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Valentine’s Day Special 2016

Valentine’s Day Special 2016 published on 25 Comments on Valentine’s Day Special 2016
Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! Midway through working on page 387, I realized that Valentine’s Day was almost upon us.  That means it’s time for the Draconia Chronicles Valentine’s Day Special! It looks like Saph‘s active imagination now has a soundtrack.  For those of you unfamiliar with the song, check out “Laid” by James. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  As for me, it’s back to work on page 387.  Should be up soon. Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! =RazorFox.
  • Conquest

    It appears Meta wants some!

    • Some of what Eone’s having, perhaps?

      • Conquest

        Most deffinetly
        Also,im quite curious,have Saph and Red known each other or is this just another case of crazy fan girl idolizing?

  • sulka

    Wow Saph you have ocd over lady red huh . So when is your next comic page gonna come out.o-o

  • Holo

    wish I was in lady reds shoes…. 😉 a guys gotta dream am I right? hope you have a great time with that special someone Razor!

    • Conquest

      I wish I could send Gaia a Valentine letter

    • Alas, no special someone here, though I did enjoy spending this moment with Saph and Lady Red as we put this all together for you! ^__^

  • MrAMP

    *Looks at the last comment in the comic page*
    *Joke #1* Go on…
    *Joke #2 Say what now?

    • She figures Eone could use an extra hand with the kitchen knives and skewers. ^o^

  • sulka

    Hey conquest I was thinking the same thing I want to give gaia blue saph meta tamsyn kilani xiu and ennek some valentines because there my heroins because they care or they are gonna be prophet saints in the future.

    • Conquest

      Sulka,my homie,my main man we share the same thoughts but please man there is a reply button!

  • Kobra

    Not shore were she’s going with fighting with knives and skewers.
    Nice that Meta wants in.

    • Conquest

      Sure* and where*

    • Everyone’s got a kink. For some, it’s fighting with knives and skewers. ^__^

  • Shadowkey392

    Never sing with your mouth full Saph, it’s a mess or situation calling for a Heimlich Maneuver (or both!) waiting to happen.

  • Fillyfooler .

    Goddess damn it Saph, that’s not how you compose a sonnet.

    Here’s a better idea for one.

    ‘The bed is on fire with passionate love,
    Her heart afire with it’s flame for me,
    My own trembles with shakes, don’t you see,
    We roll around, let the neighbors complain,
    Our voices rip and shake the air above,
    The room afire with our passionate love,
    But the deeds are not done till she comes,
    Which may be hard, because she only does,
    When she’s on top’

    Also Meta’s wit is as dry as the ground and twice as deadly.

    • Wow! While I thought a sonnet had more lines, you impress me with your eloquence and effort! Commendable job! ^o^

    • Chromoid


      …I mean, you DID see what Earth Dragons can do with the ground in a fight, right?

  • JoeRaven

    BOOBSMASH! *STAMPS* Awesome stuff, D-man, do appreciate!

    • It’s always an honor to get the Joe Stamp! ^o^

  • Tech

    I take it Meta’s order isn’t chaste…