sable

    Did anyone else notice the header says “Dragons Snd tigers”

    • Eep! Thanks for catching that! It should be correct now. ^__^;

  • mewr13

    Wait, aren’t those Xhianil’s tattoos on the Lady Red hologram?

    • I’ve been toying with the idea of redesigning Lady Red’s tattoos. Maybe if she survives the upcoming confrontation between her team and Kess’ rowdy roustabouts, and gets to finish molting, she’ll get a new look. ~__^

  • Serene Ancalime

    Now all that’s needed is for Lad Red to fall in love with Kilani instead of killing her. The first Inter-species tiger-dragon Love Triangle.

    • Chromoid

      I heartily approve, though I think poor Kilani’s getting the short end of the stick on that deal. She’d be literally caught between a rock and a hard place.

  • kitromney

    My shadows hearts the only thing that’s beating.

  • Hey everybody, long time reader. How goes Razor?

  • BigBadWolf

    Please dont run to the new katbox 5.0 or whatever they are calling it…. cant stand not being able to find my fav comics right next to my main comic i read whenever i get a chance. (Kitromney was recently neutered hence why his speech is sometimes slurred and he often makes no sense at all)

  • IAmHawz

    In an odd way, the first two panel nearly seem like a commercial. Just the image mind you.

  • Tygepc

    What a wonderful way to send off the year. It’s been fun. Thank you for the amazing memories!

    • Shadowkey392


  • Borderwolf

    Indeed, a wonderful send off.
    *gets a Mimosa*
    Cheers! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Shadowkey392

      *grabs a Sparkling Apple Juice* I’ll toast and drink to that!

  • ocbrad1

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

    • Shadowkey392

      Me either!

  • BlackWind

    Well the War is finally over and now it’s time to head for home, let this new year bring in a reign of peace and prosperity as we head on out to the bright new future, (and hopefully no new battlefields to face) happy new years people and may 2015 be a prosperous year for all of us

    • Shadowkey392

      Amen to that.

  • BlackWind

    No I’m not a soldier but we all have our own battles to face

    • Shadowkey392

      I like to think that we’re all soldiers in various ways. Like you say, we all face our own battles. And really, life itself is a battle, is it not?

  • Shadowkey392

    *sighs* yup, gonna miss this comic. Gonna miss it pretty badly. But I am looking forward to seeing what new stuff you turn out this new year! Here’s to the future, to next year, and lots of good things and times to come with it! See you in 2015!

  • Zachary Taylor

    Nekonny you did amazing work on this project and you will continue to do work on FUTURE projects CBLUE Rules!

    Katbox User

  • Xfur

    Happy New Year guys! See ya in 2015 😀

  • DarkMyste


  • Liberty Lemont

    wow, the way you did the fireworks is pretty. and i like the little short story at the bottom. nice ^v^
    oh and. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

  • Curtis Klemme

    Aye, fantastic comic. Came here from Twokinds, didn’t regret it. Good way to send off the year, despite me posting this comment two days after.

  • The_Rippy_One

    Gonna miss all the cats and kittens…except two – I know Mihari is still around, ala ghost in the machine, but I better see more of a certain orange striped kitty and/or his cute lady alter-ego around, or I’m going to breakdown and cry~! Ends are not ends, but new beginnings – that’s the lesson of the new year. We aren’t finished yet, Not Yet! I won’t say “good bye” – I have copies of the comics, and I’ll read the entire thing through – so it’s only “until we meet again” – and I refuse to say good-bye to their brillant creator, either; instead, I will declare, “see you soon” and beg him to not make me a liar.

  • Darth Cloaked Guy

    So depressing…

  • Delakando

    They just end it? How sad when other webcomics last.. that this one would end.

    • Borderwolf

      Nekonny (the artist) is rebooting the comic series that happened before Caribbean Blue, it was called Tina Online. I hope he keeps the name, and posts when it will start. Hopefully later this month.

  • Somniavi

    Kinda wanna cry. *sniff sniff* I just wish there would be a sequel.

  • ocbrad1

    Any further update for when Tina Online (or whatever the next webcomic will be called) is supposed to start?

  • darkmagmawolfvirus